21/10/2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Oh boy… can already hear a horde of enraged players marching into the WG Misnk office over the Chieftain.

– The next round of the 10.0 testing will likely come this week
– Storm confirms: the fate of the Chieftain was already decided. Chieftain will not appear anytime soon, neither in 10.0 nor in 10.1. WG will announce what will happen to it when the time to implement it comes near.
– The 58 will not be able to shoot with the secondary 20mm autocannon
– According to statistics, the winrate of HD skyrocketed on RU server from 49 percent to 52,6 percent, it's possible it will be nerfed, developers will have a look at it
– Storm confirms: the “leaked” and TD branches are fake, they will not be implemented (RG: What did I told you…)
– T-22 sr. won't have status

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