3-5-7 MM IS BAD!

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  1. WG thinks and has programmed the new MM in such a way that 3-5-7 is the MOST OPTIMAL WAY of playing World of Tanks.
    I think they are horribly wrong, as is evident.
    Give me 5-10 MM anyday of the week! <3

    • eibolsoe lol must be difficult vs same tier, huh? XD

    • Mark, ….I really don’t understand why you would stop playing. The introduction of 3-5-7 didn’t bring about +2/-2 MM its always been there. Before 3-5-7 your tier 7 tank saw tier 9’s its no different. The newer MM just made it so when you were in a tier 7 you were not going to face more than 3 tier 9’s in a battle where you could prior to the change. The idea that 5-10 will somehow be better has its own set of drawbacks as well. As in variety of tanks you will face and there is already people complaining about that with 3-5-7. The thing with 3-5-7 is you may not be top tier as much anymore but overall your tank no matter if its Bottom, Mid, or Top should be consistently more effective. I feel many of us are applying the old bottom tier logic to the current system and its not the same. Prior MM when you were bottom tier you could be outnumbered so heavily vs higher tiers your tank was of little value. Now when you are bottom tier at the very least you can compete with 7 tanks on the enemy team and still be effective vs the 5 mid tiers. That’s good odds if you think about it. You just cant be a bonehead and throw away your tank because you got a bottom tier vehicle like you did a year ago when you had no chance.


    • Admiral Kikan: try flanking higher tiers with your slow heavy tanks or meds like O-Ni, T34, tigerll and super pershing. not every tank got flanking ability unless one side of enemy flank collapses and you come from that side to hit them from the side or rear while they’re engaged with your other team mates, and at that time its just a clean up, not a battle anymore, Even at that moment, slow tanks struggle to catch up with other teammates to take part of the clean up.

      once you find your slow low tier against more strong higher tier tank in one of the sides of the map, you have very low chance to successful switch to other side of the map, because battle will be over before you even reach halfway to the other side.

    • 5 top tier 10 bottom tier match making.

  2. Probably the best circon video i have ever seen

  3. +2/-2 under the old MM system was superior. Being two tiers down is a nice challenge, but 50% of the time, like now, is horrible. Under the old system you were -2 about 30% of the time and there were more top tiers usually in the match to make it harder on the +2 tanks to do what Circon just did. Revert back to the old MM with a few of the balancing factors included to make teams more fair.

  4. 1200 base xp and still only second class lmao

  5. 3-5-7 is nice. I don’t see what your problem is.

  6. Too bad WG is so blind to the fact that getting into a match quickly is meaningless if you’re
    going to be sitting in the back wasting your time.

  7. In 3-5-7 games in my VK30.01P, most of the time if my team loses due to shit tier 8’s and mostly shit tier 7’s, I come top on damage and XP by far (gotten several 2K+ damage games that way-despite only carrying 10 APCR for the 88).

  8. Oh my lord, you squad of ungrateful crybabies. I from 1st day I heard it I told it will be bad idea, but nooo, you were voting for changes and when WG announce new 3-5-7 match making nobody was complaining. Now you don’t like it because of your tier 7 and 8 tanks who are always fighting with tier 9 and 10’s. Good job stupid people, you don’t deserve better match making when you weren’t using your brain. Thank you all for your efforts in changing that.

  9. I love this MM. Even if +2. Just need to play Defender 😉

  10. How to fix: +-1 mm. Done.

  11. Dude, awesome free style. can you do a song on getting one shot, cause thats super fun too! great video!

  12. If you removed all the instances where you say “literally” and “legitmately” every few seconds, this video would be literally 7 seconds long instead of 7 legimate minutes. Can you legitimately learn some new words please, thanks. Your WOT streams have literally become unwatchable as all you ever do is legitimately complain about MM. You do not need to spend literally 4.5 hours of every 5 hour stream legitimately whining about 3-5-7 MM. We legitimately heard you the first time you said it literally back in 2014, there is no need to legitimately drone on about it in literally every stream. If you hate it that much then legitimately stop playing the fucking game. Like literally.

  13. Golf clap LOL

  14. My new favorite Christmas song ?

  15. Yep. Wargaming makes the MatchMaking suck to push you to spend money on free exp so you can rush to higher tiers and spend more money on premium tanks and premium account to sustain your credit balance. Everything they do is purely designed to reach into your pockets and get your money. I don’t have a problem paying for a game but the way WG does it is dirty, plain dirty. Instead I would propose a subscription based game with monthly fee, no bullshit matchmaking and no pay to win premium ammo. It’s never going to happen because… Wargaming.

  16. Let’s be fair. 3-5-7 is better than the previous MM. The counter to that is that the MM improvements shouldn’t stop just because it’s better than it was two years ago. Also, this is a showcase of how powerful a top tier heavy (in 3-5-7) can be on the current corridor maps. The outcome likely would have been different on Malinovka or Prokhorovka, especially if decent artillery was in play.

    That is not to say I agree with 3-5-7 as the perfect match setup. However this is an extreme example.

    I agree that 5-10 should be preferred over 3-5-7. I’m a little undecided on even tier matches though. I think they should be more prevalent than 3-5-7 matches but not too much. Sometimes you just need to stomp the crap out of tanks 2 tiers down to get a sense of sadistic pleasure (sad but true). I’d make the percentages something like 50% 5-10, 35% even tier, and 15% 3-5-7.

    • I recall many matches, not all the time but more than enough to be a problem, being the only tier 6 in a mostly tier 8 match. That felt much worse than what we have now. The caveat is that now it’s more likely to be down 2 tiers, but there are only 3 tanks that are 2 tiers higher.

      3-5-7 was a step in the right direction though.

    • Funny how memory tricks you… this “one Low tier in T+2 matches” was actually so rare, I hardly can remember. Now, 8 out of 10 you are that fucking low tier… so where is the improvement !?!?

    • How many matches in the previous matchmaking did you get where there were more than 3 tanks that were two tiers higher than you? It’s an improvement over that.

    • On the contrary, whilst being literally the only bottom tier (stuff like 13-1-1, although that _did_ happen sometimes) was rare, 6-6-3, 5-6-4, 6-5-4, and other similar spreads were EXTREMELY and INFURIATINGLY common, and bullshit like 9-3-3 cropped up often enough to be a problem for people getting placed at mid-tier as well.

  17. hope WG see this vid and do something about the MM but sadly i dont think they give a feck tbh

  18. Anyone remember +3 matchmaking? haha

  19. I’m so glad you uploaded this Circon Thanks for this exposure of how stupid the MM is.

  20. Really appreciate you efforts, however nobody at WG gives a shit…
    “3/5/7 is what the comm wants – now get lost idiots”

  21. The W key is strong with this one.

  22. 3-5-7 is shit. 5-10 is much better. I wouldn’t mind waiting an extra 30-60 seconds in queue if it meant the match would be balanced.

  23. WG is fully aware players do not want +2 MM, they just don’t care. WG only cares about forcing the lower tiers to die quickly (losing credits) or die slowly (losing gold). It’s all about the money, not what is best in the long term for the game.

  24. WG should never have let eastern europe develop this game, the client comes last.

  25. GIVE EM HELL CIRCON…. I got fed up being cannon fodder for the upper tiers to make credits.

  26. sorry but that singing is just f***g annoying !! Please don’t stop your day job

  27. One of the things WG needs to change before I consider paying any more $$$ on this game

  28. Load the Skill rounds

    When does the album drop? T20 gun by the way ay ay ay and other favourites such as plus two match making is fun!

  29. that singing was fuckin awful! 🙁

    just talk or shut up, jezus!

  30. Why I hardly play anymore.

  31. No shit …. WOT is a fucking joke

  32. but, we needed pink turrets. which is much more important than balance.

  33. Same tier MM is kinda boring. Agree 3/5/7 is bad currently. Preferred before template though. Argueably 1tier difference is not so bad.

  34. You are absolutely right And WG suck dick!

  35. it was 3-5-7 for enemy team also and they lost so its not fault of MM, they just played bad.

  36. Omfg ty ty ty ty

  37. well that´s the fucking point.

  38. What is 3-5-7 M.M?

  39. So I don’t think we found out for sure if plus 2 MM was a good idea or not. I’m confused Circon kept saying it’s so good but the teir 7 tanks kept getting blown up…so confused

  40. This video makes me want to stay at tier 5 & 6

  41. Wot has come to the point where +1/-1 is needed

  42. Gotta love Circon criticizing matchmaking in the musical stylings of Grieg.

  43. Yes, the old MM could be ghastly sometimes … but 3-5-7 is just makes canon fodder for the top tier tanks.
    Remember, this game has matured along with the players. Is there a higher ratio of tier 10 tanks in the game now?
    t10s should only see t10 or occasionally t9.
    3-5-7 plus all the new t8 prems is why t8 is such a sh1te tier to play now.

  44. Circon your suggestion for matchmaking will never work ……………?…………….. oops yes it would it’s just wargaming who wouldn’t do it…………..?‍♂️

  45. For me and other more, as a beginer, sometimes this 357 is bad, most of the time I’m bottom tier and the tanks in t6 or t7 don’t have what it takes to fight t8 and t9. Maybe a configuration in MM by stats(games played, win rate, etc) and +1 will be ok in the future.

  46. The enemy team just plain sucked. Half of them were in places they never should have been, none of them worked together. Meanwhile, Circons team said to themselves “we have a Unicum in a top teir heavy, let’s follow him and back him up”.
    Gotta be honest, I’ve had some good games as -2. Got an ace on this map in a Pershing. Would prefer a 3-9-3 with the bottom 3 being lights and arty. My biggest problem with the Mm is platooning. I’m platooned 75% of the time, and you get bottom teir even more than normal.

  47. Yes, 3-5-7is bad, but look at what we used to have. 3-5-7 is much better than what we used to have.

  48. i never knew that you are that kind of a good singer 😀

  49. Ya’ll should really try WoT Blitz. I’m not trying to say Blitz is better than PC. PC is superior. But the matchmaker in Blitz is so damn good. It has +1/-1 matchmaker. If any of you don’t know what that means, it means you only fight people that is 1 tier higher max. You cannot face tanks 2 tiers higher than you.

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