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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks has an annual well-deserved tradition of gifting credits, bonds and even reward tanks! Here’s what you’ll get for 2021!



  1. Super Happy! I like it!

  2. 11 p0int …as a beta tester ,)

  3. i started playing the game about 7 years ago, then 5 years ago i had to quit due to personal reasons. about 4 months back i came back to WoT, only.. not with my old account, i started a new one. This means im not getting ANY of the rewards. idk how to feel about all of this. its a bit of a let down

  4. So I’m guessing none of this applies to console players…? I feel like wargaming just doesn’t gaf about us and PC gets literally everything. 😞 so we don’t get the same treatment because we can’t afford a pc to run wot efficiently… Feels really sh💩ty

  5. I found the info for my first account where I played zero games but it was created in 2011 so I logged in last Christmas and got all the goods so it’s an account with no games played but has some premiums now lol

  6. I created my account in December 2017, I really want to get the tanks so I hope it counts as 4 years to wargaming, but I tink it won’t.

  7. Wonderful rewards, looking forward to them.

    The tank… not sure, it’s going to be useless now with the HE nerfs, but it’s free so I guess fine.

  8. Pv E stands for Player Vs Environment but to one there own good vid as always

  9. Love it! Thanks for the preview. I wish they would add more vehicles to the bond store though. I have almost all the ones that are in there now. Also, along with the Seniority reward, how about a senior citizen award? I think there are more of us old tankers out here than people would imagine.

  10. Thank goodness I setup my account back in 2012, I blame Jingles, despite not really playing anymore or even breaching into Tier VIII (Exactly one standard tech tree Tier VII, love my Japanese Heavies).

  11. Im super bummed out about this cause I’ve only had the game for 3 years and if I had played for one more I would’ve gotten all four tanks, but now I get none.Very frustrating.

  12. Yes. Im going to log in and claim all the goodies. Next log in after that is gonna be a year after this

  13. Im do lucky lol.I registered before 2018 and i get old rewards

  14. Dang, i aint got a pc rn and im at 7 years played rip

  15. PvE stands for player vs environment not enemy

  16. I love your streams and content. Keep it up! 👍👍

  17. Or Pacific v Europe Theatres??

  18. yeeee my new main account has been created in mid 2018 … ye…

  19. Do you work for wargaming qb?

  20. So… We get my favourite ever tank in the game back, the VK… But the HE nerd has castrated it… 🙁

  21. I started on dez 2018 even if it feels like 5 years ago.( no tanks for me i guess)

    But i want to highlight that there are some hints in the comic video. There is a wheeled vehicle swinging with a branch beside a box with the label *new branches*. So a hint for a new tech tree brach for wheeled vehicles?

  22. I will use those tokens to buy the AE Phase1.

  23. HAHAHAHAHAA i just discovered I have an account from 2013 lmao. I started playing in 2020.

  24. Do u get any replacement reward if u already have any of the free tanks?

  25. HafizFirdaus AbdulGafar

    Well, i heard this mm just waiting for it

  26. 10 years of WoT. I may not have played a ton in those 10 years but I’ve truly enjoyed watching the game grow and change in all of the different ways.

  27. My account is more the 10 years old so i allready got 3 out of 4 of those tanks…..

  28. Pretty Garbage rewards for people who spent more than 10% of their life on this game.

  29. Sadly I lost my old childhood account 🥲 currently only 1k games played on my new one

  30. march 18th 2018 >.<

  31. I have been playing since 2015 so am i gonna get anything?

  32. Hey QB, do a review on the false subscription charge on the premium days, players pay up front for there days and if you don’t play due to holidays, sickness or family commitments war gaming takes them off you , they are fleecing the players for thousands. If you buy 39 days etc you should be allowed to play those days😡😡

  33. P v E = Player vs Environment

  34. Yahyaoui Houssem eddine

    No tanks for me 🙁

  35. I’m June 2019 so I get fuck all

  36. geez. If only Mihoyo was this generous as well xddd

  37. Made my account 3.1.2012, R.I.P. 10 year awards

  38. Still useless pixels. The only real reward that makes players happy and improve their game-income would be a free-of-your-choice tier 8 premium tank! But that would be a real generous thing, but WG is the opposite of this. This low tier premium tanks earn nothing but give you headache only, as non skilled teams ruining all your effort to play well. All the other stuffs: you get them anyway as you play.

  39. Haven’t played for years (still a loyal follower). Logged in based on your tip. Loads of thanks! Received my 9 year bonus and will receive my 10 year bonus this Thursday… after logging in I was completely lost. This game changed so much and everything on my screen was flashing and blinking. This is how my dad must feel after receiving his first smart foon last weekend.

  40. Is this really bond equipment or just the loot equipment?


  42. not logged in for 5yrs……..yoink……………………….cheers…

  43. I’m new and I don’t get any new premium tanks >:(

  44. As a beta player that has played less than 100 hours over the last 5 years. I’ll be logging in again for free stuff.

  45. yes… rewards…. I created my account in 2013…. I quess it pays off now 🙂

  46. i’d live to see the og 3d styles for the super chaffee super hellcat and the vk, just like the t50-2

  47. QB, on what rewards to choose: ” [you’ll only make] 1.5M credits for each of those +50% credits hours, and that’s if you’re a VERY GOOD PLAYER playing Tier VIII premium tanks” –> suddenly I feel sad for averaging 600K per credit boost hour I spend playing my tier 8s… so very sad

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