2nd Campaign overview!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. Taldaris the Lightning Dragon

    Typical WG, they know arty is the cancer of gaming, yet they still force down missions to play them.

  2. what about deal 3k dmg to arta so retarded heh !!

  3. basicly excactly the same as circon said i feel…and i agree 🙂 keep up the the salty content pls

  4. HO ho ho ho ho ihi ihi ihi heh he from an arty player 🙂 btw I never did any mission i dont give a ……

  5. Arty missions clearly are my biggest grind with this, otherwise i really like the campaign (apart from the other problematic ones you named)
    And the thing is, Arty missions being wrong in this can very easily be justified: Most missions are the easiest with a certain class, blocking for heavies, assist DMG for lights etc. but you can block damage with well armored meds or TDs, you can spot with mediums or in a TD with binos or get assist from tracking in a heavy, so all the missions are either around the same difficulty with all classes or easier with one class but doable with other classes, all missions except for the fucking stun missions which can exclusively be done with arty

  6. and 1 of the many reasons i haven’t played WOT for months, always some kinda bullshit happening, caused by wg and their greed. Thanks FochYou …always honest

  7. Confirmed one of Foch’s favorite movies is Full Metal Jacket.

  8. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking that’s all I heard. ?

  9. Literally, with the first campaign you can complete every single mission with a minimum of FIVE tanks. Now with these fucking retarded mission you need TWENTY OR MORE! Not to mention arty or extremely specific tanks for only one mission.

  10. 3500 dmg on clickers….

  11. Haven’t even got my shoes off yet and im going to grab a drink because i know this is gona be good.

    Edit: Hmm a lot less salt than i expected.

  12. Arty hater spotted!

  13. I have tanks from all nation. And i cant finish it, because I dont have arty from UKUS. End game content my ass. Content for people how own all classes in game.

  14. SirFoch is obviously a fagg0t. Real men love arty!
    I am looking forward to the introduction of MLRS artillery, esp. BM-21 Grad and BM-30 Smerch.

  15. That mission video – hilarious fochTen / fochTen

  16. keep them vids coming Foch, we love you. No homo BTW.

  17. #TheFochYou Run your own experiment using Credit Booster’s and not using them ! ! ! ! ! Expose WG Credit Booster Scam ! ! ! ! !

  18. This explains why people are dying so damn quickly nowadays.

  19. The best part is that the missions for stun are US/UK/Poland. Poland obviously has no artillery and British t6 spg is the damned FV304, which doesn’t stun.

    Have you noticed how many M44 are there in the game recently?

  20. how are the tanks? the rewards

  21. mission shouldnt promote to play like an idiot … But we at WG are only idiots =.= logic

  22. Thanks Foch for a brilliant summary. Your turn of phrase made me laugh too.

  23. Since the first set of missions made you play arty and a lot this is an improvement to that and you can use orders to skip as well so not as bad in the list imo as you put it. I much more agree with the bounce analysis, making people play stupid should not be promoted as there’s enough already that drives player base down. And there are other missions in parallel missions often where people are playing stupid to complete a mission. Often the game play appears as if stupid play is a game mode like battle royale – maybe WG unknowingly made Royal Stupid mode Meme.

  24. Not just arty exclusive mission French arty exclusive mission with the worst splash out of all arty aint that just special.

  25. I am currently grinding US arty for the missions sniff sniff

  26. So damn honest Foch. It isn’t like WG cares about what is best for the game or the players, just how can they milk the players for as much as possible in the short term. I am going to give War Thunder a go and put WoT on hold until +2 MM is removed.

  27. hey this game is not made just for you.why u cry so much about arty?some ppl like playing arty i m sick of idiots li8ke u crying all the time about arties if u don t like the game just don t play it anymore

  28. 100% agree, bounce is such aids. u should get HE bounced counting for missions

  29. holy crap this guy can moan

  30. Ive stopped playing wot. You should too

  31. I wonder how much gold and $ is being spent for people to free xp up to tier VI French arty?

  32. I’m sorry Foch but I don’t agree about second campaign is for people like “you” that has reached “end game”. You have to realize this isn’t a story based single player game. This game ends when you reach your certain goals you wanna achieve. In your mindset, not even 1% of total player base has reached end game to do these missions.

  33. Foch said that problem is that there are arty exclusive missions, but had anyone realised that 90% of the missions can be done by playing artilery only? Thinking…

  34. Totally agree

  35. What about the HT-12 mission on the first campaign for the T55A now, you have to get three times your hit point in a heavy? What a joke that is.

  36. Not everyone dislikes playing arty or even playing against arty…..i played 50K games just playing tanks, I got nearly all the tier X tanks before playing rty just so i could get the additional female crew members…
    Now i have every tier X rty in the game

  37. Load the Skill rounds

    I’d say the cap missions are the worst, if you are losing and try to cap, R.I.P. you! If you are winning and try to cap your team will kill everything long before you cap the base. It is the most luck dependant “f”ing mission.

  38. Lol, I never even bothered with the first lot ! Just not worth it.

  39. I’ll care more about WoT when arty gets limited to 1 per team and nerfed accuracy. The current state of 3 per team focusing players is just asinine, and there is no reason for arty to be hitting LTs on the move or MTs actively evading them. For now I’m finding myself in WT more than WoT.

    • You’d have loved it when it wasn’t capped at all. Friend of mine has a screenshot with 23 arty in one battle. Oh, and it was more powerful than now, too. Such brilliant design, lol.

  40. Again, so much common sense in one video!!

    I don’t even bother with these new ones. I Only play certain Nations that I like and cant be bothered with Arty.

    Might as well try to get the Obj. 260 than waste time on the new campaign.

  41. I never understood all this hate for “arty”, i know its a class that needs, sometimes, a low skill to play it, but this was a reason to avoid camping in a point like a retard, besides every artys as a retarded reloading and aiming time and since that “rework” they can barely do damage, i played this game for over 27k battles with a 60% win rate overall since 2012, i wasnt an “arty player”, i only had 1 arty that i played and it was the tier6 french arty and there i learned how hard was to play with an arty, reposition every time you fired and learn where to aim and where you will be able to have a free line of fire, never had any issues with that, so i dont get all this non sense hate for artillery, is a class that can barely do damage, with a ridiculous RNG and very team dependant


  43. I only have fv304. How am I supposed to do stun missions lol.

  44. well, i guess i won’t really bother with those missions, i’m still trying to get my T-55A. yesterday i finally got a ram kill, totally suicided for it of course, good game design 🙂

  45. SirFosh ! <3
    Fuck WG >:(

  46. We need a “World of tanks, is it worth the time?” Video badly.

  47. Full metal jacket quote suits wot well…

  48. Is the foul language really necessary there are kids out their that watch tis also

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