30h Wot stream announcement!

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I stream over on 5days a so come check me out!


  1. Holy fuck, Rasputin still isn’t dead.

  2. lol, money got tight yall

  3. Yooo, finally!!!!

  4. Don’t touch that sh*t again, pretty please… It will you bring you down.

  5. Foch, I’ve been waiting and hoping you would return to WOT; your insights were on point and entertaining . Hopefully you’ll find it somewhat enjoyable.

  6. Don’t do it!! save your sanity, save your dignity!

  7. do yourself a favor and at best make WOT a yearly thing, it’s not worth your sanity

    if you do end up returning, best of luck

  8. Disappointing but understandable. WOT is awful but for that perfect one game in ten it’s difficult to stay away. But this time go full YOLO and publish at least weekly videos on YouTube.


    We all love how he brings delectation and laughter to all of us 81

  10. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    Oh, coming back in the middle of marathon weekend?
    You’re gonna love this!

  11. Hey foch, nice to see you playing wot

  12. Haha, happy to hear it bud !

  13. Welcome back to World of Kranwagns

  14. Dont.. Just dont.. Play anything else! Its only got worse. The retards making the retarded decisions have taken over. You won’t last 3 hours

  15. Well mate, I can’t tell you what to do, but I think World of Tanks is an insidious thing and am still glad I havent played in years. I love the ACC content.
    Best of luck hope you have some fun

  16. happy to join, maybe i’ll try to come back and give it a try also 🙂

  17. My body is ready. For 30 hours at 160p.

  18. Wow what, are you feeling good Foch?

  19. it’s happening!

  20. MTD_ TankingElite

    Cant wait to see his reactions of all the new tanks xDD

  21. Brilliant news!

  22. Missed your WoT content sir. God bless you I hope you are well and healthy, weather you continue to play WoT or not its good to see you again sir!

  23. The game nowadays is about 50 times worse compared to when you uninstalled it.

  24. sellout?!?!?

  25. Hernan Alberto Rojas Roldan

    The legend is baaaaaaack!!!!!

  26. First Apple let people repair their phones, Ukraine is winning a war against russia and Foch is playing WoT again, clearly hell is frozen over.

  27. Reiner mit ei, bidde!

    I am watching a lot of WOT content recently.
    But I’d rather impale my ballsack with a rusty nail than start playing again.

  28. Nice,return of the saltmaster!

  29. announcement video during a battle pass marathon, filling tier 10mm with krans and leos, all for a gimmick tier 8. Oh no.

  30. Hope you upload some of it here. Highlights at least

  31. Wow the game hasnt improved so why is he coming back?
    maybe money too short
    but dont do stuff you dont like

  32. Hey Foch you got a deathwish? 30h wot is a death sentence

  33. You big dummy, don’t waste your time.

  34. Whiiiiii!!! Hell yeaaa man! Welcome back Sir

  35. Demetrios Hristovski

    Well back my friend. 1st WOT streamer I decided to watch and tune in to. The champ.

  36. Welcome back!!!

  37. Sorry SF, clown cars are STILL not nerfed.

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