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of Tanks has an annual well deserved tradition of gifting credits, bonds and this 2022 KV-1SA!



  1. ​If you want to help me get goodies to give away this Holiday OPS join me using code HO23QB and complete missions!
    EU: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=HO23QB
    NA: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=HO23QB
    ASIA: https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=HO23QB
    Please note that if you join me you won’t be able to join another creator and vice versa!

  2. I’ve been playing since 2016, just got this tank and it’s so OP. never gonna get rid of it.

  3. Oh, you’re not a seal clubber if fighting a well deserved reward tank, if you can’t above t5 in a year…you got issues, lol. He’s smart is what he is, crushing all the older players, playing with a reward tank. Lol

  4. So I have a full 100% crew in that tank and another soviet heavy tank… no other skills. What to do with them?

  5. Either 2016 or 2017 here

  6. Thanks for test driving… immediate sell 😉

  7. I got the KV-1SA. I haven’t played it yet, so thanks for the video.

  8. Should have been kv1s122 mm

  9. Oh do I miss playing SU85 with the 107mm… one of the best gaming memories

  10. While its a bit late to try, can you sell the premium tanks you got the previous year(s) and then get them re-gifted to you on WDR day?

  11. Honestly NONE of the ‘well deserved reward’ tanks were worth a damn.
    And some, like the super hellcat, came with completely skewed crew setups so you couldn’t swap crews from other American TDs – you had to skill up one (or 2?) entirely new crew members to use it.

    And they should’ve released the original KV-1S from tier 6, back when it had the boom stick, better depression, and dominated tier 6 team battles.

  12. Been playing since the kv1 had 300 alpha damage. Those were the days. Anyway kinda liking the new kv. The actual kv1 is probably better than this thing but its still fun to goof around in, which kinda fits the spirit of the well deserved reward tanks imo

  13. Well deserved? Its sarcasm in the title right?

  14. they need to bring back all the light tank autoloaders

  15. Already sold mine, as a Beta tester from back in the day, it would have been better for WOT to have just turned back the servers for nostalgic play. this tank wins the pants down competition so far

  16. Maybe its a gold spam tank to get up close and clip em out. Dunno weird tank.

  17. next tank is gonna be the T-30A, American Auto-reloading heavy/tank destroyer with 750 alpha

  18. Ive been playing since before the game came out and didnt get the rewards. Like pre alpha like that early on

  19. Veteran Christmas Carols

    Tooooooo much whining, QB.

  20. The worst tank in the game. I prefer the Churchill gun carrier

  21. this year shouldve been the bt-42, it would be interesting

  22. The mordred style has been in the game for a while now. I don’t remember when i got it, but I have had it on my Badger for a few years now.

  23. played shit QB get it sorted mate

  24. QB sees his getting nailed in his first game and unplugs the ethernet cable for 5 secs to cause lag

  25. you mean war gaming wont give you permission to use there cheesy music.

  26. I finally got it after a ton of years of waiting, registered in 2018 🙂

  27. Unless you play on console, then you get nothing for being here.

  28. LMAO! I like this tank i did almost 2k damage in that KV

  29. Hey QB, wish they had gifted the Chieftain/T95 so all us CW players who haven’t been able to get one with bonds, could finally have one.

  30. My gosh. I’ve spent 12 yrs in this game already😱

  31. Since I have a 10 year old account (24.12.2012), I was thinking of going back in the game. I have 11 500 bonds, which tank should I buy? I would like a tank that makes a lot of money easily. I heard Patriot or AMX M4 are good for that, but cannot choose 😀

  32. Day 2 of asking you to play luchs

  33. The tank is like a worse version of the matilda 4.

  34. Slow with poor alpha, feels horrible!

  35. 13:04 umm actually Jingles…

  36. Old KV-1S with the 122mm could have been a tier 7 reward tank. SHellcat is tier 7 too, so it’s not unprecedented. It was of course completely broken at tier 6 (though not as broken as the tier 6 KV-3 for those who remember!), but at tier 7 I think it would be fairly balanced.

    The KV-1SA just joins the ranks of tier 5 KV variants that are not as good as the tech tree KV-1.

  37. I wouldn’t have mind the old bulldog with the 10 shell 76 mm autoloader.

  38. asume they had to leave anton pankov out this year due to reasons and had to improvise. But the video indeed is lackluster, especially with no teasers for uüpcoming features… but I like the idea, only they changed the reason KV1s was so good imo… yes, feels lackluster this yer – but no reson to complain, as its free 🙂
    Also I think the 5 tanks after 4 years is great, but the added bonus for being there REALLY long seems very boring, as I have almost all in the game. So another tank for lets say 8 years as special would be neat, like in the first few years,
    Hopes for next year

    But the boxes this year are great^^

  39. A KV would have been better. The whole point of the “Well deserved rewards” was historic tanks. As you say, a KV with an autoloader isn’t something that was in the game before. Besides, it ends up competing with the KV-220-2 and the Churchill III, and I think I like those better. Who needs an autoloader when you just have a quick gun?

  40. Carlos Conceição

    Why don’t i have the option to redeem the goodies? Just logged in and there’s no special section on the store to redeem my stuff! Wth?

  41. Hi there. Been watching your vids on WoT years ago. Then stopped WoT when I got my email hacked, lost my old WoT account. Now watching you again on Youtube, got me really hyped up and wanting to play the game again though I need to start from scratch. Before I even start registering a new account, what do I do? Bonus codes etc.? Most importantly, now that the game have changed and I haven’t played for years, where do I start in terms of nations, how to setup the controls, the mechanics of the game like communication, spotting, concealment , crews or any other you would say important for a sort of new player like me. Just started watching your channel again after all those years, so I might have missed any sort of guides you have. Do you have a playlist of those guides or any new videos you might want to make for new players? Fyi I am playing on PC.


  42. I went to set up an account on PC to find my email had been used. Managed to log in and apparently I’d made an account back in 2012…10 year old account with like 500 games played on it 😂

  43. where and how to claim these rewards?

  44. will be a great bot killer on the aus/sea server

  45. Seems more like “Well deserved Garbage” in a certain sense but still, props to wg for giving us useful stuff once again XD

  46. Registered my account in 2019 so big sadge

  47. Tank bad probably dust collector , I did wait for bonds, credit boosters, I wish I could have by nickname 10 years badge like beta players, but what can you do.

  48. Is this will be permanent or just rental tank?

  49. Of coarse the epic tank reward should have been the original T-50. This tank was amazingly fun to drive and spot with!!!

  50. WG hates us

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