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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks has an annual well-deserved tradition of gifting reward tanks – this year just revealed the SUPER HELLCAT!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. why did you have to mention those damn double barreled tanks????

  2. If anyone is hype about the ”super” hellcat well I’m sorry to say that it’s basically the same as the tier 6 hellcat now at tier 7 and for what ever reason the gun shoot a shitter gold round 203 compare to 243 and no the speed still the same and now you have to watch out for french race car that can kill you in two or three hit with HE…….at lease it looks nice i guess…..

  3. The tank in the snow globe looks a lot like a T72 Heavy tank. if you go to 0:52 you see the chassis of the tank with the back holding an oil barrel and slightly slopped while the from the front looks like both the centurion but arc downward and more like the T72. If you see the images at 0:26 the turret is identical to the T72. It is only the back that is putting me off.

  4. Bla bla bla maybe maybe maybe……….

  5. Seems you might be entering a battle of bloggers. look at the files the Black market guy takes!!!!

  6. You can see the Mystery Tank every time that there is an overhead shot of the desk. Its Russian Medium, looks like a t72 to be exact. You can see the distinctive sloped center mounted turret with the short hull base and reactive armor. With the short silhouette I will place a wager on it being a russian medium

  7. It’s the Renegade ! Tier 8 American

  8. Is this reward tank (hell cat) available in asia server?

  9. It looks very T-72 / T-62….yea…my cash is on the T-72?

  10. the tank in snowglobe does look like T-22 !

  11. The tank in the snowglobe is that super hellcat

  12. Im waiting the new hellcat in my garage.

  13. Look at the turret shape at the back of the turret

  14. at least they are doing something right ha ha

  15. Is this for the console as well?

  16. Why did they nerf the hellcat? It was a good tank but it wasn’t the best tank in its tier nor was it op.

  17. i have a 3 marked hellcat. im so ready.

  18. Super Hellcats will be matched against TOGs this weekend. Great fun!!

  19. snow globe is perfectly clear at the start shot of the video… zoom in on that…

  20. I wish they would bring the ps4 premiums to pc, the kv-2 dreadnought is a beast. And the mercenary tanks are awesome too.

  21. Shit chieftan income prepare your money guys

  22. Yess! I just started playing the game again since yesterday but my account is 4 years old so I might be able to get it! Thanks for letting me know!

  23. Looks like a T-72 in the snow globe.

  24. Damnit I’ve played wot for years but those years are split between console and PC.

  25. That was the gold Type 59 in the snowglobe.

  26. I hope the tank in the globe is a Tier 3 Armored TKS 20

  27. You Missed the Note on the Desk that shows up when it shows him writing /scratching off the first reward.
    The Folders on the desk also. Interesting headlines.
    Also the tank on the box.
    Try Zooming in on the Globe around the 13-second mark. (https://youtu.be/27XqNHIlzvo?t=13)
    Interesting also that he has the 2010 perfection pencil in his had when the first show the birds-eye view.
    The Item to his right changes from the motion balls on a chain to the circle thing.
    When he walks into the other room there are boxes on the shelves with wording on them also.
    @QuickyBaby can you zoom in @ https://youtu.be/27XqNHIlzvo?t=84 and see the tank?

  28. The black market is bullshit with the stock
    You can’t have the good deals cuz your internet is a bit slower or cuz you need to go buy gold on the store

    It’s straight up BS

  29. Cookie marciano Schink

    it’s a brit med

  30. I don’t know what the super hellcat is, but on WoTc, there was a reward tank that was a Hellcat with a 105mm gun that was available a month or so ago. Unfortunately, we didn’t have internet then and I was unable to obtain it. I’m kinda bummed that I missed out, I was excited about it. Maybe it’ll be available at some point in the future.

  31. Great incentive to play world of tanks as a new player. Get into games with long term players with OP tanks that just dominate you with gold ammo as you climb the tech tree in utter frustration. Why even bother with WoT at all…

  32. Snowglobe tank is Type 59 Gold

  33. Waiting for HOLIDAYS OPS 🙂

  34. At some point, WG will run out of ideas for tanks. Might be a good idea to start looking BEYOND Tier X!

  35. olmocap el ESCAPEITOR


  36. Until they do lootboxes again at christmas lol

  37. i would find it highly unfiar to make the mk6 a black market sail, not that i wouldnt buy it without hesitation but i think the tank belongs into the tech tree. for all people to enjoy!

  38. I’m really excited this year is my 4th year with this account I can’t wait to get my t-50-2 and hellcat

  39. I just wanted to say “Good jod WG!” along with QB?

  40. I’m afraid of that battle pass.Now we have blueprints, xp, money, crew, free xp boosters, crew books, man we are grinding our way to t10 too fast. Remember the days in 2012-3-4-5-6, when you need to play like 4 monts just for one t10, and there was’nt many people who had it. It just make me too afraid of those battle pass, cause now every noob with free week can get t10. 🙁

  41. i hope to get that super hellcat

  42. Oh my God I’m PRAYING they are selling clan wars reward tanks for bonds in the black market.

  43. nice way to fake the real online players for wot (just log in so they get the numbers)


  45. we are waiting for this video pop up on ANZ(ASIA) server too.

  46. NitroMonkeyGamer500

    Quickybaby, AKA The conspiracy theory lord lmao

  47. Golden type 59

  48. For all of you saying it’s a T72A or B variant it’s not the lower plate is way too big and the upper plate is not as angled the barrel does not match the gun of a T-72 the turret is no where close to a T72 the tracks are too big and it’s not a T64A or B either cause the Hull is way too long.

  49. Who gives a shit about rewards tanks when players play SELFISHLY due to personal missions.

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