22/10/2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

– Storm states that Chieftain’s fate needs “more considerations”
– Storm “loves WoT and wants it become better”
– there is nothing new in 10.0 compared the previous technical test according to Storm, just a bunch of fixes from the technical test phase
– Storm is not allowed say why the “free” FV4202 will come only in January (as in, not allowed to, it’s a marketing matter)
– Storm does personally actually not know what the FV4202 conditions will be, he did not participate in the decision making, but another developer confirmed it’s possible they will either depend on skill, or will be in the form of a marathon
– in 10.0, FV4202 ( the premium one) will be temporarily removed from the game
– in the 10.0 test, new clan window sorting by player rating does not work yet, it will be fixed
– Czech tanks will come this year if nothing bad happens
– there are currently no plans increase and XP income on higher tiers

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