21/10/2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Oh boy… can already hear a horde of enraged players marching into the WG Misnk office over the Chieftain.

– The next round of the 10.0 will likely come this week
– Storm confirms: the fate of the Chieftain was already decided. Chieftain will not appear anytime , neither in 10.0 nor in 10.1. WG will announce what will happen to it when the time to implement it comes near.
– The Panzer 58 will not be able to shoot with the secondary 20 autocannon
– According to statistics, the winrate of HD T110E5 skyrocketed on server from 49 percent to 52,6 percent, it’s possible it will be nerfed, developers will have a look at it
– Storm confirms: the “leaked” Chinese and Japanese TD branches are fake, they will not be implemented (RG: What did I told you…)
sr. won’t have premium status

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