3 Marking the WORST Tank in the game.. – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

3 Marking what i think is one of the worst tanks, tier for tier, in tier 5 up!

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  1. therandomnessisreal

    Toaster is worse

  2. I somehow did pretty well in the st Emil.. my grind was pretty enjoyable

  3. I fuckibg loved this tank, why is it so hated?

    • Because it is an incredibly slow tank with not good camo and no armor and a gun that decides randomly not to hit or bounce when it is supposed to be good.

  4. “Last bastion of annoying 3 marks.”
    *O-NI will remember that.*

  5. Worst tank in the game?
    Hold my beer – says UE 57


  6. 6:09 Circon: YEEEEEEEEEEET!

  7. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    But AMX 65t… lol

  8. I know every one hates the st.emil, but I loved the gun, gun depression and alpha for tier 7. Basically I just liked the gun lol.

  9. if this is the worst tank then I don’t know…

  10. Great laugh Circ well worth the 3 marks ??

  11. I have done that cliffjump and survived atleast 3 times lol

  12. Wargaming Super Noob

    what did i just watch!!!!

  13. i love the sturer emil the 3 mark was fairly easy for me less than 90 battles and im just your above average player with 53.75% winrate and i still play it sometimes but i cant blame people for hating it , it is a very stubborn tank

  14. I thought the worst tank was the Churchill GC.

  15. St Emil is just a bigger version of my Dick. Dicker Max that is.

  16. Now- let’s see an official from WG do the same 3 marking on a live stream in this tank, the Chi-Nu Kai, 40TP etc., and see how much fun they have.

  17. To think that back when I played WoT, this thing was on track to being my first T7. ngl, if it really is the worst tank in the game tier for tier above T5… I think it’s a good thing the grind and gameplay hd me leave. Considering my bad tank experiences were with the Churchill VII and Churchill GC, if this thing is WORSE, I’d have probably thrown my PC off a cliff.

  18. I have to disagree circon….one word! “Archer”

  19. Ah, I thought you woyld include that gifting part. I almost died laughing there LUL

  20. Honestly I loved this tank

  21. Gg on this tank. When i see one even if 5 tanks in view i will shoot this one. Looks like a carton on wheels.

  22. lol… nicely done! Extra style points for the method 😉

    Q: which add-on are you using to get the % indicator while in a round?

  23. what the fuck? Why the fuck?

  24. Watched this on stream…what a game! How’d that BP like his SU 122-44?

  25. This is one of the very few tanks I just totally gave up on. I have played some awful vehicles and this is definitely one of the very worst.

  26. Man the Churchill GC sure looks different these days

  27. wtf lolllll

  28. Now that, is a solid meme

  29. i’m grinding my nashorn and I doooont want to unlock this shit and play it… but Wts are my favourites tanks so…

  30. The setter makes this looks like a fuckin t29

  31. I think people hate on this tank too much I went through it and honestly had fun with it

  32. I refuse to belive the st.emil is worse than the t21

  33. You have, once again sir, completed World of Tanks.

    Also, never speak ill of the Black Prince ever again.

  34. Black Prince?

    More like White Knight.

  35. Herp black prince

  36. worse than the black prince…. oof

  37. Stürm Schmetterling

    Ah, so the Sturer Emil is so slow, it can’t fall fast enough to die.

  38. hah, the emil is only the worst tank because of that low shell count. That 128mm gun is mean at tier 7, but that 15 ammo count hurts when your team doesn’t want to win.

    Personal experience long ago of it (I ran out of shells): https://www.dropbox.com/s/mh6nhvfxzux58ss/Seriously.jpg?raw=1

  39. Surely the Churchill GC is worse than this thing.

  40. All I saw this match were dreams coming true

  41. St Emil is good tho

  42. What this tank rocks. Misleading title

  43. It’s the only tank I one shotted an IS-3 with….boom headshot.

  44. I love how this video didn’t show up in my subscriptions… but found it on my home page GJ SHIT ASS YT

  45. Hero Black Prince

  46. Wonder if I’m the only one who roots for the other side when you play.

  47. Do you really consider this worse then Churchill Gun Carrier?

  48. Cliff-dived. Bounced off the top of an Udes. Bounced down the cliff, landing upside down taking no damage in a paper tank. Gets flipped back upright by Churchill. Thanks Churchill by pushing in front of him and securing the kill.

  49. This video needs the Trolololo Trololo meme when Circ started to shoot the Jagttiger.

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