21.08.2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

– Storm confirms: no rebalance of Foch 155 is planned: “This idea didn't go anywhere for now”
– Foch 155 to be changed in HD? “I can't say for now :(“
“low poly” wheels are an “economy” decision: half of them is hidden behind the side armored plate and therefore there is no need to make them extra poly
– according to Yuri Pasholok, tier 2-10 French HT branch is possible
– the new motion physics work is coming to an end. It will be possible to tip enemy tank by ramming it but this will be rather rare. As for how this will change the gameplay – it's hard to say. There will be more testing in order to determine this
– there are no plans to move WoT to a different engine, but rather to improve the Bigworld so much that the game is practically running on a new engine with old name
– with the artillery rebalance, XP, personal missions and everything else will be reworked to take the new artillery status in account

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