26,000,000 Credits Spent in 10 Minutes + Turtle Mk. I Review | World of Tanks Advent Calendar

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Credits Spending Spree. World of Tanks Turtle Mk. 1 Review Gameplay, Tier 8 British Premium Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Advent Calendar 2019.

I was waiting for it, I was waiting for the -50% sale on the equipment units on consumables and I was saving my credits for that.
How much did I spend? Everything I had!
That is a nice way to spend 26 million credits in 10 minutes without buying any new tanks…

On the top of that, I am going one battle in today’s advent calendar tank, which is tier 8 British premium tank destroyer The Turtle Mk. I.


►Tanks in action / мир танков Turtle Mk. I:
– British Turtle Mk.


  1. It is painful and useful at the same time, it had to be made! 😛
    Now I should have enough for couple days at least! 😛
    Did you spend anything on it?

    • I am not playing a lot anymore – but is it so that 50% discounts on equipment and consumable are a lot rarer nowadays?

    • No sale on the NA server ………..wish there was would spend even more Dez …..lol

    • I dont know what you talk about getting gold back, if you buy the Turtle MK. I with Gold. I had to watch your video twice, to be sure. But when I looked in my Garage, at the exact same window. There was only a hint. that this offer is once available for me. There is nothing that mentions it to me, that I would get back 9’409 gold. And for sure, I will not pay 9700 Gold, just for testing, if I could get it back! So, maybe, just maybe, it was a gift only to you, from WG.

      Anyway, it’s disturbing, that the offers for real money, look to contain 5000 Gold, 30 Days of Premium, equipment set, 50 x5 Missions and for the Turtle a style. Just so they can sell it for more cash. Maybe I would buy the plain Tank for real Money, without any of that extra they try to sell. If I compare the Prices to Gold, you maybe would save 4 bucks (38.- instead of 42.-). For real Money, yeah, maybe about 26 Bucks (58.- instead of 84.-). But first I would have to pay 20 bucks extra, for stuff I don’t want. Sure, you get a 20 bucks discount on the x5 Missions, a style, equipment set, 30 Days premium and 5000 Gold, but I don’t want any of that. And for the Gold price, I think, you don’t really get a good discount either.
      The same goes for the Renegade, sure, you can play a lot of WoT to get it for free, if you are capable of investing so much time. Or you just buy it, with a lot of directives, 1 million credits, some reservs, equipment set and 3 days of Premium. With 30% off, it’s the price of a normal T8 Premium. Why can’t we just get the discount only off the vehicle? It’s like, hey, you can get discounted Vehicles, but hey, we gona charge you the full Price anyway, because we added stuff, you maybe don’t want.

      The “Giftboxes” last year, for sure contained more value than you actually paid for.

      So, it looks more like WG makes a Gift to WG themself, and not the players.

      I don’t know, if I’m just ranting, if I’m ungrateful. But this really bothers me. But maybe it’s just me that gets bothered by that.

    • @Alex Z Did you play frontline? I earned for my tier 10 and had 9M left after. I used up all my boosters 50% more silver in frontline.

    • @DoDmeetDeath Probably you don’t own the Turtle at the moment – gold back only works if you already have the tank. Anyways – it is handy to get XP missions if you like the tank, and play it. Also tanks with BIA crews are worth buying again with gold – because it will give you a new crew for a few hundred gold – which is a bargain. That you can only buy the offer once is to prevent people from getting multiple crews.

  2. So why buy that tank if you dont like playing slow TDs???:):)

  3. So you definitely prepared to Black Market. 🙂 today with Turtle 1: 1700 damage, 7 stage in exp rank, and nobody shoot at me, WTF? 🙂

  4. Another “hack” only good for unicums..

  5. Are you missing some good content? 15min seeing you buying modules is…. Well… You know mate! Not interesting… At all

    • I would say no. I though some people may enjoy it, talking about equipment and what I use and why I buy them + mixed it together with Turtle advent calendar event. 😉
      Do not worry, not running out of ideas, maybe this episode simply didn’t hit “your” spot. You can always come back tomorrow. 🙂

      Take care Pedro!

    • @DezGamez… I don’t miss a single video! Trust me ✌️ in my opinion you are the best WOT content creator so maybe why my expectations are always high. Keep up your amazing job! Best regards mate ?

  6. Yes, I would love to see more Advent tank reviews please 😀

  7. I’ve seen EU have this sale at least 3 times since NA has. Something is wrong with this picture.

  8. The black market will come soon.I think you’ll regret your purchase 🙂

  9. Im mad
    I just bought the EBR 105 while I could have spent those credits to buy consumables

  10. this sale is one of the things I have been waiting for

    Tank you, Dez!

  11. When do the loot boxes come out?

  12. My computer crashed yesterday. Luckily I got 5.000.000 worth of consumables and equipment the Day before

  13. Meanwhile how do you feel about no Christmas event?

  14. I’m not a rich bastard like Dez but I spent 7.5M credits on goodies this weekend

  15. i enjoyed this entire grind to the deathstar now the badger but i wouldnt buy a premium for it the way the game is now

  16. I got the feeling they will sell the e25, but it already loses its touch since it meet ebr lol

  17. Its eye watering lol

  18. Dez i didnt spend a penny because Im wating for the return of the black market and id like to buy a tier 10 tank if thoose are sold

  19. No sale on NA 🙁

  20. I love advent content! So usefull with your opinion on the tanks! Lets me know what tanks I should and should not buy! Love to see more. ✌

  21. -50% discounts appear and dez is like: ah shit, here we go again

  22. Dez why didn’t you keep a little more, next update you can buy directives for credits

  23. This may be a dumb question since i never tried and/or heard from this but if you buy them with the discount can you sell them for double the price later on or will the system aknowledge that you bought them with that discount and cant sell them for more?

    • No if you buy something on sale you can sell it for the same price you bought it after the sale so say you bought it for 25k instead of 50k during the sale you could only sell it for 12.5k but once it finishes it will go up to 25k so if you regret your purchase then just sell them back after the sale 🙂

  24. Im not seeing equipment on sale….!?

  25. Wait, eu got consumable sale? Na didnt 🙁

  26. bravo, thx for remainder, went to bed and i forgot to to spend last 1.7 mil on cola, med kits and repairs… already spent over 18 mil earlier this weekend on same consumables… 🙂

  27. Thanks for reminding me! Spent maybe 4 mil on equipment and consumables.

  28. Sure Dez, more advent calendar tanks please

  29. dez: 26m on equipment
    me: struggles to keep my tier tens supplied during clan stuff

  30. ouch medium artillery rammers…

  31. Chivalrous Veteran

    Yes, yes; if, you have time for it, please make an Advent showcase every day! : – )

  32. Sale is good, but I think all consumables and equipment should have different prices for different tiers.

  33. 1.5 million free xp o.O

  34. dislike. NA didn’t get ANYTHING worthwhile.

  35. I teared up a bit to see 25M creds magically disappear like that when I’m in need of not even a 1/5 to buy me a new Tier 9 :~( ;D
    I’m a small time magician, I only made 500k disappear magically.
    If possible one vid a day like this one would be very enjoyable.
    HOORRRAYYY DezXMAS is back.
    Stake or steak care!??!?

  36. why I don’t see it in na server?

  37. 169 large repair kits? Awww, should have gone for 172..

  38. Yes I did the same. The login reward 4 premium days I grinded 10M and spent them all on consumables and a few equipments.

  39. I love how the gun can move back and forth sooooooo far. I run coated optics and binoculars top vision is 770. Great close up and for spotting!! Blessings to you and your family ?

  40. If you do not mind me asking where did you get that camo from?

  41. I had 477 automatic fire extinguishers and 417 Manual extinguishers in depot I sold 300 of each 3,000,000 auto and 450,000 Manual Everyone of my tanks already has auto extinguisher on them. I AM RICH . To buy the auto it cost 20,000 to sell you get half back 10,000 – 1500 for Manual .Good thing I got them free over the 9 years I have been playing.

  42. Greg & Nancy Spear

    No consumable discount on the NA server!

  43. hehe i once blasted off 25 000 000 on one purchase guess which ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  44. I guess the sale is coming to NA not here yet.

  45. That made me so sad because it takes so long for me to get each million

  46. another anonym person

    I just love this guy.
    Perfect WoT youtuber for me.
    Keep up the good work mate.

  47. Dez: ‘I cant afford 10 gold to swap components’
    Dez’s ingame gold count : 60k

  48. I am also going to buy ten of toes.

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