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Source: Sako Sniper


  1. I’ve seen that in some tech trees you have top tier tanks even if you haven’t grinded the tanks before them (e.g. You have the type 90B but not the A).


  2. They have to bring back old Envent/BP vehicles at some point, each of them is potential profits for Gaijin.

    “[…]The easier access a larger percentage of the playerbase has to a wider range of the game’s content [e.g old event/removed vehicles], the better.”

  3. Idk the leo 2a4 premium is on 10.0 and high tier is extremely unbalenced i would buy the leo1a1l44

  4. The Tiger II SLA 16 has more track armor on the turret, increasing the survivability slightly.

  5. 8:40 I remember that. The match just started and you already had an M18 in a corner near you spawnkilling your team. You try to flank by hugging the map border, guess again, an M18 will be there waiting for you.

  6. there seem to be a few inaccuracies in the video, but overall, a decent guide for newer players.

  7. You can’t kill t-34-57(43) with ammo rack explosion. Easily best premium in russian tree for grinding

  8. Awesome video, appreciate your dedication to your craft. That being said, I have a pretty big bone to pick with you.

    The U.S. T28.

    “But it’s nowhere near as good as the T95.”

    Going to have to do a hard disagree, here.

    First off, the side armor matters little. If you’re in a position where the enemy has a clear shot at it, you’re dead. Even if not from the first shot; She turns so slowly that if you let an enemy get on your flank in either vehicle, you’re dead one way or another.

    Most importantly, the T28 is at 6.3 while the T95 is at 7.0. Simply because it’s sides have thicker armor. The front is still impenetrable, even moreso at 6.3.

    I also would say that, anecdotally, I get about 2-3 times the number of full downtiers in the T28 than I do in the 95. You can face 5.3 tanks with a gun that one-shot anything from any distance virtually anywhere you hit alongside absolutely impenetrable frontal armor.

    Meanwhile, in the T95, you can face early MBTs.

    They both require a lot of patience, but if you play as a sniper or as a heavy support tank (keeping your flanks covered) the T28 especially is an absolute meme. 10/1 K/D in it, millions of SL earned… it’s definitely a sleeper.

  9. Can you do a talisman guild?

  10. why you didn’t had to grind all italian TD and you straitght have the dardo?

  11. koala forest tankrey school 2

    the ac1 is useful its got 120mm of effective frontal armour

  12. IT’S SO LONG!! LOL

    Yeah, loving it so far all the same. Really hoping a bunch of the “rare” vehicles come back for the 10th anniversary. But my wallet doesn’t agree with me. In fact, it is still whimpering.

    Will finish it tomorrow!

  13. 1:30:00 74g is arguably the Best 9.0 premium because it can fit everywhere as Long range sniper because of pneumatic suspension and awesome shell

  14. Hi sako I want to grind Israel do you recommend I just get the merkava premium?

  15. The Tiger 2 Sla 16 is my most played vehicle. It’s absolutely amazing and highly recommended it to anyone. Also nothing special about the Panther 2 and Tiger 2 105? Strongly disagree lol both are awesome. The 105 1 taps anything

  16. TLDW: Not as powerfull as it used to be, wouldnt get it now

  17. The VRCC was the best buy i had in a while because i love the Italian 9.0ish (+/-0.3) lineup. Its so much fun that i simply doesnt care there is no true toptier, i stay with 9.0ish. At 10.0+ you are just a moving practice ground target for CAS spaming cunts anyway

  18. Bro I love listening to your vids when falling asleep proper too lad 👦!!

  19. RIP the amx-13 ss 11, got completely skimmed over lol.

  20. imo cobra king is an awesome premium, because the german players are clueless

  21. You missed the Pz.Sfl.Ic

  22. Oh nice vid 😀

  23. the amx 30 is one of my fav tanks, nearly researched the complet tech tree with it 😅

  24. Hey Sako, can you also make a video on vehicles that are worth a talisman for?

  25. Appreciate all the work. I am wanting to flesh out a few BR line ups this sale.

  26. So… this video is uploaded for14 hours now and has 47 comments? You deserve WAY more

  27. I think the oldest premium tank that’s still purchasable is actually the Jagdpanther.
    I do agree that the US ground tree really needs some new premiums, all of them are very “rusty” now. And many no longer fits its current BR; like the T54E1 that its only trick is the 9 shot autoloader, and nothing else, not even a nigh-vision (driver only does not count). For example the Turm has the same “trick” but its better, except on the armor part; on the same BR!
    The British has the tradition of getting poor premiums. BTW the RP-3 on the Cromwell now has a very flat trajectory so on a leveled surface u can easy get a hit in a few 100m.
    China has some interesting toys to try out. Also the ZTZ59/type-59 is a T-54, not a T-55 so it only has a vertical stabilizer, one of the reasons it got levered in BR.
    The AMX- 30 Super is a decent tank, but desperately needs any lineup, other than the 8.3 it now can get. NO; u don’t want to risk it with the AMX-40; trust me!
    Sweden was/is a pain to grind, do the lack of capable lineups; but with its Finish sub-tree that probably changes.
    Israel has too many of the same junk to go trough, and nothing is grouped. Even with the buffed ammo the Merkava 2D is barely average, on 9.3; but at least all of its premiums has lineups!

  28. Thank you for your effort, I’m getting ready to get two premium packs and your vid changed my second pick, getting Turms (already have AM1) and the Panzerbattalion Leo.
    Thx – love your channel

  29. Wow, that’s a long video, really appreciate the effort! I would however disagree on two vehicles – Strv 103 0 and Tam2ip. Hull aiming with Strv is kinda sketchy, but not nearly as it used to be. In good position it’s extremely op. Tam 2ip has amazing gun with dm33, great mobility, and decent survivability, it’s only drawback is lack of thermals, but still it’s one of my favourite grinders for german tt (I have it with Leo 1 L44, and I’d take Tam2ip over Leo every time). As always those are only my opinions, and I respect yours.

    • Was about to say, the Tam 2IP and the Strv-103-0 are my go to tanks to bully people who don’t know how to fight them or aren’t prepared. At 7.7 with laser range finder, sabot, and a wedged hull that can only really be penned by a well placed atgm, it’s my “turn the brain off and have fun” tank because it doesn’t require much skill to use, except for hull aim, you kinda have to combat it with some unorthodox methods. And if anything, the Type 74G is really good in my experience. It’s decently quick for what you’d expect I wouldn’t call it slow. If you have good placement and know how to aim it’s a flanker more than anything else. If you’re willing to fight from where the enemy doesn’t expect you rather than head but that requires extensive map knowledge, of which I’m not even good at lol.

  30. 15:15 M26E1 was removed from the game, as I know you can’t perches this tank anymore, at least maybe at some sort of special day.

  31. The best buy of all time: Centurion AVRE, it’s the tank I’ve had the most fun with

  32. For the Israeli 7.7 line up it is actually decent with how the BR bracket works you get down-tiered most games or same tier. because 8.7s usually get up tiered now a days. and the 8.3 BR line up is similar also, not as many up tiers and down tiers.

  33. Ya totally skipped amx13 ss11.. My tank 🙁

  34. The low tier Italian premiums are very good for complimenting your already existing line ups

  35. That T55E1 is a great flanking vehicle. If you’re sneaky and get behind the enemies, it causes havoc. Don’t let anyone see you tho, you’re guaranteed to die even from machine gun fire lol

  36. a bit of a thing is the Somua SM is a Tiger 2 with better/worse armor with way better mobility and firepower, its amazing, its definitely worth buying! i love playing it and its amazing, its armor can bounce APDS and guns up to the german 128 and sometimes the american 155, angling is also good but you need to angle a little if you want to make the side armor and front armor even better! i highly recommend using the Somua SM paired with the Batchat, Foch, AMX-50(or EBR 1954) and AMX-13-90, france has crap air so i don’t bother but you can add planes if you’d like as well

  37. Got along with a lot of your suggestions but the amx30s(1969 and super) both print money to an obscene degree

  38. I still don’t know if i should get the rooikat 105 or the challenget ds.

  39. i think both the of40 MTCA and the premium centauro are super worth it. Italy 9.0 is super fun and is one of the best lineups for italy! moreover, sure italy is not great at top tier but is super workable, with the two arietes being allrite overall. Italy top tier is much better than lets say the british at top tier despite having less vehicles (so far..)

  40. him just converting mm to inches in his mind

  41. Poor Excelsior got set aside in the trash. It was a operation s.u.m.m.e.r reward. And pretty good would love to own one

  42. You should check out the 103-0 again, hull aiming has gotten a lot better and the thing is pretty worth it in my opinion..

  43. Chi-Nu II + Japanese F4U = profits beyond your wildest dreams and fun like no other
    And the optimal lineup for Japan is 4.3 – Chi-Nu II, F4U, M24, B7A2 (Or the D4Y), and M16. Even in an uptier all of those vehicles hold their weight against what you fight.

    Thank me later

  44. you can say befehls easier its sounds like beefields but more german

  45. i will say. the LVT-4/40 is the best AA in lower tiers. i always bait fighters in with my 40mm because they think its all i have, and then rip into them with the .50s

  46. You missed the AMX-13 SS.11 when reviewing the french

  47. Would you say you can play the t34 57 (1943) and the russian m4a2 76 and the btr zd together with the stalinbolt and itp m1 in one lineup
    I want to know if i can play the t34 57 (1943) together with the m4a2 76 on 5.3
    Does it still perform well on 5.3 br ?and would you reccomend that lineup ? (Of a crafting event i got enough gaijin coins to buy the itp)
    Great vids btw🫡

  48. Sako I just want your recommendation since sales is coming would you recommend the Jagdpanther or Tiger P since they are both the same price

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