2HP and a DREAM in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m going to be pushed to the limit in my 53TP on my Free-to-Play account down to 2HP and a dream!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Why do you not use XVM anymore quickybaby I’m curious?

  2. I only get shot by HE now

  3. quickybaby should play tournaments for gold on his FTP account

  4. Skill, map Knowledge, tank knowledge, armour layout – All defeated by the meta ammo.

  5. Why would u upload this. U made so many miss-plays

  6. I just noticed, that even on this free2play accoutn you have two advantages vs. completely free players:
    1. You got a lot of experience on higher tier tanks, that you wouldn’t have made, if the way to this higher tiers would have been much harder on your original account and you also would have played higher tiers less less because of the running cost that high tier tanks have.
    2. You have played nearly all interesting tanks, including the bad ones. But a new player who just wants to play a specific tank, which he just likes (for hoistorical reasons or such) and wants to add to his collection, will buy and play that tank, no matter if the forums and all experienced players tell gim to not buy that given tank, because it’s just bad; thus crapping his stats.

  7. The reason so much shots bounced where the 2hp. It’s an old mechanic that even the more experienced YouTubers dont know of because they usually are 2nd generation players.
    Many years ago, in early beta times,WG added a thing that should make for a more thrilling game experience, by giving players with very few hp, a way higher chance for bouncing shots; I call it the last-stand mechanics since.
    I have never seen a note they had removed that mechanics, so I assume it’s still in there. And there is evidence (like this match), that this is actually true.

  8. Quicklybaby is a great player and very skilled too he’s my roll model in wot I survive and took out 4 enemies vehicle in the Emil 1 with only 326 hit points left I used some of he’s skills and tactics I noticed he used in he’s replays quickybaby your the best 👍🏽

  9. back to your best, love the free to play!

  10. Always watching your reply from philippines… Since 2016….

  11. Great video, a lot of luck but good plays on the angling and nice damage

  12. I’ve just started playing World of tanks. Mainly because of watching yours and jingles videos. Cheers matey

  13. I hated that tank stock

  14. Leandro Campilongo

    Do you also get several battles in a row after wining 20 games or close?

  15. Aced this tank yesterday with 1600 base xp using the stock gun. it’s even better with the top gun. Don’t bother with the second gun.

  16. joel anthony Gutierrez

    Super Hellcat is currently one of my most enjoyable tanks to play, one reason is because it accelarates and turns better than some medium tanks of its tier. Unlucky for QB, this one just wanted to defend his little hill without any regard to what is happening to the rest of the map.

  17. Wow that was well played.

  18. Is it possible to play WOT free to play without spending any money ?

  19. The super hellcat on your team threw that game so hard after an awesome performance, it was an assault map, you were defending all he had to do was hide or run and you would have won… why poke… Tunnel vision extreme all over the place in this round…

    • Superhellcat started on the attacking side, not on the defending side…
      He didn’t really help quickybaby. When qb went south he relocated negating vision on the tunnel/valley. Which allowed the udes/p43ter to flank qb. Would turn out to be pretty crucial for the game.

  20. How the fuk you play like this? I try my faking best and can’t do nowhere near yours

  21. SakuyaFM: Anime Gaming

    Oh, so I’m not the only one who thought that the 45TP’s gun is actual garbage. It’s nice when it hits… but will it hit?

    I’m kinda powering through On-Track right now because I heard the 60TP has a mad alpha gun.

  22. I’m climbing through the Polish tech tree also. Now got the 50TP

  23. Can we get a review on the obj 907

  24. What players…. 2hp and nobody use a HE…

  25. thats why u need to take at least a He round

  26. I think it’s time to get the 279e on your ftp account.

  27. A question, is the 10,5 cm gun on the panzer IV h better than the was it 7,5 cm gun?

  28. Jesus what a game.. but why dont Annyone finish u whith HE? HE is the right play to kill u whith 2hp ffs !!

  29. Is it just me or does QBs voice sound nasally and high pitched in this replay? Audio issue in the vid maybe?

    The female polish commander…
    It’s torture ;-;
    Why does she have to say every word so slowly and separately?
    And some other things don’t even make sense, like this one:
    “Zniszczyliśmy ich” which means as much as: “we’ve doestroyed them” she sais that even tho u only hit someone
    I think someone at WG messed up the voice lines there
    If any other people who speak polish are watching, do you feel the same pain as me?

  31. The Quackybaby taking tips and tricks from Skill4ltu 😉

  32. Jimi Mäkelä-Virtanen

    does this mod pack work in world of tanks 1.8 and coming patch 1.9

  33. My tier nine stock Polish tank ran rings around e100 heavies. Reminds me why I never take that German lump out.

  34. Do you use bonus codes that are publicly available?

  35. What the enemy lack is how to properly use ammunition if those tier 7 and Emil Used HE round in the first place they could have killed QB by the get go. But its hard to think about all these thing when you are in the middle of the fight. Maybe you should face hugged the ONi the moment you bounced him but maybe you might get kill by THE TD anyways not a bad Gameplay by quickybaby as always epic

  36. Kono Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru!

  37. Great game here, got me chills seeing them ricochets on your 2 hp while u smack their butt

  38. Hey everyone it’s quicky baby and welcome back to world of tanks with the mighty jingles

  39. Idiots should’ve fired HE

  40. How could you get premium rounds on your free2play account ?

  41. I’m surprised no he ammo fired earlier…

  42. Gee… Polish crew voices are cringy

  43. Am I the only one to thibk this Super Hellcat was just completely stupid ? He would probably have lost the duel vs the At if QB did noy finished him. And then iso using mobility he just stayed in front of the O-Ni waiting for his death… Pathetic.

  44. How do you get Credits on your free to play account?

  45. From 40TP up the whole tech tree is pretty painless imo

  46. Dylan van der Velden

    you might want to lose all the gold ammo in all your f2p tanks. the last gold round i fired was at a skorpion G because the t95 pulled back. from that point on. i never fired another gold round. i was f2p for quite some time and it was awful. sometimes losing credits each game. this game is pay 2 win.

  47. What a noobs in enmy
    Thy could load HE is that hard to do people! 😂
    Or gold ombananas

  48. Stephan Daniel Solow

    Even myyyy brain would penetrate him

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