3 Marking the M46 Patton – 6500 Wn8 Session 4,000 DPG – 72% Winrate

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Source: LemmingRush

Stats — They include a game or two that I used as a warmup, and a ruinberg game that I forgot to record.

If you want to watch a great game, skip ahead to 26:00. I did 4800 on 1 hitpoint. 6k total damage.


  1. ‫عبد الهادي‬‎

    well played, congrats, gg, love ya, we’ve missed you <3

  2. I’ve seen some people suggest cola is mandatory on the M46, would you agree
    or were you using it to go all in for your third mark?

  3. LR, I was wondering if you have any tips for getting consistent in wot. WN8
    wise I am a bluenicum, but barely. like around 2100.
    And I do my best to play to win all the games and try to do the best
    decisions in each encounter but I end up having bad games all the time. Or
    if they are not bad they are just average, my team doing basically
    And of course every few games there is one where i shine and carry or smth.
    I like playing mostly mediums, any type of mediums, lightly armor, with
    good alpha, with good dpm, i just dont care i love my mediums. And I also
    like to play aggressive, sometimes more aggressive than I should be, which
    I am trying to work on.
    But even in tanks like Skorpion G I sometimes end up leading a charge.
    I kinda disagree with passive gameplay, unless I am in an ELC having fun on
    Malinovka or just in a very bad matchup.

    Sorry for the shit ton of text but if you have the patience to read all
    this and even answer, I would be thankful :)

  4. Dude this kind of videos are not common and most teaching at the same time.

  5. How’s the Mahou life going lemming?

  6. I’ve been grinding it, currently average 3.4k damage after 80 games which
    turns out to be about 5k wn8. I feel like such a dirty stat padder and no
    clan will want me ;-;

  7. how to pen the amx m4 49 is to hit the cupola. iF you have 270 pen you can
    pen the lower plate when it’s not angled.

  8. I 100% marked it last week ;)

  9. love you’re vids, 9.9999% out of 10 for this one I’d give it a 10/10 if u
    had some commentary, I truly believe u are one of the best at explaining
    why,what,where and when and so on. I have learned alot from your game plays
    but having u talk over your vids just gives great insite and we can all
    incorporate into our general game play, please don’t take this as a
    complaint as it’s not intended to be it’s just so u know how valuable your
    knowledge is to us.. keep up the great vids much love from across the pond
    London UK.

  10. Flagged it as child abuse.

  11. I like the shout out I got at 45:19

  12. Nice 3 mark finished my Leo pta a few weeks ago with the last game taking
    the percent from 93%to 95% with 6.4k dmg & 4K spotting

  13. Of course, on my 10 minutes of fame I have a thoroughly mediocre game and
    shoot the youtuber in the back of the turret on accident… Driver of T-44
    in the first game here.

  14. did you do 3rd mark on t62a also?

  15. For the first game, how did you make 100k creds by spamming full APCR? I’m
    aware that premium time was on, but even without it, the profit would have
    been 60k. Cola was also used as well……. When I have big games like the
    first 1, I often use a few prem rounds but I normally end up doing the
    opposite of what you did which is lose 40-100k creds (With or without prem
    time). But other than that, great video :)

  16. Hey rush! Great vid :)

  17. Do you usually play on US West or is it better for marking tanks?

  18. NetGamer SK (Gam3rSK)

    I was playing patton from the start with really good crew, cola and full
    gold. After 100 battles I decided to take out the golds and cola. And I
    realized that nothing changed. I had today only short session, 12 games
    with 3.5k dpg and 66% which isn’t that bad for shooting aps. I mean that’s
    nothing wrong with using them, but I hadn’t 60k credits to spent anymore.
    BTW 3 Mark patton is really hard on eu server, especially after top tanker
    event. I have something like 3050 dpg and 750 avg spot and still I stuck on
    88%.Like you need insanely good games to make it happen. So good job :)

  19. If you want to watch a great game, skip ahead to 26:00. I did 4800 damage
    on 1 hitpoint. 6k total damage 🙂
    Thanks for watching, Hope this video was helpful. I used to love watching 1
    hour sessions of people when I was focusing on getting better

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