21/11/2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Here it is:

– Developers know about the 9.12 bug where in arty mode, when artillery tries to rotate the hull by aiming beyond the gun traverse limits, the movement is choppy and erratic
– Developers are investigating the possible issues with T34 (it became underpowered), Storm states that the recent statistics show that less shots penetrate it than before
– Storm just returned from a trip to Cyprus on Friday where they discussed “lots of interesting things” with Viktor Kislyi
– New sounds? motion physics? “News about both will come soon”
– The developers will investigate the credit and XP gain from Domination and will introduce corrections if necessary
– There was a hoax circulating on RU forums that Storm was fired. It’s just that – a hoax.
– Ghost shells are appearing en mass in 9.12, players are complaining a lot about that – Storm states that they are slowly working on it but there were no changes in 9.12 to cause that
– Jove (Russian youtuber) released a hoax that Russian server will have a Type 59 marathon event, it’s not true
– Q: “Action X sucks and gets oneshotted by arty!” A: “And FV4202 didn’t?” (the complaint was specifically about the roof thickness)
– Storm promises: 9.13 will be released this year!
– The new track traces in 9.12 are bugged, it will be fixed
– Apparently there is a strange bug where if WoT runs in windowed mode, the mouse cursor starts behaving strangely, moving around etc.
– A player posts a list of complaints while other player replies him sarcastically that according to WG everything is fine. Storm’s reaction: “Go and have some fresh air. Be hysterical somewhere else.”
– There is a problem in 9.12 in the synchronization of serverside reticle, it will be fixed
– New maps can be for Domination only, for random only or for both, there is no rule saying they have to be tested in Domination first
– Some of the worst bugs of 9.12 will be fixed by a hotfix
– In 9.13, KV-5 will get a small armor buff

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