252U goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 8 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. I did 5k dmg against tier 10s and Mastery


  3. But Foch, this tank is balanced, because you can’t snapshot in it like an IS-3 and you can’t stand sideways and not get penned..

  4. At the beginning I really thought Wargaming made you apologize lmao

  5. Defender has no side armor and you cannot always hide the lower plate. Maybe unicum players have regular games like this but i do not. Notice the ping time for all the players om youtube. That makes a much bigger difference than the tank.

  6. Super Pershing is a better tank!

  7. the balance is strong with this game

  8. Fuckin’ loved it! xD Keep it up Foch.

  9. I don’t understand Foch as much in this video, does he really think Defender OP or not? O_o.
    I’m not dumb, he sounds both sarcastic and honest. Just want to make sure.
    Edit: Arty has turned me retarded…brain cells damaged after I got hit by them………. Ofc the Obj252U is OP, Foch was joking……… In fact I didn’t hear him said T9 Prem HT because I was so frustrated…

  10. love the sarcasm, keep up the great work

  11. did someone here watch anfields review of the tank?Its like he and foch are two opposite worlds

  12. You balanced them good, comrade! 😀

  13. This was a fairly average game for any tier 9 heavy, I think Foch is finally losing it

  14. every one how subscribed to foch he got fucked by arty

  15. Its Tier 8 and the pen is 225 sir 🙂

  16. Tier IX ?

  17. This tank has destroyed tier 6-8 games. The lowe didn’t fire back because he knew it was pointless.

  18. We should get a bonus game on that…. I blinked and missed most of it I think…

  19. So let me figure this one out. You’re saying that this tier 8 russian premium tank is overpowered? Who would of thought.

  20. You scared me in the beginning, I thought WG bought you to say that this tank is not overpowerd! :)))

  21. it is completely op but ofc in hand who can play
    games against good player in defender is simply lose when other players are noobs
    sometimes it is fun to kill that defender with 2 shots by my isu

  22. Power CREEP. FFS WGing, pay to win much?

  23. Andrew's Pitiful Life

    I fucking love you Foch haha!

  24. I love tier 8 battles, hulldown emils and 252us….

  25. Funny how none of the actual supertesters picked up this thing is blatantly overpowered. Either they suck as testers or Wargaming simply doesn’t give a shit about their game anymore.

  26. No this tank is not good vs tier 10 tanks. The Gun is inaccurate as fuck and tier 10 guns can shoot you straight to the turret gun mantel. There is no need to commander hatch snipe for tier 10 guns. And vs. tier 10 heavys have fun with you 265 apcr pen a e100 laught about that gun.
    Its amazing tank vs. tier 8 tanks but above this tank is not op.

  27. its like, every 2nd game in this tank looks like this to be honest:D i love your channel, keep up the good work!

  28. I still think that the Patriot and the Liberte are better tanks than the Defender but maybe that is just me. 🙂

  29. The beginning …. epic

  30. oh wait it’s tier 8? never mind it is overpowered

  31. you gotta love the saltyness of Foch XD

  32. It’s complete rng if you pen it or not with quite a lot of guns. The FCM can’t pen the lower plate or even the roadwheel if it’s even slightly angled. Hell my Obj. 263 bounced off its front plate while the 252 was sideways on to me.

  33. God damnit foch, who do you think you are for criticizing WG. They only put a better IS-8 at tier 8 as a premium tank, what’s wrong with that? I mean, the IS-3 is arguably competitive VS this tank, so how OP can it be?

  34. Really nice video SirFoch. I was feasted with sarcastic, funny commentary and that is what I’m looking for in your videos, because I can’t find it anywhere else. So there you go my way to tell you your videos are special.

    And as for this particular tank going ham. I looked at your other “goes ham” videos and is it a coincidence that this tier IX (yea you said it) goes ham in under 6 minutes including looking at post-game stats even when it’s bottom (middle) tier and other tanks need more time even when they are top tier? (this is retorical question)

  35. is it a pay-to-win tank?

  36. lol Foch… Good intro – sorry this tank is not OP ?

    Everybody knows how good WG is to balance Russian Vodka Tanks!

  37. WG PLEASE buff the armor and reload time together with alpha for this tank….

    Can I be more sarcastic?

  38. the Löwe was in such a good position, and with that gun every player with a brain would have murdered you

  39. This stupid fucking tank. It ruined the credit making potential of the IS-6, WZ-111, 112, T-34-3, plus any others Im missing with the 175 pen standard ammo. Its fire gold or go home when you see these things. Even when I fire 250 pen HEAT from the WZ-111, its so hard to pen if the Defender is angled reasonably well. IS-6 can go fuck himself, 217 is not enough

  40. I tried this position with my Defender once. Got artied to death pretty rapid. Never again.

  41. The Scorpion's Den

    Foch, important thing to note about the Defender’s armor is that by angling it downwards slightly, the entire frontal hull both upper and lower, become invulnerable to even most Tier 10 TD’s; with 280mm effective armor all around the entire tank. The armor is so stupidly bad for gameplay; especially with how accuracy works in this game, that killing one of these things can be damn near impossible.

  42. that first 3 shoots in the lowe just resume the true russian gun stats. just fuck that.

  43. 5 minutes of BALANCE

  44. MrImmortalityPrince

    This tank carries bad players. This tank also carries when played by scum super unicu stet pedding at tier 8.

  45. Yesterday some tomato threatened to report me , and he probably did, when I killed him in his defender with my Strv 74 (tierv 6 ) keeping him perma tracked while unspotted. He was so fakn sure I was cheating somehow.

  46. Defender OP? I thought so too until I’ve started being able to pen it with every other tier 8 I have, and also outperforming it with the Lowe, which has a more reliable even if technically worse armor.

  47. i has popcorn cause Foch is full of salt 🙂

  48. strv td’s get apcr as standard. gold is also apcr just litlle bit better pen. but defender op as fuck. keep up the good work foch 🙂

  49. BestViewedWithCable

    I subscribed to your channel, because youre honest.

  50. Cristian Villanueva

    my buddies and i get a platoon of three of these, this thing is so broken, jesus every time we were top tier we crushed and domonated, even at tier X we would bitch slap Xs

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