2023 BATTLE PASS! NEW TANKS – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks just announced the Pass for 2023 including two new tanks; the Kampfpanzer 3 Prj. 07 HK, BZ-58-2, skins, bounty hardening and crew members!



  1. Two points. One: Non-standard crew for the Kpz TD; commander, driver, radioman. You might want a dedicated crew for this tank. Two: WoWs players will recognize that collection game.

  2. going to play catch up this battle pass year

  3. Another event where you can’t get 27 tokens because you must pay for 6 tokens.

  4. I don’t like the new German siege vehicles that Wargaming is bringing in. You either have 1) amazing dpm with poor accuracy or 2) poor dpm with great accuracy. The Swedish vehicles however, don’t lose their rate of fire in siege mode. I don’t see any point to playing the KPz. 3 Pro. 07 HK over one of the Swedes.
    Please correct me if there’s something I’m missing here.
    I have the Kunze Panzer, and I don’t really enjoy it that much.

  5. Bec I’m FTP so I can only get 45 tokens total. Only combination available for is the KPZ and lorraine (0 token left) or cobra and lorraine (3 token left).
    No way I will choose BZ bec its just 50tp clone. I already own the rest of the reward tanks.

  6. So why would you get anything but the Cobra?

  7. Imagine that lorraine get buff like amx it will br a proper heavy then

  8. I’ll go for the KPZ and skip the BZ… and, as you said QB, I think it is a very generous opportunity for free2play players to get their hands on free stuff, premium days and free premium tanks! They should not expect to get ALL for free really in my humble opinion.

    • Not free premium tanks, the battle pass rewards are reward tanks, so they don’t make extra credits like actual premium tanks.

  9. More milking of the player base – lol

  10. The 103-0 is actually the least accurate of the three Swedish high-tier TDs with 0.3 instead of 0.25 like the others.

  11. Interesting note: the new Chinese tank seems to have the same hull as the tier 7 rocket heavy tank, with just chonkier turret and bigger gun. Which does make sense considering the name.

    Being free to play player looks like I only can get one of the new tanks. I’ll probably get the TD as it does look kinda interesting and I have so far enjoyed the swedish TDs (only missing the tier 10). Cobra is too expensive to play as f2p, so definitely skipping that. Already got AE phase 1, K91 pt and char futur, so maybe I’ll take Kunze or 777 with the remaining tokens.

    • Id recommend Kunze instead of 777. Coming from experience of battle against them. The front armor easily can get penetrated hence making them useless as assault heavies. While Kunze you can play it like more sneakier Leo 1 or STRV (since gameplay similar).

  12. Why does WG have some tanks with 2 or 3 different 3D skins, while other tanks have none. Makes no sense.

  13. Bad gundepression is not a problem sniping from medium to long distance. The premium days give a massive boost to clearing techtrees. I remember playing over 400 games to get strv103b with out exp boosters and with out premium account. Unlocked superconqueror with 30 games played on conqueror using boosters and premium account. It it a massive difference to get 2x exp and then boosting it. Freeto play player may be hovering around 500exp average and it will take 500 games to clear the same content.

  14. Oh great, a kunze that now has fixed gun, amazing

  15. Can you get both the Cobra and the Project 07 HK, if you so choose?????

  16. QB with his doctorate…evidently math is different in the UK…here in the US, 72-51 is 21, not 19.

  17. WOT has become a sh*t game over the past two years.
    Sad that Quickybaby is a WOT titty sucker and not an actual honest opinion giver.

  18. I’m gonna get both tanks as usual.

  19. I’ll be working on the Cobra, for sure.

  20. Does Cate Blanchett know she is now in World Of Tanks?

  21. Really good advice with the prem time, im gonna buy it cause i have no time to play and want a char that ive 3marked on my other account. Nice vid m8 hope u keep this goin till ur an ol fart :O

  22. I like the fact they are not lowering the price on the Cobra. It is a toxic tank.

  23. anything bounty or bond (besides vents) is what I put on my tier 8 gold tanks. The lack of buffs for upgraded slot(s) makes only vents useful (in the 3rd slot) in the game imho. Unless they fix it then bounty or bond equipment (except vents) get a resounding MEH….


  25. First thing WG needs to do is eliminate the rockets. Just stop with the garbage kids stuff.

  26. yer dont like any of them to be fair . will play battle pass but wont bother with any tanks seem boring . got lots of stuff i never play very like whats on offer, lots of skins for mooose out there why bother , rather have five new maps then five new tanks , did try the kv2 sorry Cobra.last time it was shit really dont see many of them now let them fire then rush take it out .

  27. Are you gonna have your old tokens from previous seasons as well? Haven’t played for a while but I had tokens saved up from other battle passes

  28. Well one thing i know i won’t waste my time for this rubbish.

  29. I still got issue with those 3d style shop, I have 3d style of Obj. 705A with just level 2.. there’s no option to delete or complete the 3d style with this shop. pardon my english

  30. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    The new BZ tank has a 50 TP turret. They are completely identical unless I am missing something. And the two tanks are also quite similar.

  31. I had some tokens from last battle pass. QB does not properly evaluate the fact that a lot of players never get a chance to participate in that exclusive store. You need to be a sweaty nerd to think that it is even remotely achievable to do.

    For me, this is just another pointless, sweaty grind for nothin interesting. I want training orders, XP for my crews, boosters, 5x wins especially. Then I also desire premium equipment. Blueprints are also good, together with premium time as I expect to get free premium account if I purchase battle pass. However, this battle pass, while it has a lot of it simply requires too much work for what it gives you. Lets also not forget that there is no guarantee to even get what you had paid for in a first place and it is like 3 month commitment to play World of Tanks. Jeez. Talk about a bad deal.

    No, thanks Wargamming. I will better make a deal with a devil than with you.

  32. Will not bother trying as i have a life out side tanks.

  33. I’ve caught most of the battle passes but happened to be away when the recent Terminator one came through. Sad to see that it doesn’t look like the T-832 is available to pick up for those trying to “catch-up”

  34. So annoying they didn’t reduce cost for cobra, the only tank from previous year they haven’t. It’s the only vehicle I’m interested in getting but I don’t have time to play and get 24 tokens. Last year I ended up with 17 iirc and got the phase 1 for 9 tokens.

  35. How to get those tokens?

  36. One year of russain invasion in Ukraine and bloody WG does nothing to commemorate it. They sure used to commemorate all kinds of soviet war celebrations in the past. Just another proof that they are still influenced by russians.

  37. Very useful thanks, Neither top tank looks worth the effort.

  38. i want that Cobra

  39. Tanks aren’t as bad as QB is trying to sell you.. go look at the stats yourself, and you’ll see his are outdated.. can do this all day long

  40. Bz 58-2 is a budget bin 50tp

  41. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

  42. I will get me a Kampfpanzer 3 Prj. 07 HK, I only play TD for the main and then mediums too

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