3 Baguettes Clips – AMX 13 105

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Gareth Fairclough

    Again! #1 and #1!

    Now, I shall watch this clip of baguettes, while munching on a baguette filled with bacon & cheese. mmmm!

  2. Hail to the Beard!

  3. Now for his next trick, Circ will have good game in the Rhm Panzerwagen

  4. 5:26 best bit

  5. Everyone had fun where there was no arty?? What is this sorcery?

  6. Hey Circon! I’m gonna buy (myself) the 59-Patton


  8. Good game, nice memes. So many baguettes for you!

  9. How much dmg did the 257 block?

  10. That woulda been the End of my Day, not just the Game….. First 3 Shots In Target and Pan….. All Downhill from there…. lol

  11. 2 odd things:

    1: The Obj 257 shoots Circ, but bounced. No critical hits, yet it does not count towards “Damage Blocked”
    2: The SuperPershing sets Circ on fire, without doing any critical hits. His fuel tanks turns yellow after he is already on fire and his engine was not even hit.

    Gotta love this game sometimes xD

  12. What days do you stream on man

  13. +2 matchmaking, solid meme.

  14. Well that 50B is in DAILY clan, they are pretty damn good

  15. would love to see the damage block of the 257 lol

  16. Woah woah woah…. 50B’s have good games? What sorcery is this? Someone explain

  17. If it were me the moment im spotted i would get ammo racked and shot to hell by every enemy. If tanks in the game could get shot to pieces my tracks would be the only thing that remained… no bodies to recover just tracks lmfaoo.

  18. wtf did that lor 40 t die ? that’s what i want to knoW!

  19. Hey circon, why dont you aim for the weakspot on the 257 kappa?

  20. your moe mod dont work after last update on my pc . what can i do too fix it ?

  21. 8,4k in a 50b in 2018… wow, just wow

  22. 13 105 isn’t that bad too play, when you play it as a slightly weaker BatChat. The clip damage always surprises me, but that might be because I am used to the tier 6 Skoda.

  23. 100k my dude!

  24. En feu?…pffpff..pff…. hahahaha..

  25. Confirmed a Obj 257 is OP. Guy just sat there & took mass HE and AP shots. HP was barely dropping. Even his shot dead on side bounced. Russian baby smh

  26. I love the constant barrage of fire going towards that 257, and very little of that really doing anything. Stalinium armor working as intended, blyat. Also, team was too stupid to just move a bit for better angle? πŸ˜›

  27. More brain to balance the balls man…

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