30h stream! LIVE now!

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  2. Game has gone to complete shit. Don’t even bother

  3. 🐼

  4. Don’t play this shitshow anymore but it’s fun to watch somebody else like Fochy do it again. 🙂

  5. don’t die!

  6. I would honestly prefer acc. I can’t watch this bullshit anymore but good luck out there

  7. 🤜🤛 GOAT of wot

  8. Welcome back. You going to be doing your old Sunday streams with the classical music?

  9. peepoLeave yt
    peepoArrive twitch

  10. What’s up sir Foch

  11. Poor Foch this game is dead are well it was great back in 2015. But Wot killed it off over the year’s. Pity I loved Wot back then.

  12. glad to see you back, Foch

  13. Omg omg omg omg. . . Foch you just came back at the perfect time, we need someone to tell it how it is and doesn’t have to care about upsetting WG. .

  14. The game still has some great things about it, it would be so easy to make the whole game great but, WG just feel like they are just trying to milk a few Whales.

  15. With the whole Fochwagon as a load of us still call it (Crysler GF) fiasco, at least proved that someone at WG was listening to what Foch had to say, hoping they watch this.

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