23/11/2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

– Storm hopes that with the “new engine core release”, the FPS loss issues will be fixed for good
– Storm regarding the results of the HD model investigation: “The vulnerable roof area from the front practically identical to the way it was before. It became a little bit bigger but not because of the protrusion above, but because it was extended a bit to the sides. I will investigate whether it’s possible to make it the same as before. All the while the commander’s cupola smaller and the front became thicker. In other words, sorry, this a classic case of whining.”
– there is no info on the turret roof armor thickness, that’s why WG made it based on balance and not historicity
– some players are reporting problem with not being able to press the report button in the game, this is tied to mods
– regarding the complaints about detail quality, Storm states it’s roughly the same as , the mudguards really stand out because they are quite large

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