3/5/7 MM still bad, KV-5 Edition.

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Upload your replays here: http://circon.wot-record.com/ !


  1. You answered like 10 questions while you climbed that hill 😀

  2. Like a wrecking ball !

  3. You are wrong about match making imo. It should be all same tier as the first priority (even if you have to wait 30 seconds or so), then it should be 5 – 10, and finally 3 – 5 – 7 as the rare exception. The only time I find I have to wait before getting into a game is when mm is trying to put my tier 10 into an all tier 10 battle or a grand battle. This wait can be 2 minutes or more and if we can wait at tier 10 then imo we can wait longer at lower tiers to have better mm. Just my 2 cents.

  4. LOL@ the comment ‘ Tiger I do you have a moment for our lord and savior KV-5’

  5. My lord, you are using illegal mod and you even post it on YouTube. Effective armour calculator is not allowed any more!

    • Adam Michalik, where does it show that? I’ve always just used vanilla so am no expert on mods.

    • Adam Michalik His old server cross broke a couple patches ago and the 1st working one he could find came with an integrated effective armor calculator. Link the page that says it’s not allowed and circonflexes will remove it.

  6. I felt dirty watching that….it was like watching a bully pick on a small kid.  Nice being on that end of the 3-5-7 for a change.

  7. Imoroved mm, gj wg

  8. Looks like the Tiger I did not have time for oure lord and saviour KV-5 :^(

  9. Imagine that every tank in WoT has premium MM…
    Then every tank in the game is gud, da

  10. No match maker song?

  11. I’m pretty sure that kv5 broke sound barrier at some point

  12. M a n m o d e a c t i v a t e d

  13. Anyone wanna buy me some boxes? 😀

  14. I quit WoT thanks for shit MM and the brain dead players filling the game.

  15. kv5 is so rare these days a lot of players dont know the weakpot it doesnt matter how many times people on YouTube been talking about R2D2

  16. I just played 11 games in my 110 that I just bought. 9 tier 10, 1 top tier and a mid-tier. Much much fun.


  17. I remember playing this map, same spawn, in the tier 8 vk 100.01 p. Top tier. Enemy O-Ho was basically my only opponent, he made the mistake of driving all the way to the south and I just annihilated everything in the middle. Sort of fun but really no challenge.

  18. We complained for years about MM, they changed it but they took so long and released sooooo many premiums that the changes aren’t as effective. Only another 4-5 yrs until +|- 1 MM yeah? ?

  19. That was filthy game. WG must love it.

  20. Been trying to grind various t8 tanks, 45 tier 10 games in a row later I feel dead

  21. I actually like the indien panzer

  22. You think 3-5-7 MM is bad, I’m seeing 3-3-9 matches now also and that is even worse.

  23. Load the Skill rounds

    Lol sometimes in this game you need so much planning and skill to even do half alright and then other times you just hold down W and walk right through the hole enemy team.

  24. ” we fixed MM” WG 2017

  25. I can’t find you on Spotify, SirCon. Do you maybe have a link? ?

    Found it ??


  27. Tier 3 mm was bad when it kept meeting tier 5s but they fix that, they only can see tier 4 now

  28. Did someone else independently come up with my streamer mm trolling or did it come from me?

  29. The amount of rape seen here is the worst since the USSR was taking Berlin!

  30. Je hebt gewoon letterlijk een rondje gereden


  32. Incredible doing well in just few minutes ! Craftsmanship I guess !

  33. More like 3/5/8 at tier 7 I can be top tier at least 50% of the time…. Tier 8 I’ll be top tier maybe once every 10 battles.

  34. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    so no one will ever read this. but the way i been feeling the past 4 hours had some time to remember some things i wish i didnt.

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    believe this story or not. not my problem. the people who went to my high school know its true. but at least everyone was scared of me to make fun of me to my face. and the ones that did. i laughed at.

  35. he has 120k gold. he never had to shoot another regular ammo ever again, .

  36. The whole game is a pile of shit at the in, when you can’t win more than 1 game in every 10 that should prove something is wrong with this bullshit rigged game!

  37. 1:50 makes it the top of the hill and spots an enemy

  38. The Tiger had some pins loose in his brain

  39. Circon, your face is so sexy.

  40. How can it be bad ! Wargaming created it and are they not flawless

  41. They cannot balance a MM composed by unbalanced tanks, no matter how hard they will try it.
    They screwed up with releasing premium or none premium OP tanks.

  42. Did anyone even try to shoot your R2-Unit?

  43. Could be a promo clip for the KV-5…lol


  45. I think the T5 & T7 is better since they last fixed MM. T8 tanks are hosed more than anything else. To be fair Circon was top tier in that fight and the enemy players were playing badly. That enemy Tiger player was especially stupid.

  46. Id rather quit Wot than play the KV5 OH WAIT I DID

  47. you must be joking taking a slow hvy up to the north?

  48. back in 2011-2014 bad mm was equalized bc HE tank to tank still did reasonable damage, wot used to say for heavily armoured tanks shoot HE, i recall tier 7 shooting a is7 could do 70-120 HE dmg so you still could die if you got shot 15+ times with HE same thing too is if tiger shot you 3-4 times HE bit different but thats wot if you get a game with noobs just shooting AP

  49. What template would be better for +2/-2 MM??
    Tier 8 mm sucks I know but , from my exp, playin’ tier 10s is like 3 outta 5 games -> all tier 10s, 1/5->5:10 and 1/5->3/5/7 (grand battle turned off ofc).. so for every feasting of tier 8s in my tier 10s I need to endure triple doze of pain by playin’ against 29 raging potatoes in their shiny and chrome tier 10s…

  50. I completely stopped playing kv5. I think i will sell it. Not fun anymorr

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