3-5-7 Matchmaking BTW. – World of Tanks – Hotchkiss EBR

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This matchmaking is so fair… 3-5-7 Ladies & Gentlemen!


  1. Billy theHappyGamer


  2. So…

    When is the new mm coming?

  3. 357 on the Hotkiss, damn I’ve laught so hard x)

  4. Yeah…..MM………still sucks.

  5. thank you for the well played game…just after yesterday’s patch, for just a few game’s i had even mm and thought wow did they fix the mm!? but after a few more game’s it was back to the same old down two tier garbage.

  6. hi twitch chat o/ 🙂

  7. ebr rules frontline

  8. 3-5-7 suck + boring
    same teams same tanks same game.
    0 orgniality 0 diversity

  9. Nice game per usual circon. WOT itself could use a couple repair kits though.

  10. Wargaming, you’re drunk! Go home!

  11. Yup yup. First thing I commented on the news of new MM, when they introduced 3-5-7 template, was what happens when one team has a good top tier heavy tank player and the other team has some 46% thing sniping from the base? Obviously the same question applies to light tanks too. Here is the result. And Wg still keeps saying they keep the game fun and competetive for all…

    • Brakhai Warframe - CZ

      46% thing. Made my day.

    • +Brakhai Warframe – CZ I really didn’t mean the opponent EBR was one of these, but in general. And I don’t have words to describe “players” with 46% winrate, they are not humans or animals because both can learn, they are not plants either because even plants react. 46% doesn’t play, that’s why I can’t call them players. They just fail. I have no idea why WG won’t ban them all and replace them with bots. At least bots move out of the base, shoot and spot.

    • “I have no idea why WG won’t ban them all and replace them with bots.” Because they have wallets. Banning all the 46%ers and below would probably eliminate 30%-40% of the player base, and those people are a significant source of income.

    • +matthbva True. Those things buy a premium tank, but they don’t do any damage with it, so they make no credits. So they buy another premium tank and some premium time on their account. Now they maybe make 5000 credits profit with a Scorpion G, but maybe LT-432 is better, etc. Trust me, there is a japanese T8 premium heavy tank with a derp gun coming, because Scorpion G is not good enough, even with full gold and as top tier in 3-5-7 MM.

    • I only started playing Wot with the old mm for half a year before update 9.18 came out, but i think i recall there being much more same tier battles, and way less blowouts right? since more tanks at the top meant it didn’t matter if you had a top tier tomato on your team cause there were others who could make up for it, but now in 357 a good enemy top tier tank can wreck your whole team and doesn’t matter how good you are cause if bottom tier you can’t do crap about it.

  12. Marthijn van Oorschot

    Passive agresive number XD

  13. Regular uploads? I love you!!

  14. auto aim is so fucking broken…

  15. 1080p videos?

  16. Looks like you need to load more HE and less AP.

  17. The memes are strong with this one…

  18. so glad for not playing anymore, because of these idiotic formula 1 tanks… which btw even seems unpenetrable.
    tho admitting I feel a bit sorry the game I’ve loved turned into yet another game for 8-12 years old kids.

  19. World of BrokenTanks.
    How the hack a wheel can Stop 150mm AP shell and act as armor. And more ? It continues moving…
    Not even talking about sharp turning physics…

  20. 2:12 i saw in the chat “connecting to team”
    i was like bruh this team on dial up man

  21. Yeah, wheels can stop tank bullets. Total bullshit

  22. Circ, were you ever a fan of After Forever ?

  23. Amazing to see circon just DOMINATE them all. personal playground indeed

  24. Does anyone know what Mods he uses? 🙂

  25. Haven’t played this shit in a while. Circon makes it look fun, but really its not. Fuck WG.

  26. Why is no one shooting…l the question I ask every single game on the NA server

  27. would have had the top gun had the 40tp and the m41 not been kill-stolen…

  28. Uspprised they haven’t banned those numbers in game like 420 and 666

  29. Viper_db Viper_db

    Simply Awesome!! 🙂

  30. T20 gun by the way ay ay- wait wrong video

  31. A skilled player like you giggling his way around the map in a wheeled vehicle and killing muppets like me is one more reason why this game has stopped being fun.

  32. on 3.22 of replay Circ pen PZ IV aufs H with HE. That is interesting since PZ have space armor. WG you assholes

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