3 FRENCH BOIS & A Baguette Launcher (War Thunder Ground Forces Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. The Psychopathic Pook

    I’m Requesting The M3 Lee

  2. “No don’t do it” i love that part ???

  3. These intros are the best lol.

  4. do the japanese landship again but try killing players with only the rear turret

  5. I undefeated in war robots for now

  6. No, don’t do it

  7. Thanks for the Robot, Phly…

  8. Did some more editing than be4 🙂

  9. #usefull Flamethrower

    War Robot is a pay2win game

  10. Always another country getting cool american tech first, TOW missles, ad4, THE DUCE AND A HALF!!!!! basic gajin american discrimination

  11. Undercover Knuckles Agent White Fist

    Wheel time

  12. Thanks for sponsoring War Robots

  13. Don’t even play War Robots, trust me.
    This game is p2w and even if I’m old veteran War Robots player I still hate how dev team changed from fair and balanced bots even if they are paid to pay to get new overpowered as fuck robots. Seriously, all the chest opening shit are rigged as fuck.

  14. Spartanious Domination

    how do you measure the range then how do you get the barrel to move up and down without moving the camera

  15. the intro was hilarious. lol

  16. play the panzer 2 dak

  17. How does he get the cross hair to move after he ranges?

  18. phly sellout daily

  19. comrade phly use the katyusha

  20. Hey Phly, will you please do a video on the Lovely M4A5 American Premium tank. It’s really nice but the gun is a tad underwhelming IMO. Thanks!

  21. War Thunder World Wide

    Hey phly how to on measure finder?

  22. Anyone ever find themselves cursing in sessions chat, hoping beyond hope that someone reports you and earns you a ban so you’ll actually do *something else* on your PC for a day or three?

    Maybe it’s time for a little break from War Thunder, or at least from spading vehicles….

  23. Suck with 40mm.. Still can shoot plane with 120mm ?

  24. War Robots is great and all, but I have TitanFall.

  25. Phly! Take out the T-44-122 and show the enemy that 122mm gun! You can use any plane you like to go with as a combo. Attempt #14

  26. The FW 190-F8 now carries a HEAT rocket, try it out the penetration aren’t bad

  27. I’m really loving the edits you’ve been adding, favorite is “No, Don’t do it!”

    After watching video: SOMEBODY TOUCHA MY Baguette.

  28. phly,make a video of landship battle only!

  29. I appreciate the little editing you do to these war thunder videos ?

  30. I mean …. bofors were made to be antiaircraft guns on top of ships and they cant shoot planes when on a cabriolet?

  31. spooky…mm.

  32. sniff sniff do i smell a sellout?

  33. You need to fly the Japanese N1K fighters.

  34. Biggest reason why I hate Maginot Line map

  35. “If you guys want to know what War Robots is…”

  36. i used to have that game for my phone but i lost that phone, going to get it again because it was fun

  37. Phly use the G.91 R/1 meatball jet

  38. Yi phly i play war robot like a year and im a beast in that gamr i git all robot but not the gold 1

  39. USE DA KA-MI

  40. Who would win. One flying boi or 3 French bois and a baguette launcher. Spooky aa car makes phly poop his pants/underwear.

  41. How can I calibrate the crosshair, I only know how to rangefind


    Phly, you should play War Robots,

  43. One long boi

  44. It feels like low tier begleitpanzer 😀

  45. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    Where is Ka-Mi gameplay phly box of doom COME ON I CANT GET ANY JOKE FOR KA-MI btw pls paly it

  46. Was that just me or phly was having a liberation of france horror moments on october 31 1944???

  47. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Play the M48 in stock configuration (you can uncheck the modifications making it stock)
    Or…play the M48 using only the APCR shell. Good luck, you will need it Attempt #13

  48. I’m a virgin aaaahhhhhh!

  49. Play the btr 152A

  50. Abrams are out PHly go make a video SOB

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