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Source: DOLLARplays

War Thunder Panther 2, Tiger 2 105mm, and Flakpanzer 341(Coelian) gameplay.

Today I'm playing with 3 German tanks that got removed from the tech tree almost 4 years ago.


Intro: Rue De Jaffa – A.M. Beef

Background: Careful What You Wish For – Martin Klem
Car Park – Martin Klem
The Pink Horse – Ben Elson
Casino Funk – Arc De Soleil

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. A little late upload again, I haven’t been feeling 100% lately, but I’ll try to cook the next one faster 😉

    Do you think they should bring back panther 2 but with 75mm, and the Coelian?


  3. How do i add the: did you angle today

  4. Great video,i love when you play very rare vehicle.👍

  5. Hi man, how can i get the decal? When i try the link in the description i can’t find it there

  6. Funny that they got removed because the devs are lazy and don’t care to fix be or do any research

  7. Thankfully, I researched them before they were removed

  8. BOUNCE! BOUNCE!💣😂 15:57

  9. Bro I’m so bummed that I didn’t have the chance to research this lineup, I just started playing this game right when they were removed. I didn’t think much of it at the time but I was still looking forward to this era in the German tech tree. What they could do is rotate the vehicles every year on Gajin’s birthday instead of the same old unbalanced Maus. But for now I can only watch other ppl play it.

    One day. . . one day

  10. Sucks that I went down the Japan line when these tanks were still their wish I was more into Germany back then.

  11. Delta Charlie Sierra

    Eu queria o Flakpanther

  12. Obj 279??

  13. Whats the movie at start with Chris Bale? Thx 😀

  14. Yeah, i like to go flex my Toaster.. mean little tank, and fairly rare~

    🤔… ill go back to my blitz now 😵‍💫

  15. 🤣 Love you bro

  16. Антон Ротанов

    dude I like your style, keep on

  17. When people ping I try to ignore it because look at how many targets he had to deal with it’s like that player deliberately pinged that area for the majority of opposing players to ambush that area

  18. im so happy for having 4 of the tanks lol

  19. is it weird that i have all 3 of them

  20. Freeplayman[HUN]

    next time use ap rounds maybe that will penetrate the bomb 😀

  21. When you have all of them and just doesn’t feel like playing WT anymore because of Gaijin :/

  22. too bad every death in the 105 tiger II puts you back 12,000 fucking SL.

  23. Κωσταντινος Παπαδοπουλος

    Love you dollar ❤😂 especially the part where a squadmate killed you in 12:20!

  24. Somehow you still make this game looks fun…

  25. Chieftain mk10 vid when?

  26. Gentlemen_pelmen

    Try I15-WR
    Day 1

  27. Panther II is a reason why i’m sad

  28. I can’t speak for everyone but you’re the cure for depression Dollar. Thank you for your service 😎🤘

  29. Ya exactly they had the real parts for the panther 2 they should bring it back

  30. I remember when the Coelian was a monster with the high pen ammo

  31. They remove them for being too fake yet the one quad tracked Russian apocalypse tank stays in.

    I’d like gaijin to add the crazy prototype tanks it’d give alot more variety

  32. I want those outro red/black silhouettes as a wallpaper so bad

  33. The war between war thunder and world of tanks is always amusing and confusing to me.

    Like to some degree i understand wanting realism and “authentic” vehicles in your game. But hating on a game because they have vehicles that have went pass like blueprint stage or because they use health bars and not anatomically correct deletion seems kinda silly to me.

    But im also “uuga buga big guns make things go boom me like” so maybe i should just shut.

  34. M48 super commander

    As someone who actually started playing war thunder because of the maus I joined before it was removed but I was at like tiger 1s when it was put out again then the second time I was able to get it but the main part for me is I have the panther F which I call the proto panther cause it’s turret its the only thing I have close to the panther 2 and it does really anger me that the snail took out the flak panther because the ostwind 2 is more paper then it the maus being unbalanced has to be them on Crack cause I got a down tier to 6.7 and I got my ass kicked by the French

  35. Maximilian Hinrichs

    Can you do a little totorial how to use costum sights? would be very nice🙃

  36. Ah good ole Ostwind and Flakpanzer action. Did you play with Flakpanzer IV recently? 🙂 That thingy was my fav tank in BF V and well, I did all to unlock it in WT too, but gave up with grind in the end haha.

  37. its a shame the flakpanzer 341 is gone, being an SPAA that doesn’t die to being sneezed on or looked at by aircraft makes it really good.

  38. Where I can buy your decal?

  39. Having the Flakpanzer 341 and Ostwind II together is a dream that won’t ever come true for me

  40. Realy good work😊

  41. And I have them all 😀

  42. Ooooooooooooooo YES

  43. La royale is out do a vid on sarc pls

  44. Why Gaijin has removed these 3 tanks from the tech tree saying that they are unrealistic but are adding more prototype tanks to the russian tech tree?

  45. So if they will remove , ı have these 3 of them , what will happen?

  46. Dollar, have you ever seen IronArmenians shoot down of a plane he hasn’t seen for like 5 seconds with a Churchill AP round?

  47. Lol russians removes “fake tanks” and then adds fake/never build russian battle cruisers.

  48. The Panther G turret on the Panther II was just a placeholder added to the the hull by the Americans AFTER they captured it. It’s not the correct turret for the vehicle. The Panther II prototype actually never had a turret implemented. It did however have one turret planned, but it was neither the Panther G turret, nor the Schmalturm that the Panther F had. Rather it was to receive a predecessor to the Schmalturm called the Schmale-Blende, designed by Rheinmetall, and it would have been armed with a 75mm gun, rather than an 88mm.

    Funny enough. World of Tanks actually has the proper turret for the Panther II, so that means World of Tanks has a more historically accurate Panther II than War Thunder. XD

  49. Only one I didn’t get was the tiger 105 all the others I’ve got I love the panther 2

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