27.07.2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

 Here it is:

– Storm: there will NOT be +/-1 MM – not in PC and not in Xbox version of WoT
– Some HD model vehicles were not outsourced but were made by WG artists themselves, for example the “Berlin trio”;
– Storm doesn’t think the new 9.9 shadows are too blurry: “earlier it was even worse”;
– When balancing light tanks, Wargaming is analyzing: damage, spotting and spotting damage, assisting damage, popularity, average life span in battle and other variables;
– Premium vehicles are tested more rigorously than regular ones and that’s why corrections in their characteristics are rare;
– Shell behavior is simplified for game purposes, various nuances such as APC versus APCBC are not considered;
– The “shaking” of sniper mode after shooting is a client-side feature for “lovers of realism and immersion”;
– Tier 8 premium Sturmtiger will not be implemented (yes, someone asked that);
– There is no specific “maximum aim circle size” in WoT. There is gun accuracy, aim time and aim circle size modifiers from turning the turret, hull traverse and movement speed. These modifiers are then applied to the base value.
– Mauschen wasn’t introduced because it was too overpowered on tier 7 and 8 due to its armor and gun but completely sucked against 9 and 10. The VK4502B switch was delayed. In the future it’s possible the vehicle will be switched to something else entirely.
– Community opinion is relative: the fact that some 100 players on some forum somewhere are angry at certain feature does not mean that the entire community is.

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