30H Stream HYPE, and some Foch loot!

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Source: TheFochYou

I stream over on twitch 5days a week so come check me out!


  1. OMG foch wheres the pedo moustache? was cool :(

  2. Rather buy premium than the T-Shirt

  3. can you take another look at armored warfare once balance 2.0 is released?

  4. He reminds me of Walter Junior from Breaking Bad…

  5. Herr Schicklgruber

    I see my favorite Youtuber’s face for once and he looks quite a bit like
    me. So glad it’s not Jingles.

  6. I remember that Jagdpanzer game on stream…that was fun to see.

  7. who is the 12 year old?

  8. stream on youtube yo, much easier for everyone.

  9. Wait something’s different..
    Foch shaved.

  10. Oh boy, I read the thumbnail as shirts and shit please tell me I’m not the
    only one haha

  11. No more stache ! xD

  12. You sound like a more hyperactive Dezgaming for some reason @_@

  13. Don’t shave

  14. José Carlos Pereira

    Sir Foch i think you’re looking good and changed and i cant understand why
    some mf like this shit Cody above are messing with you. maybe this guy is
    jealous cause you such a outstanding player and he worth shit. But who
    cares anyways? Dogs bark and caravan passes trough. I think guys are not
    used to your unbearded appearence but this will pass them lol. The
    important is im here to support you bearded no bearded who gives a f you
    good player even under water and this is what matters to humans. I cant
    wait for the stream. Be well and bye

  15. Who is this and what have you done with the real SirFoch!

  16. Hey SirFoch i have been watching your videos for while and have one
    question…. How long have you been sucking your own dick?

  17. Dude, you sure you up to another one of these marathon streams? ’cause the
    last one almost killed you….

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