2021 Funny Moments Fails & Wins (Part 2)

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  2. Just a little clip for You phly Foch in french it’s pronounced fosh

  3. I’ve been watching this guy since my Junior Year of high school and now I’m graduating college next week.

  4. 30:45 as a kiwi this makes me very happy 🙂

  5. I can’t believe I’ve actually watched most of these clips from their original episode.

  6. @PhlyDaily what headset do you use??

  7. 26:34 xD

  8. Music @ 35:14 ?

  9. I deeply appreciate the time you put into these Phly
    ive had so much phun watching em, so much that i did not even realise they were this long xD
    my only regret is that i did not bring snacks!
    luv ya <3

  10. 24:14 So much happiness, that is such a beautiful clip man. Made me tear up.

  11. How do you have in the realistic battles that your sight is zeroed and shoots in the middle of your cross hairs?

  12. U made my morning man!

  13. Day 325: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  14. Day 356: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  15. What nation is T-34? The correct answer is Soviet Union. At that time the was no such thing as Russia. Also i thought she is she, not he…. 😉

  16. bf 1 the nostalgia

  17. The Tank Commander

    Best part: PHLY and BENNY laughing their heads off after PHLY rammed the enemy plane. LUV YEH AND YER LAUGH, BENNY!!!

  18. Phly dad: your dreams do come true!

    Me: nice

  19. Man i love war thunder and all of its goofy glory

  20. what game mode can u get a dreadnaut from i really wanna know

  21. was this recent or some months ago 23:23 hows the baby doing now?

  22. Whats the Name of the Game at 1:45 ?

  23. 2:44 anyone know the music name pls i forgor

  24. i wish they stoped ading new planes and tanks and give me a ciocpit finaly. I have bin whaiting for a Do17 cocpit for ages. Edit: Has anyone ever told you you sound like Dug From angry Bevers?

  25. This whole video is just the power of Sherman.

  26. 27:44 I hope more people know what this was bc it made me happy that phly plays Ace Combat

  27. I had to see this at midnight

  28. You killed me!!!

  29. What game is that 1:30

  30. Jan Jelínek-Navrátil

    This just reminds me how less fun is this game without chat :/

  31. ImaginaryStranger

    6:37 Developed in Ukrainian SSR, not russia. 🙂

  32. ノスフェラトゥ

    Cover pic of this video look like songhua river

  33. Big fan of these compilations. But man, I’m still sad that the “best of 2017”-video is gone.
    I really wish I could rewatch it

  34. When people show off their kids…. *Aaaaaand SKIP*

  35. I love you wife hahahahha

  36. whats the game in minute 1:47 called?

  37. Song? 17:13

  38. Damn, that was a whole hour? Didn’t even notice while laughing my arse off.

  39. What is the game at 1:32?

  40. The German bf109 voice is priceless XD

  41. Where is Benny btw?

  42. phly your son is adorable!!!!

  43. What is that on 26:50?

  44. Love these compilations. Thank you phly

  45. Hey phly, there is a modification on the t64b in WT which makes it the T64BV which the Ukrainians use so pls play it

  46. Sebastian Catanzarite

    What game is at 1:47???

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