2,060 BURST MEME – Cobra is Coming! | World of Tanks Cobra Preview

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World of Tanks Cobra Preview, Next Tier 9 British Medium Tank – Tier 9 Premium a Reward Tank? World of Tanks STRV K, First Tier 9 Premium Tank Gameplay.

Information from:
– WG
– https://wotexpress.info/

Last I talked about upcoming tier 9 Russian medium tank 590, but WG doesn't sleep. Today let's take a look at one of the upcoming MEME tanks Cobra, with 2,060 burst damage in 4,5 seconds… With HESH… CRAZY!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Most other tier 9 tanks DEAD in 4,5 seconds.. 😀
    Absolute MEME… Premium or a Reward tank?

    • 1,33 intraclip but 4s aim time….sure…. XD gl to hit anything after 1,33sec intraclip 😀

    • 2 interesting “balancing” factors – extreme aiming time (so 1.33 interclip only useful inside brawling) and with hesh as gold you really need intuition perk – which you would have to have on commander and there is no other brit medium with commander/loader. So either you sacrifice 1 perk on Centurion AX’s commander to have good cobra or you go without intuition or use directive

    • I have to say that I would like it as a Battle Pass reward tank

    • christmas gift,,,,,,,maybe

    • I thing snapshots not work with this wehicle also you get rekted faster then you fully aim anyway..
      4 sec aim time with 0.40 Accuraci+50 seconds reload 4 ammo????
      No way how this tank can be good.

  2. Cool … after years adding tier VIII premium and fucked up MM with new tanks more OP one after another (and almost never balancing tech tree tanks or taking 2 to 3 years to balance them) Now WG will fucked up tier IX with “rewards tanks” …. WG be like: Balance the game? Why it’s just part of our job….

    BTW WG we still waiting for 3 years now I think? for AMMO rebalance and crew rebalance…. you know crew rebalance that you already canceled 2 times now…
    And what is even more frustrating is that WG KNOW how to make the game good, they did it by the past. But since maybe 2 to 3 years they seem not to give a single flip about their players…

  3. And I thought that 2018 were bad to play wot

  4. This could have been a really nice balanced medium with a good autoloading clip like the TVP maybe. Decent mobility, good accuracy or stability, but WG have turned it into some stupid troll tank that doesn’t do anything good for the game. Much like the retarded Caliban just in the game to generate cash from ignorant pay to win players. Why!? Please just fix the stats!
    APCR/HEAT/HE maybe HESH with 105 pen
    Damage: 360/360/440
    Penetration: 268/310/105
    Shells in clip: 4
    Reload per shot: 2.5 or 3
    Full magazine reload: 32-38 seconds
    Aimtime: 1.9 seconds
    Dispersion at 100m: 0.34
    Top speed: 52/20
    P/W ratio: 18.8 hpt
    View range: 390M
    Radio: 800m

    Stats roughly like this most players could get along with whilst being relatively balanced and not with some stupid extremes.

  5. Its going to get crazy……..

  6. Another Autoloader, how annoying…

    Is it just me or is Germany the only big nation in WOT not getting any?
    In fact they had theirs removed from top tiers….
    Wonder why this is…

  7. In tankgg it said”210 DPM 420DMG 225pen 120sec loading 9.59 dispersion 5 top speed 5 reverse.

  8. cool! the next tumor

  9. I told u guys before. That T9 premiums will eventually become stronger than tier X tanks themselves. it’s inevitable

  10. This one doesn’t interest me.
    Too inaccurate to use from a distance and too long a magazine reload to use in close quarters.
    I’ll pass.

  11. Lol i kinda makes me dont want to spend money on the engineer gates cause it all tier 8 prems. Wg essentially makes the tier 8 premiums credit grinding worthless.

  12. ive been waiting for this thing, saw it in the game files ages ago

  13. I think we all knew this was going to happen as soon as the Strv K was announced, at least one of those tier 9 “elite” tanks is going to be a premium. Let the powercreep begin

  14. WoT started with going down with Patch 9.18… NO WAY TO COME BACK.

  15. Hull down medium, Auto loader, british Hesh


  16. Ay be this is special loot box tank

  17. Michael von Biskhoff

    I hope they’ll add a third campaign for these tanks, it would be better

  18. everybody gets an auto loader, you get an auto loader, and you get an auto loader and you get an auto loader

  19. Total trash … buff gun handling or armor …

  20. This tank will be absolute garbage. 4 seconds aim time and .4 accuracy. Imagine how inaccurate it’s going to be after firing that first shot, and a 4 seconds aim time to back it up? Useless. It’s going to possibly clip someone up close (if it doesn’t dunk all the shots into the ground or bounce) then get absolutely murdered while it reloads. Meme potential, but overall horrible. Just like the Caliban. Has the UK turned into some sort of joke nation for Wargaming or something?

  21. thx god i give up this game a month before, wg is going total crazy and WOT is worse then never before.

  22. just as i predicted! new russian tier 9 premium tank!

  23. Ganna be like a T-9 Version of a GSOR 1008 Of course it will look a little different. But 4 shells 50sec reload good pen sounds familiar.

  24. Clearly they’re starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel on this one, my question is why don’t they do a T8 premium HT of the IS-M/705/705A line? Even if it’s a made up tank, like an IS-M-II (double barrel) or IS-MA (reverse auto-loader)? That’s just an example that comes to my head, but there’s heaps of tech tree lines that don’t have a (workable) premium counterpart (looking at you VK 100.01P)

  25. New wtf e 100?!?!???!

  26. Thankfully another autoloader with great burst damage and mobility! This really was missing in the game. WG does trully listen to the pleads of the community.

  27. USC server puts players in red as they have bad WOT server WG never said this USC was a sucker position for change over that I can not get out of.

  28. We-icle, lol I love it

  29. Wargaming seems to give less of a shit with every new autoloader they introduce. We do NOT need more autoloaders in this game. I’m playing less and less of WoT becuase it just seems so stale (as a good player).

  30. I would like to see this tank in the trash can. Another situationally OP autoloader tank. Thanks WG for destroying the game (by spaming autoloader tanks into the game)

  31. Basically a GSOR 1008 at tier 9

  32. I don’t think it is, as people write, “powercreep”. It has big burst, but 40 kph is veeeery slow as for medium without armor and mobility is most important in these days, I guess.

  33. And……its nerfed

  34. One thing to take into account. When you were showing the armor model. If you use the full gun depression, then that thick armor on the gun mantlet is no good.. It is only good when the gun is level.

  35. i dont want to see this tank in the game if this tank drops well say goodbye to tier 7’s Tier 8 meds and even some tier 9/10 those hesh rounds means it can do 2000 dmg a clip not to mention the module damage.

  36. this battle was so painful to watch

  37. *Now, get ready for the Tier 10 tank, the King Cobra.*

  38. 515 damage, 4 shells in magazine, 1.3 intra clip, 50s reload = mini Waffentrager Auf E 100????!!!!!!

  39. Battlepass ends soon, and all tokens will be gone, could this be for next battle pass season? maybe Xmass lootboxes with Yoh premium tank? 😛

  40. I really feel bad for the people that keep wasting money on this game.

  41. Loolll hahaha:):)

  42. People saying it’s trash because “bad aimtime and accuracy” while completely forgetting that 703 and Bourrasque were also touted as “trash” in supertest because of the same thing and yet they’re the most OP tanks you can get at T8 just because of their massive burst and good hidden stats.

    Glad I left this joke of a game 6 months ago.
    Not sure what’s worse, WG or the community allowing this to happen.

  43. Oh yes this is what we need:More Autoloaders…
    I bet WT E100 laughting right now:)

  44. WG: We are going to fix 4 minute hyper battles.

    Also WG: Now 4 minutes is a regular battle. Well done team.

  45. Everybody just stop playing this game, it’s getting ridiculous as the real life society

  46. Ofc it’s autoloader, WG can’t fart without making it an Autoloader.

  47. This is getting so stupid. Combining parts of other nations just to get more revenue. What a crock. We should rename this game to “WORLD OF FANTASIES”

  48. ladies and gentlemen, tier 9 WT E100 is here

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