3 MARKING MY T-62A ON EU SERVER – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. #2 Machoo player after tru

  2. lemmingrush ily why don’t you stream more

  3. lemming wat do u think about the 268 4 nerf coming up

  4. It's not what you think

    Fight me you cunt

  5. Aggressive plays for 3 mark? But quickybaby told me that 3 mark players redline?!? :Dansgame

    • I did my best to mention that without being too rude about it. It’s like, 20% true at best. You’ll never get the damage / assist damage required if youre sitting behind your team mates..

    • LemmingRush quickybaby is so disconnected with players above 1500 wn8 that there’s no going back. I’m not sure if quickybaby says that to cater to his typically “pubbie” fanbase or truly believes what he said. Either way, there’s a clear disconnect and I think it negatively affects the game because a very misinformed opinion like that has alot of weight with wargaming.

  6. ArtyPreventsCamping

    Its ya boi lemmingrush

  7. 15th!!!

  8. Lemming, if possible join FAME!

  9. Ofcourse it’s Rashan….

  10. Nice steady play… something I’m not accustomed to.. ha … always love your vids really nice the way you present.. a natural mentor.

  11. Why do I feel like you’d be great at ASMR? You have that type of voice.

  12. Says hes going to look at the end plates… doesnt actually look at the endplates… 😛

  13. Finally a good guide to this shit map

  14. Nice job Lemming! I just got my first ever 3rd-mark with T-54. Your videos helped me so much 😉 keep it going

  15. Congrats Lemming!! Nice summary of overall strategy! Very helpful!

  16. I hope you are enyoing the EU meta of no teamplay and individual play only

  17. 煎蛋小面包

    WP LR every move well calculated and did everything right snipe when it is needed to and push when u have the chance and take the minimum risk to get the most dmg that’s how u should pick up our replay and it’s much better than the liveoks on M4 revl

    • 煎蛋小面包

      And also gave me a idea how to play this map because I always go to 9 0 end up getting pushed by enemy force

  18. You have to be a redline sniper to 3 mark tanks, also your win rate will drop

  19. Three marking tier 10 is really hard. I’m on 90% moe on my Patton, but I’m struggling to increase that. Any advice?

  20. T62 or object140 ? im not sure which one to get ,

  21. So, after few months on EU- what do you think lemming? Is it more/less retarded than US? 😀

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