29-K & FLAK 88 Vs Bombers (War Thunder Gameplay)

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29-K & FLAK 88 Vs Bombers ()


  1. *You guys broke Youtube NOTIFICATION SQUAD*

  2. Gotta love those 4000 pound cookie bombs

  3. Phly please play the super american premium super hell cat and the A26B-50

  4. 6:41: Illuminati

  5. smh Phly it’s more fun if you’re doing this in SB or RB :/

  6. phly with the new mechanics with the fliping over of tanks and flipping them in the air you should take the 4000 pound bomb and try to have a contest (cow tipping)

  7. So I don’t play war thunder and when I saw golden eagles I was really excited because i thought he was giving away actual eagles but then I realized that it’s only currency for the game…. rip

  8. wulf had it out for you phly…killed you 4 times the first game

  9. I was so pissed that i couldn’t join that game 🙁

  10. The “What The F**** is Going On” Challenge:

    Take out a plane of your choice into Air RB. However, the second you get into combat range of any enemy aircraft, you have to turn your GUI off and MUST stay in third person mode. Oh yeah, and you can only use stealth belts for your guns. Good luck knowing your alt, airspeed, or where any of your shots are going in general. 😉

  11. Not even a Russian firing stalinium super rounds can break another Russian

  12. Phly if only you knew what the rest of us war thunder players go through it’s called the “grind”. Gijan spoon fed you golden eagles and made you theirs.

  13. so are any bombers allowed? or is it a set thing?

  14. stuff & more stuff


  15. do a barrel roll :p

  16. F-86F-2 and M2A4 attempt #1

  17. i can drop a 4000lbs bomb in a cap point with 6 enemies in it, and not get shit.. a couple hits but no fires or nothing. it should flatten anything within the base easily…

  18. @phlydaily dude, what’s your twitch? I WANNA SUBSCRIBE

  19. lol a great game and yer big bombs will get you all lucky there were no 5000lb from Pe-8.Attempt 3:take out the panzer mk 2 20mm and the He 112 A-0 with 20mm cannon for some 20mm fun.

  20. kinda wish that free GE app was compatible with consoles

  21. Tu-4 not need wing comrade

  22. Hey Phly how about the Japanese Type 60 ATM

    Attempt #1

  23. “What is that? It looks big and disgusting.”

  24. how to find a game mode like that? i checked custom games but i didnt find any game like that….

  25. how do i get in matches wi u phly 🙁

  26. At 13:55 the 8.8 tried to block the bomb from hitting Phly. Now that’s real love right there

  27. 16:37 omg that lazer guns

  28. Titan's Guild Dre

    Try the driver cam challenge. Rules:
    1. Any tank you want
    2. you must stay in driver cam untill you see an enemy then your can enter gunner mode and shoot the enemy tank then you re-enter driver mode.(attempt 3)
    3. Any gamemode

    1. play arcade so you can auto spot enemies

    Extra info:
    To enter driver cam enter your tank controls and under camera you will see driver. Bind it to any button you want.

  29. Lol love how the 8.8 tried to save Phly at 13:52

  30. hey phly can you take out the Lincoln British bomber

  31. didnt gaijin break most of the opened up vehicles due to hull break

  32. I’m new to the game how do you set bomb delay?

  33. unseen combo
    ad 2 skyraider and t 25 (or any other nice tank) attempt 30

  34. His truck flipped

  35. 6:40 look at right side of screen a flak is flying

  36. your 76 flak didn’t do much, those 88 flaks ripped all the airs

  37. Do rhe tank flip chalenge whit bombs!

  38. Why is there still no airburst round with a set detonation height for flaks?

  39. Yessssss ! Finnaly you made it. you made a video of 88,cm flack truck and 29-k!!

  40. clickbaitty, the russian is not 88mm and its not flak…

  41. hmm can someone help me? im not getting the lead thingy in plane ab

  42. Симеон Николов

    6:40 This happens,when you give Rasputin a truck

  43. The Comentator AB

    “Move the gun faster Boris!” omg Im dying haha!

  44. So I don’t want it be that guy that does this but I’m going to be anyway subscribe to my channel ples.

  45. How can I participate in these battles with you Phly?

  46. Phly take out the SU-5-1 pls

  47. WT definitely needs FLAK rounds for these dedicated AA guns.

  48. you see ivan, other weak bombers crumple like paper when a 88 mm hits them. but tu-4 takes 88 mm shell like stronk communist)))

  49. Hey, just wanna know what his intro song is for this video

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