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Source: DOLLARplays

“La Royale” update, full French Navy tech tree gameplay!

Today I'll be playing with all the ships from newly added French navy tech tree. 3 Years I waited for it!


Intro: Soft Tears – Riverwornl
Night Rider 87 – Exalted

Hot Stuff – Boogie Wheel
Gaining Season – Lupus Nocte
Francesco DAndrea – I Am Not Your Doll
Galaga – Rijko

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

#dollarplays #WarThunder #tanks

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  1. I wanted to get back in every 3-4days upload schedule, but this video took me a looong time to edit😅.

    I know not everyone likes naval, but it’s been a while since we had any action in the water. Sill I hope you guys enjoyed it😉

    French navy is another tho of my bucket list. Now I’m only waiting for latest battleships like Yamato, naval gamemodes (BIG)improvements, ground EC or real combined battles gamemode with air/ground/sea all fighting for objective. What are you guys waiting?

  2. Лорд Весел

    I was unable to log in with your password plz send actual password

  3. Ah yes it’s finally here 😎
    Another Editing Masterpiece Dollar!

  4. i home they add u boats soon

  5. My naval anti Air doesn’t hit anything… then the enemy AA will hit me from 3km away so I must be cursed

  6. One of the only WT youtubebr that I watch directly and not on just the second screen.

  7. The Trailer park Boys reference is peak comedy!

  8. بندر العنزي

    are you arrogant ?

  9. 152mm execute order.

  10. We all wait now the Richelieu and the Jean Bart 😂 (cause many of the ships are 1914-1925)

  11. 0:44 – It has park benches on the upper decks…. DreadnaughtHoliday would be pleased….

  12. Richeliu
    An iconic Battleship

  13. I know you like the big bois, but I’d like to see some little boy action. One time i got like 18 kills with the ptf-7 and nome of them were torps. Very proud of that one!

  14. I say always the intros lmao its awesome as always👌

  15. He’s not wrong Japanese torpedoes are very powerful

  16. Behold the best navy from it’s time

  17. What is the dancing guy from? Also song?

  18. Can’t wait for Jean Bart as a Premium


  20. I say it every time but i love the french Navy Amazing video 👍

  21. Dollar i will pay you to tell me where you are from name your price hundred thousand’s means nothing

  22. France has a ship as my name Milan 😀

  23. Thank you dollarplay, i love you


    Wait, so your telling me, they didn’t only add a handful of destroyers and wait years till they added the actual navy? PINCH ME! I THINK IM DREAMING!

  25. God i love the Trailer Park Boys Edit dollarplesi! ❤ 3:16

  26. I don’t play WT. I am here only for DOLLAR. The One and the Only.

  27. Aksel beebi59 Aksu22mees

    Your name is in war thunder

  28. Might want to play a different game instead of wasting years waiting this to become good, it won’t, all the recent changes are inconsequential at best.


  30. Guilherme Siffer

    I like the context for the beginning bit is where he just finds that France finnaly has ships

    But then clicks bluewater and has every ship unlocked

  31. 3:50 – 4:10 best part of this video xD (i didnt watch the rest by now xD)

  32. what are these boat guys planning even? ram you to death? xD

  33. again, amazing intro

  34. Franz Josef Land is horrible lol, you usually spawn directly into enemy fire

  35. OwO 9:10

  36. “It’s even thicker when you play with it.” Phrasing!

  37. One of DOLLAR’s bets intros by far lmfaoooooooo

  38. Parles-tu français?

  39. Now just waiting for the Swedish/Finnish navy!

  40. This guy fight so many somali pirates

  41. Ah yes the French navy, the navy that just existed for a while during the war, got bombed by their own allies, then continued to just exist. It’s nice they put it in, France was a big nation but war thunder seems to not notice.

  42. Mr Dolla, I’m a big fan of yours, I’m from Brazil. How can I have your decal?

  43. thanks to this video, I’ve done nothing for the past few days but grinding the french naval tree
    almost got to the Emile Burtin and Colbert now and have so far really enjoyed it
    a very nice video again mr dollar
    on another note:
    what would be your faviroute part or boat of the new naval tree so far?

  44. For me it seems like this patch broke something within game’s rendering. Previously i had smooth and stable 60-80 fps. Now, game has this strange 0.5-1 second “stutters” every few moments. This makes any precision play impossible and playing frustrating as hell. And this happens on each and every graphical preset. I can make this game look like 2010 low budget render, and the stutters will still be there each 10-15 seconds or so.

  45. “It’s much thicker when you play with it.” Yeah, same thing I tell my wife!

  46. Crushed the intro haha that was great lol

  47. bro, just switch to auxiliaries to kill boats…no reason you shouldnt be shredding a boat at close range, you dont even need to zoom with aux. In any case, i dont see anything unique this fleet…why bother to play them??

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