2022 1/2 Funny Moments Fails & Wins (Part 1)

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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. just think there’s a parallel world where war thunder is good

  2. Yeaaa phly quarterly go!!

  3. Hiiiiiiiii

  4. Black Wolf Vanguard

    Sorry, had to pause at the very beginning to rewatch Transformers 1 – 5. Am back now but everyone is asleep.

  5. Care about you! Hope your family is doing well!

  6. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes, he’s back


  8. HE IS ALIVE !!!

  9. I love it when phly gets up from his chair and laughs around the room

  10. Mandich Titty Smithy Of Cameltoe

    Yearly Maus vid when?

  11. The wait was worth it lmao. Well done phly

  12. I’ve been playing this crap ****** game for 10 years, ever since it was in beta. The relationship between me and this game is complicated. I am, shamefully, one of those guys who desperately tries to get more kills and win matches in this game. Every time I watch Phly’s video I’m amazed by how much fun he is having, like how is this even possible, especially in War Tinder WTF! You get one shotted by 7.62 machine gun, and yet this dude, brings joy to me, as I’m sure he does to many others. Great to have you back man!

  13. Welcome back bud!

  14. Gotta love the Transformers music at 0:32


  16. i feel like im watching transformers again

  17. Ya… Phly is back. I missed your videos, I dont even play War Thunder but I love watching your videos.

  18. Ph phor all the hans’s

  19. F-14 and A-10 are disaster and completely destroyed balance… Two planes for braindeads and of course for USA, while other nations got nothing

  20. The Transformer ost is perfect for the video intro!

  21. He spelt Funny with a F instead of a PH

  22. The Transformers music in the beginning really sold this video for me, really well done!

  23. Can anyone tell me what s the track playin at minute 2:30?

  24. why look who showed up again.

  25. Bro I am sooooo hyped for phlys return

  26. So glad you’re back Phly. The inner 13-year-old in me needs your patter!

  27. i love that! papa daily is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I love the use of the “Scorponok” Transformers soundtrack at the beginning, especially its relation to the A-10 🙂 glad to see you again Phly, we all missed you 🙂


    it took 120 secs before tears stars coming out lol

  30. I actually felt bad for that Tiger. He was on his way to help you and got Gaijin’d

  31. *first half of 2022

  32. as long as you and yours are ok its phine Phly

  33. Katrina Korolov_PTRD-41

    Phly: Hello There!
    Green: Gen-
    Phly: BOMK

  34. Yuri Borges Ribeiro

    Whats the name of the song that starts at 0:24

  35. F for poor Hans.

  36. Not to shoot other content creators…But we needed personality back Phly… ily 🙂

  37. love you man thanks for coming back

  38. THE KING RETURNS!!!!!!!!!

  39. 2:00. That was kinda brutal LOL

  40. Hey Phly…..word to your mother!

  41. Hell yea that transformers music

  42. Nice Transformers scene remake.

  43. Phly is the Warthunder prophet, plain and simple.

  44. Welcome back. To say we missed you is an understatement, but we’re so happy you had a break. Having said that, its so good youre back, youre my favorite thing on the interwebs….

  45. Glad you weren’t like my Dad. You actually came back after going out to get the milk.

  46. I’m a secret War Thunder freak that loves the game… and hates giving time to Ganjin because I know better…but seeing that your back made my morning as I head off to work into the snow…Nice Intro!!! Cool music…You crushed it

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