3 completely balanced games with the Maus | No Clicky Bate (War Thunder)

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3 completely balanced games with the Maus | No Clicky Bate (War Thunder)



  2. as far as game modes phly, I feel like they could possibly set up battle situations to where tanks from the same time period could meet each other and it not be op for one team or the other. also I think war thunder needs to look more into pre-war vehicles, as we all know low tier is fun tier! one last note then ill leave you alone, what do you think about adding the F-14 and the Mig-21 in the same patch? honestly im surprised that thye haven’t added the mig 21 yet, since it entered service in 1959. and the f-14 entered operational service in 1973, just 2 years after the T-2. just some curious things to think about.

  3. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Attempt #320!!!!!

    Play the M48 in stock configuration. You may use APHE in one battle if you want (170 pen), but make sure to play one game with APCR only.
    No camping allowed (and not sure it would help)
    If you have fun during it, i can guarantee you are not doing it right
    . The challenge is to not lose your mind or uninstall right after.
    Good luck, you will need it.

    Requesting it before the sh!tst0rm of the stock syndrome

  4. do i keep my maus if i already researched it?

  5. 5 times in a row killed by planes (all deaths), so much for “GROUND” forces…..so fun to play tanks and die by cancerous planes right…….that should be number 1 priority, make a mode with tanks only for a GROUND forces

  6. really though even if they remove it it will still not be fixed because ALL the people that have or will have it will still suffer occasionally all it will do would be preventing more players from getting it thats it

  7. yea completly balanced lol

    highly balanced BR

  8. Maus and helicopter

    *clap clap clap* nice gaijin

  9. But the maus was In a big battle In russia?

  10. The Maus hardly ever seems to get killed by tanks but instead by airplanes.

  11. Yall lets boycott gaijin

  12. I am so bored with this game, cap, kill, die, cap, kill,die…Gaijin, stop putting ur thumb in the wrong butthole and start doing what the players ask

  13. Maus: being removed because it doesn’t see much combat

    E100: Am I joke to you?

  14. This is like the last porn of Mia Khalifa

  15. It’s as like gajin is taking revenge on us for spaming fix the game

  16. Nathaniel Castellano

    Technically it saw 1 battle but it was never used and was sabotaged so the Soviets wont get it but they did after the battle and was repaired and studied towards the end of the war so they should keep it in the game

  17. instead of taking out vehicles…Gaijin should DO something aboaut gameplay…spawn protection areas….BR matchmaking…and so on !!!

  18. PhlyDaily save maus plis???

  19. Dead Man Off Acid

    Farewell thiccboi

  20. Armor? Maus Good cannon? is3 Hotel? Trivago.

  21. Me: fix the soundbugs, hit buggs, ghost shells please,

    Gaibob: yes, new premium coming up.

  22. So sad cuz im at the tiher ll p and i wont be abel too get the maus sad) :

  23. I think if i Shoud Beginn to get the Maus Or just waiting…
    I wanna Play the Maus but if i had Seen now i think i wait and begin to get the rkpz

  24. If there were two built then surely it qualifies as a prototype vehicle. What am I missing here?

  25. 5:37 did it penetrate the M60s upper plate?

  26. Yamato Kurusaki SS

    Maus was made actualy two of them were made one was destroyed and other have Rusia

    So Maus was used in combat


  28. We don’t need to romove maus we need to remove or up br the italian cancer car r3

  29. I wanted to grind that fucking tiger that gets removed but my pc broke and ill collecting money for better pc but i will buy it in 6 months ): fucking gaijin

  30. all they had to do is give its 200 side armor and 240 front turret armor(plus it was some sort of better steel i forgot,giving much more effective thickness) and leave it at 7.7

  31. The Maus is a priority air target that can be spotted from space.

  32. How about we touch some sensitive subject.. about another “prototype tank” that is actual plague in Warthunder.. Why are these not removed ?

    ( Taken from Wikipedia)
    T29 – only a small batch of pilot models were constructed.
    T34- there were only two prototypes
    T32 heavy tank – prototype
    T92 Light Tank – never accepted into service..

    And we can keeep this list rooling

  33. German tanks are not the problem.
    The problem is CAS and that you can already take CAS with full armament after capping one point.

    How Gaijin solved problem?
    Remove tanks, so players won’t take CAS as it’s not needed! (gj, Gaijin, you earned gulag)

  34. Play the Ha-Go and get 20 kills with it.


  35. This video is good example that planes are ruins the tank realistic…

  36. Goodbye my friend goodbye my lover.

  37. why are they removing the maus there is a real maus in russia but the long shlong is not going to be revoved that is what you call russian bias

  38. What happens to the maus at the test drive? What tank would replace it?

  39. What soundmod is that?

  40. A few years ago we didnt have any problems with the game… but now….

  41. It’s not powerful move to optimize the game. It’s a powerful move to piss us all off again!!

  42. DutchGamer on playstation

    It is just not realistic

  43. Christopher Sambre

    9:40 lets talk about the obj 120 then

  44. when u have already the maus will it be removed for you too?

  45. They should just replace:

    Or at least give us indien panzer instead of this american crap

  46. Play the maus the day before update

  47. Why deleting german tanks an not fixing gameplay problems?

  48. It was removed due to a deeply impeded hatred of Germany down to the cellular level in Russians. ?

  49. Make germany 6.7 line-up stronger by moving the Maus to 6.7 ;))

  50. So I climbed the German tier to play the Maus and the other tanks that are going to be removed and right now I’m at about 6.0 just so close to got to play these tanks but Nooo.Gajin just gonna remove them I don’t have a lot of inspiration to play German but I’ll still play for the sake of fun 🙁 ?

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