3 Reasons why T95 should be 6.7 #shorts #warthunder #memes

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Source: Dark Productions


  1. If maus and tutle go down to 6.7 no one fr gonna be playing that 💀💀💀

  2. 7-8 br bracket is cruel

  3. Tutel overkill 💀

  4. yeah what a good idea, finding a tutel while peacefully playing your 5.7 lineup, best present by santa this year

  5. Döner Teigtasche

    3 reasons, why Maus should be at 3.7,
    This video:

  6. Jonáš Lavička

    Honestly agree, Id rather have the T95 be op than some stupid light tank, same goes for every other heavy

  7. Reasons why it should go up to 7.3: Skill issues

  8. Meanwhile tighers and panthers also vk3008 br is super inflated

  9. I want to get the tutel to grind the US ground tree but i think cas would actually make me jump out my window.

  10. RitualFive Gaming

    7.0 ain’t that bad with the doom turtle I’ve done fine with it there. It’s funny when HEATFS doesn’t work at times 😆


  12. Somehow most american tank in med tier is either way up their being uptiered to the poibt were using america makes you want to go play wotb instead since exactly why is the t32 at 7.3 it has a gun thats not as strong as the tanks its gonna be fighting against 2 the stupid machine gun pod in the front is a major weakness and why tf is the object 120 at 7.3

  13. Why it should be 12.00 TUTEL

  14. Biscuit_Lord_3907

    Bro all the tanks emerging has me dying 😂

  15. That last one was a bit overkill

  16. Foundation Agent Striker

    This seems like a thing the official war thunder YouTube would post 💀

  17. malvinas argentinas

    Reasons why maus deserves to be 5.0:
    Because I’m a noob that can’t play with the tank

  18. really great video

  19. 10k+ basic repair cost
    20 sec reload
    And a max stock speed at 13km

    Yeah the tank is just completely unplayable in this economy even with premium

  20. 2. And 3. reasons are a skill issue

  21. 🐢 tutle

  22. This game politics for heavy tanks is stupid. Many cons like slow motion, slow turret rotation vs tanks who can penetrate through your front armor and are very faster. I want old war thunder where heavy tanks vere usable

  23. No tutels were harmed in this video

  24. Its not about T95. Tutel is fine at 7.0. Its about 8.0 you play against thanks to br dispersion.

  25. It’s same like asking maus to 7.0

  26. Тамирлан


  27. as the younger brother of my older brother, this is reletable.

  28. idk what happend in thius vid, but i love it

  29. Nah still my 🐢tutel🐢

  30. Ye? Then give maus 6.3 if it can not live normally at higher br🤡

  31. Imagine fighting in tiger against tutel


  33. The same thing happens with the Mouse at range 7.7 that they shoot at you with 700mm ATGM XD

  34. Even at 6.7 you’ll still get cream pied by every player if your gun and tracks are out

  35. But then think if you put it at 6.7 the only things that can kill it would only be tanks such as the Bkan 1c plus unlike the T28 at 6.3 the T95 has the extra tracks on and if you’ve had/plated the T95 you’d understand that no form of kinetic round can go through unless it’s a high caliber one like a high velocity from something like the SU/ISU 152 (don’t ask but just know I died to one before in the T95 😅😂) more then half the players(no offense to anyone) Don’t even know how to successfully kill T95 plus don’t get me started for when it gets down tired to 5.3 cause then it’s just gonna be unkillable

  36. Before saying this 🐂💩 ask yourself “what br should it be if it was a german tank?”

  37. Its perfekt at 7.0!

  38. Bring tutle to 6.3 i can still handle it with a 12k tallboy

  39. Oh wait…i have a real turtle. At 6.3. The tortoise

  40. 12000lb of reasons to be 6.7

  41. Generalfeldmarschall August von Mackensen

    Meanwhile people that want the MAUS at 6.7😅

  42. If you’re bad with the T95 that’s rlly just a skill issue ngl

  43. Maus: First time?

  44. They definitely should not make it 6.7 that would be very foolish. They should just give it a higher top speed because it can only go like 6mph which is attrocious. I think what they should do tho is give the us t34 aphe because it is useless because it doesn’t have it. Litterly worse then the superpershing in every way

  45. I actually agree with tutel being at 6.7

    the premium version of it is 6.3ish, (for me it sometimes says 6.7) and the normal version is just the same thing with better side armor good turning.

    6.3 with no extra armor and bad turning
    6.7 with some extra armor and good turning. -plus less cold war tanks vs WWII tanks which is just completely bs.

  46. Dude and then comes some random Russian who survives a 12000lb bomb

  47. I agree!

  48. M24 CHAFFE:im a 11.7 br tank

  49. Imagine a 2000 lbs bomb just falls right beside your tank while you hear “you’ve got mail”

  50. I saw you put a jagdtiger out there. Im not sure if you picked it specifically for a reason or what?. Cause (I may as well be bad at the game) i was fighting against the tutel with my jagdtiger and could just not simply figure out how to pen it frontally. The it gazed at me and so my gun crew was turned into a meat smoothie

    • Dark Productions

      this is just a meme video i told people to bring any tank at their br for that scene so someone decided to bring jadtiger xD

    • @Dark Productions Well that makes sense. Should have thought that: “hmm perhaps hes crew is just using what ever they have avaivable”. And i was aware that this was a less serious and a more light hearted video. But i do also feel that this is a major issue for the tutel, tortoise, maus… and many many more vehicles.

    • Dark Productions

      @science chicken yes

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