2,118 Horse Power Fastest Maus Speed Build! | World of Tanks Maus Fastest Speed Equipment 2.0

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Source: DezGamez

World Maus New Equipment Fastest Mobility Setup. World of Tanks Best Heavy Tank, Equipment 2.0 System Testing on Sandox Test Server – New Equipment Test. World of Tanks Maus Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

Another day, another crazy build. This time I am going to test out something which at first didn’t seem to be super fun testing experience, I was skeptical about it to say the least. But when we worked out which equipment units are the best, it turned out to be more fun than I first imagined.

Keep in mind, it definitely is not the most optimal or the best build, just full memes and fun! 🙂

Enjoy the show!


  1. Keep in mind, it definitely is not the most optimal or the best build, but when we (with the stream) tested this, it turned out to be way more fun than first expected.
    When you don’t like slow tanks, this might help… Have a good one, my friend! 😉
    Chapters in this video:
    00:00 – Build Introduction
    02:07 – Comparison Clips
    05:50 – Tank Setup (Equipment, Crew, etc.)
    12:18 – Battle 1
    19:15 – Battle 2
    23:40 – Battle 2 + Outro

    • Fabian Scheffler

      Pls make a Mobility Build with the E-100 our Jpz E-100.

    • Try to see if you can block arty rounds, like using spall liners and helmets

    • Ariliquin Ariliquin

      Whats the point of balancing the tanks to then introduce equipment modifiers that then unbalance the tanks? Seems like this will make the game so un-predicable it wont be fun. The ability to save equipment profiles and load these without penalty before each game with a particular tank would be an improvement. Ultimately this change seems to me like a massive step backward.

    • Kolompár Cigány

      Next video: *boost EBR mobility to maximum*
      Or: *tier 3 Swedish TD with the full camo*
      Or: *fastest repair speed*
      Or: *fastest reolad speed*
      Or: *highest view range* in the game (i know the spotting range maximum is 445m)
      Love you from Hungary 😘🇭🇺

    • Dez what music are you using in the background of battle 2?

  2. Play next IS7 with max mobility

  3. I found bug that if you die with a speed booster, the sound of it doesn’t stop

  4. Милош Рашовић

    How about you make a video with dpm Badger, t X td.

  5. the speed maus is the biggest medium tank i have ever seen

  6. Im waiting for wheeled maus

  7. But for these setups to work and be used WG have to nerf equipement like stabilizer, gun rammer and gun laying drive.

  8. Can you please do a full DPM build on the STB-1!!❤️

  9. ahahaha what the fuck has this game become? Damn this WG really got out of any normal ideas and being so pathetic to attract new players with such bullshit of changes.

    • Yep – all these new items are new costs for your “old” tanks to stay competitive, plus gold mount / demount to try them out. Guess they decided to hold back on the flying, shielded triple gun Object (pick a number) for the moment.

    • @TheDude Abides I mean, recently what I noticed that gameplay i terrible, each battle is like maximum 3-4 min which is absurd. I’ve been playing WoT for 5 years already, but this is terrible what they are doing, they are desperate there in WG. Gold ammo now is not even that big problem, because you actually got used to that to use, but these stuff are ridiculous what they are making

  10. Nobody:
    Literly Nobody:
    Not even a single soul
    Radio Operator:Guess il Die

  11. Colton Ellringer

    Dez you should do a accuracy build with Grille 15 using some of the equipment. Think it would be pretty crazy. Hi from USA

  12. MaximusOfCaceres

    and when a crew member got killed?

  13. Seems to be one and only viable build for a Maus!

  14. Maus this Maus that… Give the E100 some love WG. 🙁

  15. UDES 03, Stealth Build please Dez 🙂


  17. try 2 make the E25 even more OP

  18. jfc, i wanna see a 50kmph maus

  19. So the Maus was already a bit like a moving Flakturm, but now it has a V2 built into it!

  20. T95/Tortoise mobility build. Must see.
    FV 215b 183 damage (in french) build. 😀

  21. Marten Garicano

    This should be done with the is7, the maus is limited by its top speed while the is7 would be hilarious (50k/h) with more engine power and traverse

  22. Looks like all his new equipment builds will be the nail in my coffin. Tanks suck lately. Bots in Frontline. Bullshit 2 1/2-3 minute ques to get a all tier 10 game, BULLSHIT! Time to take my credit card and off to another company that actually cares about their customer.

  23. If you had this build on an Ebr, I guess it could play on two maps at once!

  24. Katalin Kovács

    This on E75:))

  25. What I want to see, for shits and giggles, is a Mobility Boosted EBR 105. Just because..

  26. Fastest Mobility Setup on EBR 105

  27. How about doing videos at 1080p 60fps? They are perfect

  28. My sx ey dont worka well…. OOF you caight me 😂😃😂

  29. This is definitely buff maus needs!

  30. Doomturtle mobility build?

  31. Daniel Martin Král

    Do it with T95

  32. Ramming speed!!!
    Its nice to have faster tanks and its good for PAYERS…
    Did you look what is the cost of that build? And, when you add RNG in the story, what is the economy?
    There is NO PLACE for FREE PLAYERS in the WoT, only as Cannon foder…

  33. Matas Vinikaitis

    Can you make a more derpy KV-2?

  34. Very good build! As for the less dpm I say who cares for dpm as no fool will ever sit in front of a Mouse to take 5 shots from it in a row for extra dpm to work

  35. What happens if u use this build on is7 ti becomes seriously over powered medium tank ???

  36. so its safe to say, none of the equipment 2.0 changes are going to make it to live server! so many OP builds, in NO WAY WG can let this go out into the live servers. if they do then i’m 100% they want to do a “massive game suiside”. the game is unbalance as is, and with the new equip its even more unbalance.

  37. This game now is just stupid and has 0 sense, wish we could go back in 2013.

  38. Not bad but there are better tanks to do this like E75 ts or E50 not M if u want to build a battleram

  39. That looked crazy, thanks. Mobility Maus will take a lot by surprise, I expect. Will there be a video on Maximum Protection Maus?

  40. It reminds me of an official war gaming old video talking about the speed of the Is7. They were saying its maximum speed is super high but never reached cause of the engine power. Could be interesting to try it out too! To see if the 60/70 km/h is possible ! 🙂 @dezgamez

  41. Moureau Pierre-Olvier

    I love it!!
    Maus is like he’s singing : “DEJA VU!!!”

  42. the best way to test it’s mobility when climbing uphill is on El Halluf map..

  43. Did you already present the winners of the 30000 gold giveaway?

  44. Rikard Johansen

    how broken can a game be, this is so damn lame

  45. Therapist: “Mobility Maus isn’t real, it can’t hurt you”
    Mobility Maus:

  46. equipment 2.0 IMHO is showing the portential to be Meta changing event! staying spotted for 18 seconds, Mobil Mouses, and the increased invisibility of some light tanks…. NUTS ya totally crazy!!

  47. What do you think about the following idea? Give all 9 Slots free, use slot 1 for ammo/AP but slot 2 for fuel, or whatever you want?!
    And should Maus not have 4000 health points to better match ist extraordinary weight?

  48. Here’s an idea!
    Just rebalance the WHOLE GAME and have this as standard on a Maus.
    Oh! and find a BIG HOLE and drop all arty and wheelies in it and park a Maus on top to make sure they NEVER get out.

  49. Dez imagine if the sturer emil was mobile !!!!

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