3 dudes and 15,000 Horsepower | Type-93

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3 dudes and 15,000 Horsepower | -93



  2. I want this thing so bad but it’s just not worth grinding the entire Japanese tech tree. Especially since it pretty much useless for anything but zoom.

  3. If I’m ever lucky enough to see Phly in game, and I’m on the opposite team? I’m going to take up his offer and just hang out, most excitement for the day indeed.

  4. Day 229: Of asking phly the play the dicker max because it’s 105 is basically cheating at is br and it can survive and they also recently moved it down to 3.7

  5. The one time war thunder was fun

  6. Beautiful Teamplay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Toyota car goes vrooom

  8. Can you pls say gaijin that the type93 get 15g missels 🙂 i hate these missels so much worst missel aa every but a good meme XD

  9. From the stats (weight) and by the looks of how it accelerates, it got at least 500hp, that thing squats

  10. Mistuh Phry, ST-A1/2, plz.

  11. You mean 15,000 Nm of torque?

  12. After 100+ matches with it, the Type 93 has one purpose. And that purpose is to get yourself SP with its “airstrike” modification. Scout at the start of the match and then just get yourself killed or J out and jump into an EJ Kai and divert to an air superiority role for the entire match. I find I can jump into an EJ within 2-3 minutes of match start. Only good role this thing serves.

  13. Was waiting so long for this video to come out

  14. Really hate that gaijin added the Type 93 but not the Avenger, which is the same exact vehicle but better because it gets an M3P .50 Cal mounted on the side of the turret for ground targets and Helicopters.

  15. You know you’ve reached the bottom of the shit pit if you shoot and kill type 93s

  16. No tanks were harmed in the making of this video

  17. And yet the enemy is close and in direct view….. scouting goes “poof” 🙁

  18. 7:32 Holy shit! Never seen someone get a kill with this thing before.

  19. Soon Japanese citizens will be known by their type number.
    “Ka neecheewa type 340005”
    “The name is type 340006 actually”

  20. God I forgot how fast that thing is. Like holy moly!

  21. Just like all arcade matches 😀

  22. I can’t wait till the Syrian technical is added… the Toyota Tacoma with the 20mm cannon in thw box

  23. Climbing ability of this thing…. This is why ISIS loves toyota 😂😂😂

  24. day 34 – fly the he – 51 C1 with the air dropped flashbangs.

  25. As a Toyota corolla driver I approve.

  26. Day 63 : Play the iconics 1940 phrench bois VG33 and Dewoitine 520 to show em the true power of the 20mm baguette launcher 👀💙🤍❤

  27. Rally race in Warthunder. 😂😂😂

  28. After update, in the stats card said it can lock at 5km but they only can lock less than 2.5km

  29. It’s because your account name is suspicious xd

  30. The Japanese ramen machine

  31. Awesome! 👌 😂 👍

  32. They forgot to put extra virgin olive oil to tires of this thing.

  33. Can you kill tanks by ramming in this?

  34. Day 192: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  35. This thing needs adding to Forza

  36. that edit is fire btw

  37. It would be great to have a game mode with everyone using just these and tweak the missiles to be dumbfire instead of guided and have say, a rack of 20. How about instant reload as you tear-ass through A, B or C while we’re at it! 1st team to 50, with a ticket returned for each jump, sustained drift, stunt or missile dodge? Either no Arty or randomised arty dropping somewhere on the field every time a point is taken over! Ok, basically I just really want a new Twisted Metal game.

  38. what is the point of this vehicle ?

  39. Turning realistic into arcade.

  40. The ebr 105 of war thunder


  42. Watching this reminds me of driving the warthog in Halo CE

  43. Day 35:
    Phly, play the Panther F in Combo with the Amerikabomber and show the allies how real War Thunder Suffering feels

  44. The torque is awesome in it

  45. This may be the ultimate trolling vehicle in WT.

  46. Light wheeled vehicles should accelerate faster than they do imo.

  47. Lalthanmawii Chawngthu


  48. Comrade From The Southeast Asia

    “Phly your breaking the car”
    Top ten words before disaster

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