30+ New Premium Tanks and More! | All New Tanks Released in 2019 in World of Tanks

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World of Tanks 2019 Vehicle Yearbook, All Tanks and Premium Tanks in 2019.

► Official article: https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/vehicle-yearbook-2019/

For the start, one massive Thank You to World of Tanks NA guys for making this news article, because this was one of the episodes I wanted to do myself as well. Researching all of this would have been quite a lot of work, so thank you for saving me from that. 🙂

Here I am going to take a look and talk about every single new tank released in 2019, all the tech tree tanks and all of the new premium tanks as well.

What do you think? Your favorites?


►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All of the tanks!


  1. Shout-out to the person who made this, thanks! 😀
    Now, should T95 Chieftain and 279e be in this list as well?

  2. Username: bezruchuk

    My favorite would be the am 39 gendron
    I dony have any of these tanks but I just like that it’s a low tiered wheeled vehicle

  3. Server:Eu
    Username: TimHoogeveen_2016
    Answer: my favourite tank is the renegade because i was actually able to unlock it and in my opinion it was really worth it

  4. Fav 2019 tank: Same answer than fav swed! Udes 15/16 I enjoy with it so much!

    User: xavidentondenia (EU)

  5. The super hellcat

  6. My favored premium tank from this year is the TS- 5, It has a good gun, it fires quickly and its armor is very good.
    Please note at 5:48 you say that this is one of your favored tier 10 premium tanks referring to the regular tier 10 Swedish Medium tank UDES 15/16.
    User Name: Nightshield_ Server: NA

  7. I like the swedish mediums like that they added a new non broken mechanic to the game and taught Dez a new word hydronewblazdrg 😉


  8. its weird that wows and wowp have holiday discounts and wot doesn’t

  9. A: EBR 75 FL10, no question.
    IGN: Rona_
    Server: Asia

  10. Username: nonameo
    Server: EU

  11. Name: Milk_Is_Broth
    Server: NA
    My favorite is the TS-5. Just love the armor and dpm combo

  12. My fav is the udes1516 i dont own it i have played it on my friends account
    Server eu

  13. My favorite tank from this tank yearbook list is the the Obj 703 Version II, because it is basically a double barreled IS-3
    username: Rinusbruh
    Eu server

  14. My favourite tank: M10 RBFM because it is the only one in this list i have 🙂
    Name: DerEnthusiast
    Server: EU

  15. TS-5 because it’s my first premium T8 tank and it supports my free to play-ish game style
    User: Matrafoxat
    Server: EU

  16. honestly i do better with the regular hellcat in tier 8 matches then in the super hellcat, im still unsure as to why people find it better, the majority of its stats are nerfed compared to the regular too

  17. >Iwanttohithemwithmysword
    >NA server
    >TS-5 is my favorite from 2019

  18. нико петров

    scorpion G
    nikokz server EU

  19. my favorite tanks are Panhard EBR 75, TS-5 and renegade. I got all 3 for free after completing all the mission marathons
    Username: theusskid
    Server: EU

  20. My fav was the skoda
    SkyDiving_Moose NA

  21. Username: Zaijtsev
    Server: EU
    The Somua for its speed. It gets you fast behind enemy vehicles without getting shot.

  22. Username: gabalin
    Server: EU
    Answer: I like Manticore, fast and good gun. Play it on test server a lot.

  23. Object 703 version II
    Username: DeathRave
    Server: EU

  24. personal fave is TS-5, just a fun tank to play. not the best, not the worst.
    Kees_Koeiereet EU

  25. How long will holiday ops be in the game?

  26. Answer: Skoda t-27 is my favorite
    Username: Tippel2
    Server: EU

  27. E75TS
    Username: DeffeDefect
    Server: EU

  28. BicicletaDeRazboi
    Double gun rusky, just because of the new mechanic introduced in the game.

  29. username: akedintm
    server: eu
    my fav tank from this list is the EBR 75

  30. Username:Juukelinpuukeli
    My Favourite is Skorpion G

  31. It would be pretty cool if they added a Canada tech tree, tier 10 being the Leopard C2, tier 9 being the Centurion Mk 9. Those are the two vehicles off the top of my head that aren’t in the game, or in the game, but in a different tech tree. Moving the M4A5 to the proper tree, possibly making it a standard vehicle, but adding say Worthington’s Hetzer as a premium for canada as a captured vehicle

  32. Username comicaldan
    Server NA
    Super Hellcat
    Is Super fun and was free 🙂

  33. Hotschkiss EBR, French VII tier light tank.

    Server: EU
    Login: Sir__Lynx

  34. Username: vilikettu
    Server: EU
    Question: TS 5 bc it have good dpm and armor

  35. Name: UnhoIySavior (EU)
    Object 703 II blyat tonk 😀

  36. Name: E4syboii
    Server: EU
    Q: M45 renegade

  37. Username: Nargon
    Server: Eu
    EBR FL10, it was fun in Frontlines but in general WG can stick those armored cars where the sun doesn’t shine!

  38. Username: Crazybeef01
    Server: EU
    I think the scorpion takes the win for me, but the multinational rudy is a close second place

  39. My favorite tank from 2019 is the Super Hellcat
    Since i have been playing this game for a long time, I thought it was a really nice thing Wargaming did. People say it`s not good, I still like it anyway. Thanks Wargaming!
    Username –> vladst
    Server –> EU
    Merry Christmas!

  40. My favorite one ? Hmm .. Ze German Skorpion
    SamSammo on EU

  41. Username: KiraTheShinigami
    Server: EU
    my favourite is the lynx 6×6 🙂

  42. Name: zmogustapke
    Server: EU
    I like sweden meds, quite nice tanks

  43. Username immortal_sniper1
    Server EU
    My favorite is Super Hellcat
    Nice Gift

  44. i got to choose between the e75 TS and the M10 RBFM, and i think the m10 might win. when it came out i had a blast playing it.
    but the e75 TS also have a big spot in my hearth becuase of its looks <3

    Name: Capt_Tombstone
    server: eu

  45. I don’t like any of these tanks, but if I have to choose it’ll be the double barelled op heavy, “Russiaaaa!!”

    EU server

  46. I can’t deny I like the super Hellcat… So that is nu choice for now. Capt1caveman, EU server

  47. Well I don’t have many of them so i guess I can’t really judge but i really like the ebr 75

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