2020’s Most Painful Video and How WG, Can Fix It! | World of Tanks Equipment 2.0

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Equipment System 2.0 and How it Works. World of Tanks The Biggest Mistake, Fails and Most Painful Video You Will Watch in 2020. World of Tanks Bounty Equipment and Improved Equipment.

Today I am going to show you the biggest and most painful mistake I have done in 2020, deleting equipment units which are very hard to . Also, let's about the entire Equipment interface system and make it better!

Enjoy the show!


  1. So sry for your bounty equipment dez it has happened to me several times and I had to go buy back equipment to replace them

  2. I’m sorry that happened to you dez. Thank you for making this video. I hope you have a merry Christmas. BTW please stop saying GD so much. Thank you.

  3. I agree. Equipment should only be able to be destroyed from the depot.

  4. Hey Dez, how are you able to get three bounty rammers and bounty vents? I thought there were only enough bounty equipment received in battle pass to get one of each?

  5. Wheelies destroying the game, but know, a moving interface button is the problem? I wish you were kidding.

  6. I have never used destroy button

  7. Laurentiu Moldoveanu

    Don’t think it’s a trap, but a poor quality check of the UI design and functionality. I vaguely remember that some time ago after an update the functions of destroying and demounting were inversed in such a way that when you selected to demount some equipment it would actually ask you if you want to destroy it. Was fixed relatively quickly but shows how well things go in the quality department. A suggestion would be they implement some time period (let’s say 24 hours) in which you can cancel/undo the operation of selling and destroying equipment, tanks, etc. Some other MMO games have this for inventory items and it’s working really nice.

  8. So that wargaming cant steal them like your money

  9. This is one of the reasons why I use mods.

  10. Sonochiscelgoecercodiessere

    Dez: “Let’s watch it another time”.
    Me: “Stop, my heart is already dead”.

  11. Just removed the destroy option.
    And let the equipment let be lock on the tank until it unbound/demounted.
    The that could lead to 4, 5 or even 6 equipment being bound to one tank.
    But as you can only have a maximum of 3 active, the all the extra are just unused until its unbound/demounted.

  12. My biggest mistake is thinking WG was actually going to give us a Match maker from 9 plus years to yesterday

  13. In the words of Admiral Akbar “IT”S A TRAP”!

  14. Plot twist: Dez was the only one that did this mistake

    LOL JK; I feel you Dez, and completely agree.

  15. There needs to be a recovering system for those. Where you can get the item back with whatever you got after selling/destroying it.

  16. Poor Dez that really sucks man! Hopefully they fix this and maybe create a tool to replace stuff lost this way? Like a retrieve

  17. I’d really would like to get rid of thw “destroy” button in equipment menus…
    Allso the equipment transfer system from vehicle to vehicle could really use some love to make it easier.

  18. But hey, you can read the descriptions. Reading that should be an easy solution for this problem 🙂

  19. With WG nothing is accident,you should know that 🙂

  20. ma wg boli kurac za te stvari oni gledaju samo profit ,njih neiteresuje igra.

  21. Omg, dez you destroyed some bounty equipment, nooooo!. Yes dez, I agree it’s a dodgy setup. Demounting units means that the destroy equipment should not be available or at least in a secondary menu.
    I have destroyed equipment earlier on. No gold or free garage slots & I didn’t have a choice when selling an unwanted tank & you have to demount the equipment before you can sell, I mean you shouldn’t have to do that you should get a credit bonus but…
    Player experience? Really? War Gaming caring about our playing experience? You jest dez, if they gave a shit we would not get 3 arty in a battle & EBRs wouldn’t exist.
    MM would be better/ more even & 4-15 games would be the exception instead of 14/13-15 games.
    These days I’m finding more of my friends uninstalling WOT out of shear annoyance/rage. It’s not much fun playing just by myself.

  22. Hey.
    Why even have the ability to Destroy equipment ??
    Merry Christmas

  23. Glad I’m paying attention to my right click before pressing the destroy button ….

  24. Equipment 2.0 is the second worst thing after introducing clown cars in wot

  25. There is another vaguely related issue and it VERY nearly left me leaving WG all together. I complained to WG and raised a ticket and their response was effectively “It is Wargaming’s position not to give a toss!”
    I had just upgraded Battle Pass Season 2.
    I got a free piece of Bounty Equipment.
    I went to put it on a tank.
    I wasn’t paying complete attention as I wasn’t expecting to be tricked.
    As I was putting it on the tank, a button popped up asking if I wanted to spend 3 million credits upgrading this FREE piece of bounty equipment.
    I clicked yes as I wasn’t paying attention and just wanted to get the tank equipped and ready to go.
    With one click I spent almost the entire amount of credits in my account upgrading a piece of FREE equipment to gain an extra fraction of performance out of it!!!!!!!!
    Part of my calculation when deciding to upgrade Battle Pass was that the extra credits would buy me a new tier 9 tank.
    That was now gone.
    It takes about 4 clicks to leave a battle after you have died and just one to spend 3 million credits to get such a small advantage that for most players it is nowhere near worth it.

    I felt angry and sick at both the money I had wasted upgrading BP and the response I then got from their Customer Service department.
    My attitude towards World of Tanks changed at that point. I love the game, yet hate and despise the company and owe it no loyalty. It is like an acquaintance that used to be a friend; someone that you enjoy being with but wouldn’t trust them as far as you could throw them.

  26. “A stupid head is a nuisance for your body”. Funny.

  27. Supposedly bounty can be equipped to every tank as one

  28. ok, so i have this installed here, but i dont want it here. i wonder how i can remove it……”grabs hammer”

  29. Great suggestion Dez!

  30. Loool happened twice with me

  31. Unrequited_Feelings !Jacob!

    Why .

  32. Dez you know you can put a support ticket in to recover it

  33. This guy talking about problems in WOT PC and us console players cannot play that game because it turned to shit… Hell I wished the console update reversed…

  34. I can just say F

  35. Personally, I’ve been close a couple of times to doing exactly the same thing. I wish all equipment and info about them and on which wagons equipment is install/attached to in one menu only. Changing when you have a larger number spread out is time-consuming thing. To “wish” that WG would simplify and at the same time improve the menu are two things that do not go hand in hand with their business model.

  36. good idea dez…by the way,,r.i.p for the ‘destroy’ equip…

  37. WG just wants money, they dont care about game! Shame!

  38. Idk man… Might be a unpopular opinion but there was always the option to destroy modules incase you want to replace them. I mean i clearly see your point but you were just uncareful and there is a saying in german basically saying “every1 that can read has a clear advantage”. I mean i feel kinda sry for you but happens if you got to fast :s

  39. I totally agree and “Destroy” button should not exist in this game

  40. oh shit… i think i have been doing this every now and then. I was thinking that my equipments seemed lower than usual, fuck WG.

  41. But at the same time, you cant destroy/sell most ugly ass exterior ‘rewards’ from events, bloody frustration, piles up for nothing.

  42. I did the same thing with researching the wrong tank. Was working towards the WZ111-5A, and I accidently researched the medium tank line. Not ONCE, but TWICE! Because I was using blueprints. So I now have the tier 8 and 9 chinese medium tanks researched. Moral of the story, dont use blueprints after midnight.

  43. As many have said, this is an intentional design flow. Many short-life mobile games implement these to quickly milk users they got to play the game via influencers campaigns, and once they made enough money, they let the game die and move to releasing another “disposable” title. It’s absolutely unethical, but it works, and we all know the path WG has taken since a few years, so I’m not surprised they try to force these on WoT players.

  44. Seriously? You *destroyed* bounty equipment? I was aware of that possibility, so I triple check before touching it. Still, being able to destroy is an absolute dick or idiot move by WG – depending on whether this has been put in the game deliberately or by accident.

  45. But wargaming don’t need to fix this, it’s your fault for not reading and doing it fast. But wargaming can CHANGE or MOVE, not fix it, it’s not broken.

  46. Why destroy at all? Why not sell? at least then you only lose 50% instead of 100%

  47. Hy Dez. The destroy button is good for F2P players, because the usually don’t have gold, and used up their demounting kits. So if you can’t demount equipment, you have to destroy it when selling the tank

  48. Yeah, that point in the menu makes no sense in any case. Yes, there was the warning screen, so what?

  49. I did it with one of my camo

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