2022 BATTLE PASS! NEW TANKS – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks just announced the Battle Pass for 2022 including two new tanks; the Cobra and Lorraine t, skins and crew members!



  1. Finally a worthy tank for the Cobra Commander XD

  2. I’ll go from Kranvagn, Leo 1 then E4. Already have another E4 3D skin, so that’s as the option.

  3. Iv seem to have noticed that these new premiums lately have all been kinda shit.

  4. Make it attainable for all players..nope.

  5. canada flag


  7. It’s my first time playing wot battle pass. are these purely cosmetic only? there is no additional functionality added to the tanks?

  8. It seems like WG really wants people to like the new HE changes. Too bad they suck. They should’ve made the KV-2 an exception. It used to be fun, now it sucks.

  9. Quicky, got to be real honest when i say im one of your biggest fans but hate WG. I get they’ve been a cash cow for years but please find your next game you can fall in love with and give these outdated trash the forgetting they deserve. I find myself clicking on your viedos out of support to you but hold zero intrest anymore so click away seconds after your intro lately. Love to you and the family

  10. QB learned german and french by watching “allo allo”, when he was a kid, true story!

  11. They kinda Look cool

  12. I would take an un- nerfed T – 57 with it’s 5 shot chip back.

  13. Ah yes ammo use brake down . Kinda wasted your effort there as 90% of players spam the 2key for that extra “skill”

  14. Hey guys, for anyone wondering: you can actually choose the phase of your 3D skins. What you need to do is unequip your 3D skin if it’s already equipped and equip it again. It should let you choose from the 4 arrows (phases), but your chosen phase will not appear on the garage, only the phase that you reached the farthest. However, if you play a game, the phase of the 3D skin will be the phase you chose. Hope this helps!

  15. As somebody who wasn’t able to get the previous kranvagn 3d skin, I can’t wait for this new one.

  16. i guess i ll farm the k 91 !

  17. QB you missed the udes 03 alt 3, the object 590, and the object 752

  18. So is front lines going to be available for this battle pass?

  19. What happens with the tokens from the last battle pass, do they carry over into this one or this update the payout of bonds per tokens will be done ?

  20. Cobra sporting a 60 second reload , whelp….

  21. Nah, I quit already and not coming back, wg will never change.

  22. Hey QB! Enjoyed the video – long time fan of yours (back to 2013!). If you can, check out a battle I had in my FCM 50t recently on Mountain Pass, I think it would make for some great content on obsolete vehicles! It’s on wotreplays, NA server, TheNut21 for the username. Cheers!

  23. Chickenbutt McWatson

    If wargaming wasn’t stupid, they’d have been offering skins and add-ons for micro transactions for years. I’d have a lot of skins id they offered them for like 5 bucks. Also would have been cool if they allowed you to buy applique armour, imagine being able to add addition plates to side of Kranvagn turret for 30mm more protection for a penalty in speed and ground resistance.
    But alas it will never happen.

  24. with these long reloads that WG is offering lately, might it be an management of game length, perhaps slowing the game down?

    • I feel like in this case the intention is to make a tank that is purely fun and wonky instead of being competitive or changing the balance in some way. The Cobra is just a meme tank, but there’s nothing wrong with that

  25. 4:30, it doesn’t look like it cost me too much! How much, any ideas

  26. Δημητρης Καστρινακης

    Anyone could please tell me when the battles pass comes? Exact date please? Thank you

  27. AMX M4 51 meets Lorraine 50t

    M4 51: Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary

  28. The Cobra is gonna be a toxic piece of garbage, and should never exist in the game.

  29. germaniy-latviya 20 euro maiy invalid pensi 195 euro

  30. mercedes benz kurjer

  31. Something to look forward to???

    Both tanks look terrible, hard to get excited about them

  32. tank transporter wold of tank guid park

  33. this tanks a nerft to death……..

  34. Speaking of the Caliban. Does anyone even play this anymore? I haven’t seen any in the last few weeks. I think it will be the same with the Cobra, even more so since it is not a premium tank

  35. Just don’t ever get reward tanks

  36. It depends if I will buy new one tanks or not. If they will cost too much like kunze panzer did amd I will be able to purchase improved battle pass I will buy the K-91 PT. But the Cobra looks interesting. It seems like funny troll tank. Like Caliban just like you said. By the way thank you for perfect information video QB 😉

  37. 11:04 it’s a horn

  38. I did manage to finish last season two tanks lvl 3 and when I try to equip the tanks it asks me to pay it with a 2500 gold. Wtf

  39. I have the leo 1 its pretty dumb,pta was more funner but this is my opinion,cant wait to help me grind to gett the kranvagn

  40. hell no i despise the caliban talk bout urself liking it

  41. Battle pass is great, free stuff for all. Always a big plus for player in there tier 10 tanks and gold in there pocket.

  42. I need a new mouse. What hardware do you use, specifically the mouse. Thanks

  43. wg makes what tank always as rewards for free? = shit, what tanks they make for money as premium? =broken

  44. Ill get the Lorrain, ill equip turbo and other things, what make it faster, and itll be the new obj 268 4 on T9, nice. LEZ GOOOO

  45. when is the chick and hen project coming

  46. can you get the tanks as well as the bounty equipment?

  47. British making oscillating autoloaders, nice meme

  48. Why can’t we just play the game with out a grind every damn month….? More bots more money for WG…. I love playing the game, but jeez……..

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