3 INCH GUN CARRIER OP? (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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3 INCH GUN CARRIER OP? (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)





  4. FOR KING AND COUNTRy tetrarch and swordfish

  5. Hey phly! do bt5 and po-2 XD

  6. yes we put milk in our tea

  7. I can only imagine this video was hell to make

  8. Let’s go with the Jagdpanzer IV/70 and the Me 410 A-1

  9. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy

    phly is a 3 inch penis carrier ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. 3:25 you forget Phly, its a Russian tank, normal physics don’t apply to
    Russian vehicles in this game remember?

  11. do a T-34 1942 with the IL-2-37

  12. The drink known as “tea” is an English past time, not British!!! ;-)

  13. The British derp

  14. conqurer!!! and hunter

  15. Singing all the good songs I see.

  16. NotWorldWarthunder

    smk and pe8 stronk combo for the motherland

  17. the f6f hellcat and the m18 hellcat the nostalgia combo

  18. Charioteer and Spitfire F Mk.18

  19. Phly you should use the AC MK.II AA and the hurricane mkIV

  20. Me262 kool

  21. Panzer IV H and He. 111H-16. FOR THE FATHERLAND !!!!!

  22. 7:06 – Well, the Churchill line of tanks were renowned for their ability to
    traverse steep inclines.

  23. to answer phlys question yes us Brits do put milk in our tea and we have an
    unspoken rule that putting in milk first before water is treason.

  24. I have honestly never heard of someone not putting milk in tea. Who does
    that? I am British, just to clarify that.

  25. this was just epic the 3 inch gun carrier is so stronk and so beautiful

  26. Phly play the amazing Russian combo mig 17 and the IS 3

  27. The M4 Sherman with PBJ

  28. Phly do you think that war thunder should add in the 22’000 pounds (10’000
    kg) grand slam bomb for the RAF? It was also called the earthquake bomb and
    was the largest conventional bomb used during World War Two.

  29. TiGER H1 and ME 262


  31. WT must have seen your previous 3 inch gun carrier video and taken pity on
    you :P

  32. Lancaster and Black Prince for King and country

  33. Arado 234 C-3 and Nebelwerfer :p just to fk with the br.

  34. LOL, the Stirling has 0.1m/s climb rate with that bombload xD

  35. He 112 BO and Panzer 2 DAKAKAKAKAKAKA

  36. Yes we put milk in our tea ???

  37. KV-2 Po-2 – The Command Team! aka Power Of Two plz first commend i done .

  38. ChaoticFluufyPlayz- Minecraft Pocket Edition

    Tiger 4 panzeraf :D

  39. TO PHLY. There seems to be a mass of enemy troops on the other side of that
    hill over there and we need you to smoke them out! Use this lovely Sherman
    105 and the PBJ 75mm!

  40. Actually, I wonder how well the GC would work at it’s proper BR – it didn’t
    seem to do too horribly here.

  41. if you going to do this type of stuff do it right

    take a su-152 with the il-28

  42. 3-inch GC definitly one of the “best” tanks in War Thunder.

  43. “A tank can actually KILL a Russian tank? This is unacceptable! There was
    not a single T-34 lost in all the days of WW2! NERF NEXT PATCH!” – Gaijin. *No

  44. T-54 1951 + Mig-17 Top tier as it can get

  45. JoaoAfonso Figueira

    8:00 dat music tho xD goes so well with that part

  46. The t32 and the f84 thunder jet. Do it for America and for Trump. You know
    you love the f84. Just do it.

  47. Tortoise fucking tortoise

  48. TEA TIME IS OVER, conqurer and mosquito FB MK XV11

  49. me 262 the ground target one with the e-100

  50. Hellcat and the 75mm PBJ!

  51. I thought the tumbnail said


  52. m2a2 and f-86 Sabre ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  53. Play something with the charioteer or comet

  54. Phyl could you maybe make instructional videos on what to do if for example
    you lose your elevator and other such modules of your aircraft. How you
    would control your aircraft and try not to lose control or crash with such
    damages. I love your videos and i thought of this idea when your elevator
    was damaged in this video.

  55. most british tanks are op and need to be nerfed

  56. Phly!! Plzzz Make some more DCS WORLD!!

  57. Hello phly, germany is now weak you have to destroy every Tiger II you
    encounter with your Tank Medium Gun Charioteer Mk.VII and the Tempest Mk.V
    (Vickers P)

  58. Can we agree that the mud effects on the tanks really makes it look like
    the tank just shat itself super hard?

  59. tiger 1 and stuka combo

  60. 07:22 dat dirty ass doe

  61. What mate ! Who the fuck are you aye , do I no you !

  62. The queen and the derp. Take out the Mattilda and the Mkiv hurricane.

  63. you’re pushing through and open field in Korea with you squad of T32s.
    suddenly, you get ambush from all sides. With no visual on the enemy, you
    call Close air support in your area. A group of Ad2s makes a low fly by,
    spray the treeline to your left and emptying all its ordinance on that
    position. the gunfire stops. Phly, Take the T32 and Ad2 skyraider with full

  64. Phly next time take out the Valentine AT and the jelly welly :p

  65. Maus and Arado C3

  66. reverse gear are for the french!! the british advance only!!

  67. 8:56 YEAS YOU BITCH!

  68. all youd have to do to ko the GC is throw a marshmellow at it

  69. Good video Phly,and most British put milk in there cups of tea!

  70. Thijs van der Sluis

    the word sexiest just changed in worst

  71. One round of .50 would not just completely annihilate the elevator.
    Especially both of them

  72. MrJackson12345678909

    Hahahahahahah yes phly we put milk in our tea hahahahahaha

  73. English Tank ammo just be like “i gonna penetrate your tanks and than i
    gonna bounce in youre tank in kill youre crew twice!”
    -.- 5 Times last Days

  74. An idea to avoid spawn camping is to put a map limit like in a 100m radius
    around the spawn and when an enemy would enter this zone it would say
    “you’ll be destroyed in 10 sec” like if you were going out of the map. Like
    that enemies will not be able to reach your spawn. This idea maybe useful
    only in arcade because in RB or SB, usually when the enmy come to your
    spawn, your team have probably already been crushed….

  75. ahahah lol 9:55, hey guys!

  76. The thing looks like a wall when u put it by it

  77. M-103 and THE b-57A

  78. Jumps off a big wall drop….. FREEDOM!!!

  79. Commander Phly the Americans gave you the T-34 Calliope, and the P-47, show
    them the work of American rockets, let your enemy’s fear you in battle,
    Good luck and god speed.

  80. russian bias

  81. KV-2 and Po-2

  82. Phyllis how do you take planes into tank battles??, please respond

  83. Those bounces mate ;D gg

  84. So repetitive :(

  85. Out of Combos for now… 🙁 i will give you another madness next video! :Dd

  86. see Phly, ya gotta trust your viewers.

  87. Us British do put milk in our tea if you don’t your classed as weird

  88. Laughed so hard THANKS!

  89. Combos? T-60 and Tu-2 because this BR spread wasn’t good enough :D

  90. AD2 with rockets and m26 t99 pleas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  92. or use the tiger and get baron to use his tactical nuke bomber

  93. T-10m and Mig 17

  94. Do the jagdpanzer iv/70 a, the Premium one

  95. MLG Colonel Sanders

    Did I just hear “horse bagels”?

  96. cryingpiemaan kilaznovkov

    lol perfect target for dive bombers

  97. What is the intro song

  98. kanonenjagdpanzer and leopard 1 !!

  99. P-26 and M-22 TINY COMBO!!!!!!

  100. Conqueror Mk.2! And Canberra (i) mk.6 if you no have then Lancaster mk.3
    (but still conqueror mk.2)

  101. “Do the British put milk in their tea?” Yes, unless it’s a special
    occasion, like when the Queen visits or when we’re commanding starships.

  102. 8:40 reminds me of the Civil War trailer where its Steve & Bucky vs Tony

  103. don’t think ww2 planes go 10000 miles an hour bro

  104. Can you plz do a battle whit the stug 3 f

  105. bf109e4 and tiger p or VK4501(P) if you have the the “rollin through the
    streets of Berlin”tank

  106. I Don't Understand Math

    3:17 at least you are luckier than me

  107. Korpen - Tank & Strategy Games

    That first match was epic! Well done with the tank angleling!

  108. lololol end of first battle a plne kimakazed that tank did u see it

  109. Use the m47 and f9f-5 with 2 1k pounders

  110. greetings from the city you drowe trough

  111. Yay old intro

  112. Phly if you read this id like to say i really love your videos but thid one
    was so epic epicially at 10:00

  113. TheOldStock_ Canadian

    It is said the churchill had a superb hill climbing ability for a heavy

  114. DOUBLE ZERSTORER COMBO! Phly the Bf-110c-4 and StuG III A! Roflstomp all
    those who oppose your superior German engineering!

  115. I am English, and I have my tea with milk and no sugar, almost a full mug
    and the teabag has to sit for at least 30 seconds before the milk is added.
    Tea is considered an art form in some Asian countries, and this is no
    exception on the opposite side of the world.

  116. Tea without milk is fucking weird

  117. take Tiger 2 P and Bf109 g2 :>

  118. AMX-13 and Le Dassault Ouragan. Oh, my apologies, no French tech tree yet.
    Go with Le T-10m and IL-28.

  119. What have British tank designers thought during planning that thing?
    Probably nothing. It is so bad.

  120. I’m feeling the ZIS and the IL-28, practical and stalinful

  121. Arcade mode radio:
    *there is only A one the map* and 12 secons have gone by

    Attack the A point!
    Attack the B point!
    Attack the C point!
    Attack the D point!
    I agree!
    Cover me!
    Thank You!

  122. All bomber radical’s are inaccurate.

  123. this is gonna be good the IS-3 and the MIGHTY yak with the 45 mm cannon for
    supreme AIR and LAND

  124. Majestic_Username32

    That fucking cock sock

  125. Ok you will love this XD KV-2 Russian bear tank and mig 15 bis. Trust me
    those HE shells will take out a mous no problem

  126. The Queen still wants to see her Firefly mk5 Sherman firefly

  127. Jagtiger 88 with the arodo thing for the farther land

  128. Rapid fire 37mm combo (attempt 2)
    Ostwind and Ju-87 G2
    Teach them the good word of Hans

  129. Take su 152 and il 28

  130. Phly, with that T-34 (second kill in second battle) you tracked him with
    your first shot. If the tank was stock he may have bailed out thinking he
    couldn’t repair.

  131. Is that the Churcill GC?

  132. Super battle droid

    HA!! Yeah the T34 85’s turret ring is bugged. Its soaked up Black princes
    Sabot rounds and even the Cent Mk3’s Sabot rounds as well..

  133. 10:04 P26 Allah akbar!

  134. +PhlyDaily What happened to you and the crew playing together? :/

  135. the archer and a hurricane with 40s the pounds of england

  136. British guns are very inaccurate, arent they?

  137. phly the m24-152 and sea gladiator 122 cannon please

  138. War thunder Devolepers are just not fair…
    1. Germany tank at 2015 was great, and then this year sucks
    2.Russians tanks more better armor, when i use i always lose… -_-

  139. M22 locust with a p51 D30

  140. Churchill tank with 57mm and the firefly plane
    Reply ·

  141. phly what do u think about f-8 crusader to fight the mig 17

  142. Speedy speedy. Black prince and jelly welly

  143. pz4f2 on tier5

  144. I have to thank you so much, you got me into war thunder, and so I got to
    experience the joy of destroy a bomber with a m3 Lee. can not express the
    joy I feel right now. thank you so much for getting me into this game!!

  145. Do the Churchill and firebrand

  146. Tiger e and me262

  147. Of course we put milk in our tea

  148. Fucker came out of the wood work like a damn termite!

  149. take out mig 17 and is 3

  150. “Hello good sir! F*** you actually!!!”
    *PhlyDaily 2016*

  151. phly more bombmer action plz

  152. Yo Phly, us Brits do indeed put milk in our tea (it’s great) but anybody
    putting the milk in first, before the water, is doing it soooo wrong…

    Anyway, Sherman Firefly (Ic or VC) & Firefly (F Mk I or FR Mk V).

    FIREFLY & FIREFLY combo attempt #2.

  153. this is the worst tank in World of Tank Blitz

  154. I love how War Thunder adds that effect. Dirtin’ after a while.

  155. Some maps have destroyable buildings

  156. pz II and the He111-6 and use the pz II like an SPAA

  157. Normal Roblox Youtuber

    Tiger II and the ME 410 A-1

  158. phly what the fuck is a horse bagel

  159. It can never be worse than in WOT….

  160. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    omg so smexy

  161. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    so epic

  162. Sorry to inform you Phly
    Good news is, it’s the FUN kinda crazy
    Like the JOKER!

  163. LOL this is a mobile coffin xD

  164. Okay question of the day: Would the tank crew die, or just all get knocked
    out if they actually did what he did irl @ beginning of the vid?! Please

  165. guy how to active binocular

  166. screw the voting, the music in this video was on point :D:D:D
    your video’s just keep getting more and more entertaining. love watching

  167. That British attacker with the 47mm cannons under the wings and one of the

  168. 8:00 fuck my ass ?

  169. that was beutiful

  170. “Hello good sir! Fuck you actually” lol Phly

  171. Calvin Threepercenter

    whats the best rounds to take out a bomber???

  172. “You horse bagel” -Phlydaily 2016

  173. phly, take out the boat tank and the boat plane ( pt-76 and pby)

  174. jeremy van der mast

    milk in your tea? MILK IN YOUR TEA!!!!! BLASPHEMY!!!

  175. So are the russians still unbalanced in this game? Or is it fun to play
    Americans now, I kinda want to play this game again

  176. hey phly is that tanks body based off the churchill? also plz donate golden

  177. “You horse bagel”- Phly 2016

  178. get some low tier fun M2 medium and p-26 biplane
    The war didn’t start with heavy’s

  179. The new British premium tank: thunderbolt
    And the 40 mm tempest

  180. Hi Phlydaily why you have in the videotitel german words can you explain
    dis 😀 i like this

  181. King tiger and Fw-190 ;-)

  182. phly, I am going to try to demonstrate how ok the British 57mm is. you are
    to have a 5.0 tank/plane in your lineup, but not use it. Use only the
    Crusader MKIII and a Wellington.

    that thing kills tigers from the front

  183. you should go to hell for having OP and 3 Inch gun carrier in the same

  184. T92 and the 2,200 dollar plane, the A26.

  185. “good job 3 inch, not the best performance but it will do”

  186. Biggest guns and bombs pe-8 and a su-100y

  187. Yes, it’s OP, but ugly af

  188. T34 Calliope and P47 ROCKET SPAM!!! Please!!!

  189. We do indeed put milk in our tea phly

  190. Tactical Nuke Combo!!!!!!
    RBT-5+Pe-8 with Nuke
    Phly we know you wanna do it

    Attempt #2


    1:06 And it was at this moment PhlyDaily knew he fucked up.

  192. you HAVE to play churchill gun carrier in wot

  193. T-34-57 and Yak-9t :D

  194. StuG III G with either 109 F4 with a 500kg bomb or 109 G2 with the gunpods
    🙂 im in love with this stug nowdays

  195. Aurelien Costabeber

    north vietnam combo PT-76 and Mig-17 !

  196. Milk is a must for tea in Britain

  197. is1 for Stalin

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