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Source: OddBawZ

The A-10 in absolutely INSANE! With of the biggest payloads in the entire game and that includes long range bombers this Ground Attacker is one of the most iconic aircraft in all of history!

In the second half I take to the skies with Maverick Missiles to wreck havoc on my enemies!

No gameplay, no filler… just complete destruction!

A-10 guns only ground striking. A-10 fully loaded. A-10 Tank Destroying!

GAU-8 Firing Montage.

INTRO (00:00)
THE A-10 (00:58)
OUTRO (25:50)


  1. Michelle Taylor

    Yo Odd i couldn’t really get ur link for decal to work

  2. Odd, continuing on from the a10, are you going t do a video on the ki-109 again with the 75mm cannon?

  3. gg. Now i feel like playing ground against US got to another level of missery and suffer doto A10 sauce dripping from air heavylly.

  4. Overtake Racing League

    Link doesn’t seem to work, can’t find your decal anywhere on the store

  5. Comrad!! could you play Rakjlz 2 HOT.
    thank you Comrade!.

  6. RedCup Gaming - 19Chevelle72

    Can someone one help me out. How do you get this thing to lock on so easy? I cant lock onto anything with it.

  7. Hey bawz, can you play the m3 gmc at around br 5.3+ it has the sherman 75 basically and it is a speedy boy I love
    Day 19

  8. You killed 12 people with the A10A in the intro

  9. 18:00 Those were two very rewarding kills

  10. Tristan Lassche

    Brrrrrt and ernie

  11. One of those running out of breath at the end of sentences kinda intros huh

  12. Hi Odd! 🙂
    I would like to play some anti-CAS but i dont really know how to turn-fight. Could you make a video sometime in the future where you teach us some basic maneuvers and how to out turn our opponents? I think many of us would appreciate it 😀

  13. Cameron Bennett

    I’ve been playing the British Sherman Vc and loving every game

  14. Mihail Talevski

    Odd goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrt

  15. It isn’t OP at all, wait til you hear about 57mm airburst

  16. RIGHT! Now we need 25 minutes of the A-10 wallet warriors going extinct due to Russian SPAA?

  17. Pov: You come to the comments after Bawz say the A-10 is incredibly fragile and then gets hit with 2 missiles and survives.

  18. all of the mythos around the a-10 irl is just that. mythos. its only good cause its fought nothing but obsolete technology in completely controlled airspace devoid of ANY significant anti-aircraft defense on the ground. the biggest threat to it has been shoulder fired missiles and small arms fire.

    in combat vs tech equal to its own, it well. . . performs about as well as it does in war thunder. and it was built with the expectation that they would lose them 1 to 1.

    also all of the legends about how its this mighty tank killer, most of those are from misattributed kills that just as easily could have been ANY other plane in the air at the time. and more often than not when actual field research could be done to confirm kills, it did end up being other planes and NOT the a-10 that actually killed the tanks. lazerpig does a good breakdown on why the a-10 is actually kind of shitty in every role it tries to perform.

  19. Kungus MacBungus

    Day 7 of asking for a T-34 1942 no APHE challenge video, you’d have a lot of fun fs

  20. I’d like to take a moment to say how phenomenal the sounds are at 4:17

  21. imagine the A10 in ww2

  22. You could have said sorry by typing in chat Oz I mean chat was back a week ago.

  23. u can play aircraft in tank battles?

  24. Id suggest sound proof head phones or ear phones to enjoy the brrrrt in your own mind

  25. it killed thw whole team when i was playing agaisnt it untill i spawned a Begleit.

  26. Barbatos Lupus Rex

    I just adore tf out of the A-10. <3

  27. And this is way we need 8.7 sams

  28. Seeing you shred through BMP-2Ms is satisfying

  29. Literally an irl video of an a10 with a missing wing and engine landing fine

  30. Hey odd you should try the sbd-3 with mk13 naval mine. It has 500kg of TNT at BR 1,0 but It can kill a maus easily. It’s even better than the sbd3 with the 1000 bomb you used time ago

  31. i garantee out of all of these games, he picked the ones where he got the most kills. the other 50 he died to spaa. the A-10 is trash

  32. Hi Bawz, Don’t even play War Thunder (and never will) but I love watching your fantastic videos and your really funny commentary. Cheers for the entertainment.

  33. I remember arguing with you on Facebook about how good or bad the a10 was going to be. Good to see I was right the whole time. Survives 2 missiles In the same life with no critical damage

    But I’m just glad to see you had fun with it

  34. Great job. Love listening to your videos. And you’re quirky accent. And when you say this isn’t ideal. LOL

  35. The sheer experience i have on GTA playing this shit LOL.

    too bad the grind too painfull to get the A10 before gaijjin fucks with it

  36. Excavation Nation

    Hey brother! What are you having issues with on your controls I’ll help you out just need to know what it’s doing (or not doing)? He uses keyboard btw!

  37. FeivelFranz Madula

    Why I sub? Cuz I love the Irish accent

  38. Not in an A10

  39. PrecisionGuidedMike

    Theres something so nice about seeing russian and chinese tanks in this game getting decimated by the GAU-8

  40. Fire_Drake12 .Arc.

    It should be able to hold all 4 9Ls. It really should just be given everything the tech tree version has since they are identical and just be moved to 10.0 if necessary. Gaijin needs to figure out how to make the A-10A Early unique if they want it to be premium. Shouldnt be gimped artificially because of their own failure. Give it a special camo or name it after someone or a specific squadron.

  41. Not for me withe my AA. All A10 go Down.

  42. Devlin Plantenga

    Day 104 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire!

  43. One does not simply shoot an A10 out of the sky…

  44. Bounty Hunter YT


  45. @Overtake Racing League same

  46. Matthew Coughlin

    25 minutes? But it’s says this is 27+ minutes long

  47. TheCodeOfReality

    if played right, the A-10 is Devastating
    its just too bad that barely anyone plays it right

  48. Michael Pietronico
  49. The A10 is not OP.
    It’s food for my FlakRad and ItO

  50. What is his accent actually? Where is he from ?

  51. Decided to peek at its armour and voila like the french its simply hollow and has nothing to show. Only good thing to come out of france is croissant.

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