3 Heavies, 1 Video (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

War Thunder Char 2c, T1E1, and Churchill NA75 gameplay. “Sky Guardians” update.

War Thunder “Sky Guardians” update added 3 new tanks (Char FCM 2c, T1E1, and Churchill NA75). So today I decided to play with all of them in one video, with a little challenge.
I need to 5 kills (0 deaths) with each tank before I can move to the next one.

That's sounds easy, and I could probably got for 10kills, but I don't like pain because one of these 3 isn't that good… Guess witch one?




Intro: Musique – Rasure

Background: Boot Stepper – Martin Klem
Syncro – Wonder Boy
Spendin' Time – Martin Klem
Hot Stuff – Boogie Wheel
Car Park – Martin Klem

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

War Thunder “Sky Guardians” Char 2c gameplay, War Thunder T1E1 gameplay, war thunder Churchill NA75 gameplay . Sky Guardians update added the first units for the French naval tree, French light cruiser; Duguay-Trouin, modern jets , the agile AH-6M “Little Bird” helicopter. The winter version of the location “Seversk”, a new location for – Pyrenees . Lot's of new planes, the unique Yak-141, refreshed models of the huge Lancasters 12000LB bomb, and the long-awaited MiG-29 for the German tree and a special version of the F-16 for Japan. the iconic Sd.Kfz.222 (in versions for Germany and China!. War Thunder(wt) is free to play military combat game similar to world of tanks (wot),and world of warships(wows).


  1. Can you start labelling the pop culture references in the description?

  2. Third das of asking if you can play with the KV-122

  3. bro 5:47 to 7:00 was just fucking gold. hope all has been well! 🙂

  4. Baguette tank.

  5. The churchill 3 is better than the new one cause it has better pen and is like .3 br lower.

  6. Banger straight from the synthwave gaijin universe

  7. that “backwards facing hull gameplay” you should do it with the VK 4501 P and Befelswagon Tiger P

  8. Ah yes, the Mega Sherman…

  9. is it me or t1e1 has better quality textures than m6a1?

  10. Fun fact: The French experimented with a HEAT round for the 75mm on the 2C, but Gaijin didn’t implement it

  11. Locomotiveman 1994

    Meanwhile, I struggle to get into the battle, let alone get one kill, before getting bombed while playing the C2…

  12. Early Churchills suffer horribly… Terrible tanks for the BR.

  13. when you realize that big ass ww1 baguette is better than any churchill

  14. It makes me sad how bad the NA75 is…

  15. the demolition man clip at the start got me rollin

  16. Heavys are my favourite tanks, rebound shells is my passion!!!

  17. 2C in a good tier is pretty fun, that shell makes a lot of damage if It pens and explode even in really low armor vehicles. It’s amazing how some people don’t see that huge vehicle, maybe they think it’s a building xddd.

  18. 2C with some support is a killer. plus the DEPRESSSIONNNN

  19. this video shows us how shermans are very balanced

  20. Why ford for flip it 4:43

  21. František Eckert

    I have a “little” request: “his majesty’s keg and whiskey barrel launchers”, bassically a line-up of the Centurion mk.5 AVRE and the FV4005. I feel like the force is strong with those two armor confetti makers.

  22. ogółem to jesteś mułem

    First battle in 2c and 5 kills… That was weird battle also i flipped it somehow

  23. Will you make a video with the Pantsir?

  24. Yeah the Char C2 is a monster. Literally MONSTER. I friken love it at 2.7 <3

  25. Not a Zombie... Not at all!

    War thunder, the thicc update.

  26. Betty I have found the new terminator squad. Look at 2.7 France with the 2c and the B1 and the 105 Sherman

  27. Guess what. The Churchill MK VII and NA75 Have the EXACT SAME GUN.
    Just a different model. Also historically the 75 was liked for its HE, not the penetration or post pen, with APHE being really unreliable, and the after pen affect was not much different to that of solid AP.
    Why do you think APDS and APFSDS arent HE filler?

  28. No reverse, terrible armour, terrible ammo. yep that’s brits.

  29. Gotta love how a “realistic” simulator is just not realistic at all especially Britain since it’s been nerfed to the ground.

  30. British Ground is fustrating to play and one of the reasons i completly burnt out of the game

  31. man i love your vidios but something is wrongy sometimes it is sussy if you know what i mean 🙂

  32. Do More Finnish bias videos

  33. @DOLLARplays I have a challenge for you try to kill 3-5 planes in a match with the Italian reserve AB-41 armored car

  34. Bro are you German if not than someone tell me what country he lives in

  35. hi dollar i love your videos im from germani moin can you play wot worlt of tanks pls

  36. can you plissssss play de teiger 2

  37. hi dolla im from germany moin i love your vidios can your play sherman fierflai

  38. I like your scream

  39. So which one of the 3 can tank more hits?

  40. Can we hope for a video on the mephisto someday ?

  41. 4 medium tank us, german, Russian, and uk.

  42. Everyday im watching your videos it makes me wanna play and grind the game even more man. Keep it up much love from Greece!

  43. Uh, what’s up with the link to the decal? I click on it and all I see is GE and packs.

  44. Johan Apolinario Veliz

    Day 1 asking the big youtubers to play ground top tier in matches where Russia is your enemy, and log how many times and what are the chances of losing against them. There is a Russian power creep in top tier.

    • Johan Apolinario Veliz

      I tell you this because yesterday I played 8 matches, 6 I lost and 2 of them I won (I was in the Russian side). Then I met a Russian tank player, we joined up in a squad, and I bet him we would win 5 matches in a row and probably we would lost 1. We won 5 matches in a row, he switched to USA and we lost 2, he disconnected. Today I paired up again with him, we played Germany and USA and all 5 matches we lost, he disconnected and I played the last one I got paired up with the Russians, we won.

    • Johan Apolinario Veliz

      I won’t explain all details why this might happen, but just to name a few: Ka50/52s, non detonating ammo, ERA capable of stopping DM53, buggy driver port, lower glacis shots that may not destroy the tanks, diagonal shots where fuel and driver eat the shell, Mig27s, the new Pantsir stomping any non Russian CAS, Russian SPAA that can be useful as support (you can track and kill tanks, contrary to Flarakrad or ITO where you are no threat for ground), and so on. Add the fact that Russian players can rush, because: their armor is great and they are low (it is way harder to shoot the driver port than the whole hull of non Russian tanks), and if they die, the Ka50s points are so low that with an assist and capture they can spawn them and stomp the enemy, and if they don’t have points, they can spawn Pantsir and there you go easy points for the next Mig27 or Ka52. These are just a few reasons why they almost always win, but there are many more.

  45. I love your videos the amount of work you put into your editing is like no one else! Keep up the good work!

  46. Poul Henrik Christensen

    Heavy game play ! You are trying to lift that great burden alone, i am not sure you have ever seen a British tanker smile from ww2. Unless he was in a “merican” tank. Aves some turtle play thou. Thanx for taking your time and putting you mental stability at risk , to please us ! Thanks for upload. Take care all.

  47. i have always loved your little movie clip inserts. but for some reason this videos one just hit the spot. luv it man

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