3 SECOND Return Enemy To Hanger Reload (War Thunder)

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3 SECOND Return Enemy Hanger Reload (War Thunder)



  1. Streaming LIVE! – https://www.twitch.tv/phlydaily https://www.twitch.tv/phlydaily https://www.twitch.tv/phlydaily

    *Alsooo I increased the Bit-rate of my recording software and the render output let me know if you notice a difference*

  2. russian bullet sponge

  3. Somehow this and the M4A1 76W are the same BR lmao

  4. Got to love even more op Swedish post war tanks fighting ww2 tanks

  5. 3:20 Sweden Defense against Soviet invasion – circa 1946

  6. Have no mercy when fighting the Russians. PS, play AB43 best armored car

  7. thank the sweeds

  8. available for everyone? are you high or something? still on cbt

  9. 0:10 of course it’s a Russian XD

  10. 1:51
    Was expecting, “no armor is best armor”

  11. TheMadMan Escaped

    Why did I hear wind chimes at 9:30 wtf?

  12. Trần Thanh Tùng

    Holly shit, this tank design like other tanks in low BR but it so powerful. I can believe it for the fist view about Swedish tank !!

  13. Luckiest guy to ever play war thunder

  14. Uhhhhh Phly? You’ve got the wrong kind of hangar there

  15. why cant i play these op tanks im locked out of these tanks past the 2 intro tanks

  16. Hey Phly can you play leopard 1 br 7.7 against the new space tank..

  17. retitle to phloo goes try hard

  18. It really pisses me off that everytime new content with a pricetag is released, it is completely overpowered. Gaijin sacrifices the integrity of the game and the rest of the playerbase to sell more product.
    This thing would do fine at 5.7. No it wouldn’t penetrate everything from the front, isn’t that pretty fair when it has no other weakness and insane strengths?
    I hope when Gaijin is done making millions on swedish tree they will bump everything in that tree including the planes up by 0.3 or 0.7 br.

  19. Me: sees visibility on this vehicle
    The visibility: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. Phlydaily DOOM Eternal playthrough attempt #6

  21. Hey Phly, you should try to get a kill with a smoke shell.

  22. Farhan Rahmaddani

    first time i met a torn on battle the kill feed just so crazy. I thought there five or more of the, but instead there only one

  23. Delat torn means split turret or litteraly split tower

  24. I find it funny when people try to say that sweden isn’t op

  25. haha
    remember Chi-Ri?

  26. Hey you should play the kv-1S it has russian bias armour, 76mm (sometime not verr good) cannon, 45kph top speed and a reverse gear of 17! Kph at 4.0

  27. Attempt #11 of requesting Phly to do a collab with Bo and Dollar or a 1v1v1 showoff with them all

  28. Otishtic Nooobra.

    “It’s just not our day”
    *Gets 12 kills*

  29. i heared that ring doorbell

  30. Phly: So anyways, I started blasting

  31. swedish plasma guns, ruined the game for me

  32. I wish phly would do more tank RB with planes and ground striking and dog fighting.

  33. Hey Mr, Phly
    How about making a series of CAS videos, showcasing the best and the worst CAS airplanes from all of the nations ? Including PBJs and Mosquitos with big boom sticks, etc ?

  34. Anyone remember chi-ri II?

  35. hi phly can you make a vid on the Hornet Mk.III because you never made it and he is very good and funny on squad pls play it !

  36. T-72B

  37. Me coming back to war thunder after a 1 year break.
    “ooo, swedish tanks. Oh well, time to have fun after work.”
    *plays a few games. Re deletes war thunder after a few games*

    Looks like it is time to put the game on hold for another year until they can make it fun again.

  38. M4A3 76: 5.7 BR
    This thing: 5.0

    Gaijin why

  39. Боян Симеонов

    Mass Exterminatus

  40. Gayjin is fucking stupid, tanks are the worst experience for new player anyway and do everything to force you to buy premium. But its not enough, lets insert more stupidly OP vechicles

  41. Play the F80 pls

  42. ChoCoKing chocolate

    meanwhile the lorraine gets 20k repair


    Sweden kind of mixes war thunder’s gameplay up *in a bad way*

    every new tech tree that gets added, needs to be paid to be played until a few updates later.

    but this tech tree kind of ruins the gameplay tbh

  44. God I hate the Swedish tree. Every vehicle is some meme nonsense. It is even worse than the Italians. Everything that Gaijin has done after the France update has been a mistake.

  45. you’re the best and the funnier youtuber I’ve ever seen

  46. Wow that team.. It is like the idiots I get over and over. The arseholes do fuck all but die.. Amazing “pros”.

  47. ‘delat’ means like split, and ‘torn’ means turret, so its split turret basically.. (because of the gun splitting the turret in two i assume)

  48. Btw “Delat Torn” means “Split up Turret” or ” Part Turret”

  49. You know what you should play? The L44. Youve never made a video on that Leopard. Attempt #20

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