23/10/2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

– there is still a bug in 10.0 test where the camera position in the hangar get screwed under certain circumstances, it will be fixed
– Storm is not really excited about SW Battlefront
– several players claim that the profitability of tanks was nerfed in 10.0, Storm states it’s just a conspiracy theory
– Domination mode profitability is set to correnspod to the one in random battles at the same tier per time unit, on average Domination battles last longer
– the bots in WoT are not serious, their task is to present targets for the total newbies, but they also serve Wargaming for testing bot server load
– Storm really hopes the bugs will be fixed by the time 10.0 goes out because 10.0 will not be delayed and if the game is bugged, it will come out with bugs
– there are no changes in FPS in 10.0, but one of the upcoming versions will bring complete loading/display tank mechanism overhaul that will hopefully eliminate the issues some players have whenever new tank is spotted
– there are no plans for emblem/camo reset in 10.0
– Storm is completely fed up with the current level of negativity and the insane amount of player whine, he might take time off from it
– one Russian Youtuber (Murazor) is especially vile, attacking Storm every day, Storm states that he doesn’t pay attention to that (or other such attacks)

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