30 EBR 105s in 1 Battle | 15 vs 15 EBR 105s | Face Off Season 2 Teaser | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Face Off – 15 15 Massive Battles Series. World of Tanks 15 EBR 105s vs 15 EBR 105s.

Today is a very special day for many reasons.
1) longest waited series is finally coming back – The Face Off.
You guys have been asking for it for almost 3 years and finally it is over here.
2) Today, this very years ago, I released my first ever episode about World of Tanks. I still can not believe I have played this game and made videos about it for 8 years, kinda funny how fast time flies! 😛

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and if you have any special or weird requests which type of Face Offs you would like to see, let me know in comments! 🙂

Enjoy show!


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    Thanks for support this video! 😉 And guys, do you know HOW SPECIAL today is? ?
    This very day, 8 years ago, I uploaded my very first episode about World of Tanks ever… And now, the same date I bring back Face Off, Much Love! ❤

  2. What a nightmare

  3. 30x wheel cancer

  4. Wilshire the Orange

    1 Maus vs, All ebrs, except the ebrs have to ram kill the maus

  5. Dez,

    With all the dead EBR 105‘s on the battlefield, you said this battlefield has seen better days. I don’t think that’s possible….

    The opening hi cam shot of the initial battle reminded me of when I was teaching English in Taipei in ‘73, and my host took me into the kitchen for a late night snack. Those EBRs reminded me of the roaches scurrying for cover.

  6. I don’t like how this video was edited

  7. How this game was meant to be played

  8. Ahhh you brought it back, nice one.

  9. Seeing that many Wheelies getting blown up gave me a slightly strange boner.

  10. I enjoy seeing cockroaches squished.

  11. cockroaches

  12. DezGamez you should do a video about the KV-85 with 122mm full bond equipment, food, and full perk crew!

  13. 4:46 iTox Might be Bulgarian …

  14. Yes the face off is here I’ve been waiting for this episode by the way face off will be 60TpP and E100 my server is from asia btw ☺️ great content ??

  15. Sorry but what’s the point of this? Nerf their HE pent, aim time, bloom. Then everything is good. Give them 300 kmh i don’t care.

  16. We probablly never see 15 vs 15 IS3 vs Defender!
    Next:29 FV304 vs Maus?

  17. how about 30 Pz 1C ?

  18. These vs Maus
    Imagine like a huge circle around these poor mouse

  19. I would of called for a jets sweep left haha

  20. Niceee

  21. It looks like a bunch of mouse’s chasing each other

  22. I speak for us all when i say

    I hate this tank

  23. Dez playing in the bed :>

  24. Can an ebr use an strv103 as a ramp?

  25. Bernd Michael Lukoschek

    Battles from I to X would be lovely-don’t let MM know.

  26. Seriously Dez, ask them to put on some fancy camo or colors, add numbers on their tank, throw them in Himmelsdorf (or however it is written) and you got yourself a Formula 1 Grand Prix! XD First one to do ten turns of the whole map wins!

  27. Directed by Michael Bay….

  28. This episode was like I am watching the ants that are running in my kitchen. VERRY EPIC

  29. Imagine 30vs30 ebr105 on grandbattle map :’D

  30. Lionnel Lacouloumere

    30 lefh18b2 ? 😀

  31. 30 Sheridans with derp guns 😀

  32. Wheres the lining up of tanks and shooting each other and not running around?

  33. DEZ, for your next 15 vs 15, do 15 very skilled players in tier 8 tanks VERSUS 15 red tomatoes. I bet the skilled players will win, even with a 2 tier advantage. Heck, I bet the skilled players could win in tier 7 tanks…

  34. Platonis the friendly nigga

    2:40 vsco girls swarming shops for hydroflasks and metal straws to save the turtles

  35. So Dez 60 arty on a GB map including for each team 2 Bert as scouts? 😛

  36. Open map. TeamA 15 artys. TeamB 15 EBR. Rules: EBR must enter teamA cap circle. EBR can not shot. And most important, EBR start one by one until one reach the cap or die! Good trainning to avoid arty shot 🙂

  37. AT LAST!!!!

  38. EBR is just a Cancer. It has nothing to do in WOT, they should play Mario kart on console ! Dez im a long time follower but this time im sorry to say that this video is useless, no interest except for your business of course. Moreover it also shows that most of the EBR players use Aimbot illegal mod, and it’s just a shame : how van you hit something at 90kmh ??? Ridiculous

  39. hey dez, do you announce somewhere when you do stuff like this? like a discord or so? i’d love to take part sometime!

  40. all owner of EBRs on every server in wot in one battle.

  41. Yheaaaaaaaaaa face off come back !

  42. Don’t like these dang Ferrari’s. The sad thing is that the Germans and Americans and Russians all had wheeled vehicles also. And I suspect they’ll be making an appearance in the future. This game is going to become Mario kart for sure.

  43. Tier 8 oho japanese face off with derp gun

  44. OMG the boss serie is back!

  45. Michael Hildebrandt

    @DezGamez – It’s good for U that U have a sponsor for your videos

    But it is bad for my so I skip this video and watch another youtube video

  46. 15 IS-7s vs 15 OBJ 277’s

    15 E-100’s vs 15 , 60 TPs

    15 Pzkpfw. Vll vs 15 OBJ 705A

    The old vs the new ????

  47. what about Axis vs Allies I tiers – 5x LOLtractor, 5x Renault Otsu and 5x Fiat 3000 vs 5x T1 Cunningham, 5X Medium Mk1 and 5x MS-1

  48. I gave this video a like before watching.

  49. Its lite STARWARS movie ???

  50. 15 lefhs vs 15 togs?

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