2020 Match Making – T-44-100 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Ah yes, the good old +2/-2 matchmaking…….



  1. Match making is so bad at the moment I don’t even now if it’s worth playing the damn game.

  2. butt map
    it literally has a crack going through the middle

  3. 357 is still a thing, and 99%of the time in any teir its +2

  4. dirty circon 🙂

  5. “Im like a surgeon… except on that guy for some reason he keeps living” – well isnt that a surgeons job to save lives? ?

  6. I’m convinced no matter what tank circon plays he makes it look good, circon is op

  7. Gg. If any m12 is dropping bombs don’t be mad, i am doing missions.

  8. Ovidiu Alexandru Hubert

    I would like to see a platoon with Circon, Orzanel and Skill 😀

  9. Fredrik Johannisson

    What game does he say at 0:34 to Snooz?

  10. *Counter hits 0*

  11. Circon and KSP2 the hipe is real.

  12. Tea or coffee?

  13. You mentioning ksp gives me flashbacks to the glorious bromanian pod racer, definitely need more of that

  14. It would be great if the mm was +1/-1
    And i would love to see the game where you and snooze played elc 90 on i think it is called pilsen? On youtube

  15. Circon the surgeon, true !!!

  16. I keep putting circon’s stream on in the background when I’m working and watch his YouTube highlights to find that I’ve already heard the audio

  17. want a good tank go russian. hmmm i wonder wg = russian hmmmmm coincidence ….

  18. I dont get it…a camping circon? About what is that ?

  19. 1 more shitty midt camper..

  20. Well that was a nice game

  21. How can you hate this map with its dirty snatch in the middle?

  22. love the way u conserve your hp

  23. Burp made me leave.

  24. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Top Gun so robbed … could (should) have been an 8 Kill game at least.

  25. This pleases zulthar !

  26. don’t worry, you could play on console where they are giving everyone an obj 279.

  27. I play SEA server and we still have +/- 1 which is pretty good or all same tier. Dunno why yhey don’t have it on EU as it works really well over here. Makes the game at least playable

  28. Premium tank challenge: Play the panther 8.8 aggressively with only HE and survive the battle. Everyone like if you too would enjoy watching this. Good luck, you’ll need it.

  29. -ßЯҢ- Commando

    Incredible game!! Damn dude.

  30. Hyped for Kerbal!!!!

  31. My banned maps are Glacier and Studz. Glacier is really punishing to heavies, and Studz is a turn-based face punching game lacking verticality.

  32. wow what a strong position there

  33. You prefer the T44-100 to the T54 Mod1?

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