25.07.2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

– there’s a bug in the IS-7 model, it will be fixed
– Storm doesn’t think the 9.9 patch is as catastrophic as the 9.0 “New frontier” patch – “Critical problems were fixed fast and conclusions were made regarding the process of bugs “infiltrating” the release version. No need to panic.”
– the reason why a bugged M46 HD model was released was bureaucracy according to Storm: models were tranferred between people and departments many times and the model got “stuck” somewhere in the process. According to Storm that’s the price of working as a big company. The models will be fixed soon.
– Russian players made many ironic comments about the Russian patch 9.9 motto: “Quality is the most important thing!”, Storm reacts: “Slogans are always bad :(“
– according to Storm, the Japanese Tiger model armor issue is not as bad – it’s not like anyone can hit 0mm of armor and penetrate easily, the 0mm mantlet has 100mm of Tiger frontal turret armor behind it
– multicore support will come soon (but not in 9.10)
– according to Storm the information that +/-1 MM is being tested in WoT Xbox is a fake

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