30+ New Premium Tanks and More! | All New Tanks Released in 2019 in World of Tanks

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World of Tanks 2019 Vehicle Yearbook, All New Tanks and Premium Tanks in 2019.

► Official article: https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/vehicle-yearbook-2019/

For the start, one Thank You to World of Tanks NA guys for making this news article, because this was one of the episodes I wanted to do myself as well. Researching all of this would have been quite a lot of work, so thank you for saving me from that. 🙂

Here I am going to take a look and talk about every single new tank released in 2019, all the tanks and all of the new premium tanks as well.

What do you think? Your favorites?


►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All of the tanks!


  1. Shout-out to the person who made this, thanks! 😀
    Now, should T95 Chieftain and 279e be in this list as well?

  2. Username: bezruchuk

    My favorite would be the am 39 gendron
    I dony have any of these tanks but I just like that it’s a low tiered wheeled vehicle

  3. Server:Eu
    Username: TimHoogeveen_2016
    Answer: my favourite tank is the renegade because i was actually able to unlock it and in my opinion it was really worth it

  4. Fav 2019 tank: Same answer than fav swed! Udes 15/16 I enjoy with it so much!

    User: xavidentondenia (EU)

  5. The super hellcat

  6. My favored premium tank from this year is the TS- 5, It has a good gun, it fires quickly and its armor is very good.
    Please note at 5:48 you say that this is one of your favored tier 10 premium tanks referring to the regular tier 10 Swedish Medium tank UDES 15/16.
    User Name: Nightshield_ Server: NA

  7. I like the swedish mediums like that they added a new non broken mechanic to the game and taught Dez a new word hydronewblazdrg 😉


  8. its weird that wows and wowp have holiday discounts and wot doesn’t

  9. A: EBR 75 FL10, no question.
    IGN: Rona_
    Server: Asia

  10. Username: nonameo
    Server: EU

  11. Name: Milk_Is_Broth
    Server: NA
    My favorite is the TS-5. Just love the armor and dpm combo

  12. My fav is the udes1516 i dont own it i have played it on my friends account
    Server eu

  13. My favorite tank from this tank yearbook list is the the Obj 703 Version II, because it is basically a double barreled IS-3
    username: Rinusbruh
    Eu server

  14. My favourite tank: M10 RBFM because it is the only one in this list i have 🙂
    Name: DerEnthusiast
    Server: EU

  15. It’s probably the Emil 1951.

    Username: rookie_844

    Server: NA

  16. TS-5 because it’s my first premium T8 tank and it supports my free to play-ish game style
    User: Matrafoxat
    Server: EU

  17. honestly i do better with the regular hellcat in tier 8 matches then in the super hellcat, im still unsure as to why people find it better, the majority of its stats are nerfed compared to the regular too

  18. >Iwanttohithemwithmysword
    >NA server
    >TS-5 is my favorite from 2019

  19. нико петров

    scorpion G
    nikokz server EU

  20. my favorite tanks are Panhard EBR 75, TS-5 and renegade. I got all 3 for free after completing all the mission marathons
    Username: theusskid
    Server: EU

  21. My fav was the skoda
    SkyDiving_Moose NA

  22. Favpurite 2019 tank is Škoda T27
    Username: Curicjosip55
    Server: EU

  23. Username: Zaijtsev
    Server: EU
    The Somua for its speed. It gets you fast behind enemy vehicles without getting shot.

  24. Username: gabalin
    Server: EU
    Answer: I like Manticore, fast and good gun. Play it on test server a lot.

  25. Object 703 version II
    Username: DeathRave
    Server: EU

  26. personal fave is TS-5, just a fun tank to play. not the best, not the worst.
    Kees_Koeiereet EU

  27. How long will holiday ops be in the game?

  28. User: HIRH_Charles_I_IV_ on: NA
    I guess the strv 81 (because that sabaton nonsense looked god awful and because it isn’t Wg’s usual pay-to-win bs, and because ♥ centurion)

  29. Answer: Skoda t-27 is my favorite
    Username: Tippel2
    Server: EU

  30. E75TS
    Username: DeffeDefect
    Server: EU

  31. BicicletaDeRazboi
    Double gun rusky, just because of the new mechanic introduced in the game.

  32. username: akedintm
    server: eu
    my fav tank from this list is the EBR 75

  33. Username:Juukelinpuukeli
    My Favourite is Skorpion G

  34. It would be pretty cool if they added a Canada tech tree, tier 10 being the Leopard C2, tier 9 being the Centurion Mk 9. Those are the two vehicles off the top of my head that aren’t in the game, or in the game, but in a different tech tree. Moving the M4A5 to the proper tree, possibly making it a standard vehicle, but adding say Worthington’s Hetzer as a premium for canada as a captured vehicle

  35. Username comicaldan
    Server NA
    Super Hellcat
    Is Super fun and was free 🙂

  36. Hotschkiss EBR, French VII tier light tank.

    Server: EU
    Login: Sir__Lynx

  37. Username: vilikettu
    Server: EU
    Question: TS 5 bc it have good dpm and armor

  38. Name: UnhoIySavior (EU)
    Object 703 II blyat tonk 😀

  39. Name: E4syboii
    Server: EU
    Q: M45 renegade

  40. Username: Nargon
    Server: Eu
    EBR FL10, it was fun in Frontlines but in general WG can stick those armored cars where the sun doesn’t shine!

  41. Username: Crazybeef01
    Server: EU
    I think the scorpion takes the win for me, but the multinational rudy is a close second place

  42. My favorite tank from 2019 is the Super Hellcat
    Since i have been playing this game for a long time, I thought it was a really nice thing Wargaming did. People say it`s not good, I still like it anyway. Thanks Wargaming!
    Username –> vladst
    Server –> EU
    Merry Christmas!

  43. My favorite one ? Hmm .. Ze German Skorpion
    SamSammo on EU

  44. Username: KiraTheShinigami
    Server: EU
    my favourite is the lynx 6×6 🙂

  45. Name: zmogustapke
    Server: EU
    I like sweden meds, quite nice tanks

  46. Username immortal_sniper1
    Server EU
    My favorite is Super Hellcat
    Nice Gift

  47. i got to choose between the e75 TS and the M10 RBFM, and i think the m10 might win. when it came out i had a blast playing it.
    but the e75 TS also have a big spot in my hearth becuase of its looks <3

    Name: Capt_Tombstone
    server: eu

  48. I don’t like any of these tanks, but if I have to choose it’ll be the double barelled op heavy, “Russiaaaa!!”

    EU server

  49. I can’t deny I like the super Hellcat… So that is nu choice for now. Capt1caveman, EU server

  50. Well I don’t have many of them so i guess I can’t really judge but i really like the ebr 75

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