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has an annual well-deserved tradition of gifting reward tanks – this year, for 2020, they just revealed the SUPER CHAFFEE!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Haven’t played in 7.5 years till this week. Explains all the stuff I had.

  2. The project 21 means that there will be a steel hunter in 2021, just like there has been a project 20 and project 19.

  3. wot express i RAN BY WARGAMING THEMSELVES!!! it isnt a leak when its intentional ….. that way we prepare our money at the events they release and assure their proffit … i wish you could just honestly say that since you as a content creator are fully aware of this guess u are under a NDA for that huh ..

  4. I’ve registrated my account 2012 and I would be more hyped about WoT Classic than this rewards

  5. Do console players get years of service rewards

  6. I haven’t played this game for over 3 years…but I Log-In once a year just to get these rewards.


    • yep – instead of rewarding active players by number of battles, WG had a brain fart and rewarded inactive accounts /golfclap

  7. I think 19 20 21
    Is a hint to a date 19/2021
    Maybe in january or some other month in 2021 they’re releasing a new tank
    Maybe it is steel hunter again (shot game mode hate playing it, you should have the choice at either steel hunter or front lines because steel hunter is bullshit mode)

  8. too bad that 9 years didnt get 4m credits and 4k bonds…
    also the afkpanther not there was weird
    the free surprise gift will be most welcome for many ^^

  9. Not American wheeled tank
    New reward teir 6
    Have fun against the ebrs

  10. I maded my account 6.5 years ago

  11. So let me see, if you played for a while, like years, you get rewarded with bonds, credits, skillbooks. So after filling your garage and probably earning a load of bonds and credits, Wargaming is giving you even more and a cool tank in some cases. Rewarding bitter vets who spend most of the game ripping into anyone who makes mistakes, tried joining a clan lately?? unless your winrate is high enough and your tanks 3 marked forget it. I remember now why I do not pay for premium

  12. who else misses the awful panther

  13. 0:14 Red clock with X7:X7?

  14. We recieved twice the amount of bonds and credits last year, I would rather have them than the super chaffee

  15. howdy! been playing since 2016 when the swedish tech tree released

  16. IM getting 7year reward 🙂

  17. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

    nice now i can get that kreslavski tank and finally be that pinata i wanted all along

  18. I played WoT for 3 years on the PS4 before getting it this year on the PC. I could never go back to the PS4 version, it’s soooo much better on PC.

  19. Started in 2011

  20. I did like WOT classic. Was fun to go back and murder people with AP arty

  21. My first account I made was in 2016 but it was on american region and im in Europe. My second account was made in 2018 which is my main account.

  22. i have a beta account with very cool name and 4 tier 8 prem 2 tier 10 one is foch 155 and other bc25t and 4 tier 10s researched also 3 bond equipps and 3 bountys.Also now this reward included ,wts.

  23. Super Chaffee lives up to its name. It is super bad.

  24. make tiger 1 auto loader pls coz tiger 1 useless armour i make td type tiger 1 always haha

  25. Seems a bit weird that 2 year old players get the same reward as 1 year old – and that it’s account age not the number of battles. Someone who played a dozen battles since registering in 2016 for 5 minutes gets a hell of a lot more than someone who played 10000 battles in 1~3 years… WG you want to reward ACTIVE players – not someone who plays once a year.

    • Well, those active players have a lot more tanks on their account compared to someone who played dozen battles in 2016.

  26. May 2013… I’m not passionate gamer anymore. Getting old and reflexes are not top notch anymore

  27. we wanted the awful panther …

  28. <-- Beta Tester still playing :) and for sure the game is way better today except for that power creep.... all we actually need now is a wheeled line for the germans they were actually using them in ww2 I so want to play a Puma

  29. I made an account on my xbox 360 back in like 2015 but didnt make a pc account till 2018

  30. Made my account in 2015 but I haven’t played WoT since 2016.

  31. i have a t-50-2 but wargaming give me gold?

  32. Super this super that…..not every American tank requires a “Super” variant

  33. It’s that time of the year again to redownload the game to claim these rewards only to uninstall.

  34. 9years of service LOL

  35. Do you get the garage slots if you already have the supper hellcat and the t-50-2

  36. First there was Super Pershing, then Super Hellcat, then Super Chaffee… Now prepare yourselves for the Super Locust!

  37. where can i collect my rewards or how? 🙁

  38. I like that beta badge, it clearly shows how long ive been dealing with their endless shit 😀

  39. Haha no afk panther for u scrub

  40. you missed the STURMTIGER in one of the picture frames

  41. Friendly Fire Gaming

    Don’t get me wrong, these rewards are always a highlight of the WoT year, but…

    … it’s always painful when you created your account on the 13th of April 2011, just barely on the wrong side of the cut-off point.

  42. 12.01.2017. but why ?

  43. is quicky the new catweazle? magic!

  44. Thankfully I joined during beta testing 😀

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