240€ Worth of 200 Large Holiday Ops Loot Boxes | World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2023

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World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2023 Box Opening. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2023 – Loot Boxes, Free Gift Tank, Rewards, Free Object 283 Tier 9 Premium Medium Tank.

Video Chapter:
00:00 Introduction
01:05 Free Gift Tank
02:05 Santa Helpers
04:20 Opening Boxes
22:15 Conclusion

It is that time of the year again, time to open up some lootboxes, 200 of them worth 240€. This year we have the guaranteed drop feature, so let's see if what we get.

What do you think?


  1. Inflating prices like they’re selling something real, and not just virtual content.

  2. Nice 20 minutes of pure gamble action xD

  3. @Ovidiu Cicortas same

  4. Ok they made the output of gold way less than last year’s ngl

  5. Got 7x T8/T9 Out of 200 Boxes, very much Worth it. Magic lootbox was the best of all 4 Boxes.

  6. once a year I spend some credits on this game, this year the rewards are the worst ever. 40 boxes just 2 low tier shit.

  7. 240 euro. . . Hmmmm

  8. 80 boxes, no 3d styles, the only tier 8 premium I got was converted to gold as I already had it.

  9. The 50 box fix t8 tank thing was already in last year.

  10. I’m kinda disappointed that Char mle is in lootboxes. I was hoping that it will be the next Battle Pass tanks. Welp, you win some you lose some.

  11. I bought 80 boxes my friends – I got Arnie tank, BZ and the tier 9 LT. on top of that I got 41k gold as I got a lot of duplicate tanks 🙂

  12. Opened 75 boxes and got 25k gold and all tanks and 3d styles (exept AMBT and super conq style). I guess it was pretty lucky

  13. So you did not pay for any of the boxes… and this is the 1st time acknowledging this, you never said in the past that you got the boxes for free from those Wargaming criminals.

  14. My friends and I use to play this all the time. But we tried to play it now and all left. Same as last year, more expensive. Nothing new. Sorry guys, the game is slowly dieing. Indont understand why people want to play the same things, same game play, same levels, over and over. They should add in a modern tanks to the pc version or do something.

  15. I wont buy christmas boxes this time , because am not interested in all the of christmas tanks , instead i will wait for the udarniy release

  16. Petros Aristotelous

    80 boxes…. just the tier 9 light after 50 boxes… and all the low shitters of course… but a bit dissapointing

  17. All 5 Prem. Tanks in 85 Boxes

  18. Just bought 80 Boxes and got all of the 4 high tier prenium tanks as well as 4 3D styles ! best investment of the year 🙂

  19. My first tier 8 also dropped within the first 10 boxes, also the BZ

  20. the maze on the 3d skin is not to distract enemies rather its the legend about the minotaurus

  21. 11 boxes nothing…

  22. I guess that it is Wargaming’s way of tempting the pockets of it’s players. Mine are empty at the moment, but that will change come pay day. All jokes aside, If you were going to buy gold anyway, Christmas IS the perfect time! Hope everyone makes out like a Bandit this year! GL N HF!

  23. Got 80 boxes got all the low tiers and the m47 and b7 and 34k gold

  24. I got all5 premium tanks in the first 70 boxes out of 200, eventually got all styles two and the rest, the cat, and lower tier premiums, first year I get so lucky, the rest were half assed

  25. does anyone know how to activate jet booster for the BZ in settings?

  26. Circon left CC program? Haven’t been keeping track of WoT lately.

  27. so who won the boxes? im curious :3

  28. From 3 three years i buy boxes but i never afford more than twelve. It worth anyway because the gold+credits+premium days you gain value more than you pay for boxes! But, this year, for the first time, I was lucky, and i gain a tier 8 premium, an Iron Arnie!

  29. am I the only one that remembers when these boxes used to cost 70p each? that was really good value some four/five years ago

  30. 15:25 Theoriticly in the worst case scenerio (if you dont have AMBT & Vipera) You will have to open 250 large boxes to get the tank you want

  31. bought the 27boxes and got the char mle 17, and the su-122 and some lower tier tanks, thinks going to buys some more boxes. but havent played it yet,, because im abroad and only brought my working laptop :”)

  32. Fucking wargaming changed the luck for youtube contribuitors to show pleople how easy they get premium tanks … I bought 25 boxes and all I got were 4 low tier tanks …

  33. Anyone that wants gold, this the time. Buying it anytime other than at Christmas events would be foolish.

  34. Done 🙂

  35. Nah it’s completely random. last year I got ten of those halloween boxes and I got three premiums out of them, and as Dez said in the video he has been really unlucky in the past as well, getting nothing in like 150 boxes.

  36. Wishing you the very best of luck!


  38. SanguineMalcontent

    The guaranteed premium VIII in the 50th box applied for last year’s Ops as well.

    The Minotauro has a maze camo pattern because the Minotaur was housed in the Labyrinth in the Greek mythos.

  39. For the people who keep telling me those gambling boxes are the best prices for gold: Pls realise that gold becomes irrelevant each year. It takes a very very long time for new premium tanks to enter the tech tree, you dont need to buy camo for all the styles you get, the auctions now feature every other resource as well and most importantly, it seems like there is no advent calendar this year.

    Save your money, use it to get some nice food, another video game or something else that makes you happier

  40. bought 75 boxes, I got all premium tier 8th tanks and french LT in it, plus 56 days premum and 28k gold… luckiest man ever

  41. nice luck

  42. Got 2 batches of 75 boxes ($200 USD total)

    First batch got near the bare minimum of 1 tier 8 premium and 1 3D style. Pretty shit rng overall.

    The second batch however, 6 tier 8 premiums and 2 tier 9 premiums with 7 3D styles.

    Got hit with both extremes of the rng coin. Came out on top though luckily

  43. first year I will not spend money on boxes in WoWS and WoT. feels good.

  44. You could hear the disappointment in his voice when he said BZ. Lol

  45. please one box! shake__59

  46. i have opens zero boxes and in the last 36 hours , I have received 7 free premium tanks

  47. Just a question if not in the EU can i still get rewards from choosing your team because i wanted to pick yours.

  48. lol there goes my rng, bought 200 boxes for myself this year…first 6 boxes i got the t9 french lt

  49. I got the 28 boxes pack and got BZ tier 8, the double barreled tier 5, 3 other low tier prem tanks, the cat and super conq 3d skin. Basically everything i was most interested in. Guess i was very lucky this year

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