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  1. phly: “i’m probably gunna die here”

    XM-1: “yes”

  2. 4:34
    Holy sh-BRRRT

  3. Phly can you phly the F100 and show everyone how powerful it is at top tier?

    I average 3 kills a game in the F100, which rarely ever happens to me because I suck lol. The F100 just really feels right when i fly it. And i can get over 15 or 20 kills a game in AirSB. It has leading edge slats and can hold a crazy AoA. And its still fast as hell. The only thing it can’t out turn is the mig19 and other f100s, but since Phantom spam, the f100 is amazing.


  5. and you can’t shoot the 100mm barrel?

  6. BMP 3 IS A support version of the BMP-2. The 100mm gun is for shooting soft targets and buildings (what, no infantry in the game. no trucks?). The 30mm is your general all around auto-cannon. Infantry, air, helicopters, light armor, tanks from the flank. The MG is for infantry in the open. The missiles are your tank killer and you are firing them down your 100mm gun barrel. Likely an auto-loader.

    BUT for night fighting. Turned your night vision on and BOOM you were dead. Why? NATO night vision is mostly thermal units which detects heat which is why the vehicles glow in NV. Starlight scopes use the light from any source and increase its power. The NV you were using looks like you are shining a searchlight. You were. Infra-red requires an IR light source to see. Your BMP has an IR searchlight invisible to human vision. But in IR, Starlight, and Thermal NV it looks like you are using a white light super big searchlight. Hence the quick kills on you as you were driving around shining your searchlight all over the place.
    Unhappily the Panther II’s IR night vision equipment never worked. Must be the reason they remove it?????

    Haven’t been able to directly connect to you and don’t know if the 370 comments cover the IR light problem but technical questions on AFV and WWII equipment. I can answer those.

  7. Bring back request series

  8. War Thunder BLOWS donkey balls. All Russian propaganda and bias.

  9. I was fucking right
    It happened to me

  10. 6:24 that laugh almost sounded like Sovietwomble

  11. When are they going to add the BMD Family my favourite BMD is the BMD3

  12. Never give up on your dreams kids. Unless they’re too difficult, then go smoke a joint and play some video games.

  13. Do you upload the streams?

  14. “We’re gonna phlash a V just in case” – PhlyDaily 2019

  15. Phly you should do a “Object” line up with all of the Russian Object tanks.

  16. And you can swim in bmp-3

  17. Just add the damn BTR-80, it’s got the same 30mm gun and looks badass.

  18. Я нахожу странным, что БМП и бронированная штурмовая машина / танк могут за считанные минуты стрелять в основной боевой танк

    I speak English btw :))))

  19. lol The power brutton! That’s good though, nice cheap fix.

  20. You think they’ll add the BMD-4?

  21. @PhlyDaily could you do a video on the TAM please?

  22. Reload time is broken

  23. When you have 75K of SL and equal amount of GE in the hanger

  24. The event Fj4 should have never been added to the game with that stupidly powerful payload. Change my mind.

  25. Bruhtton is smth like Bunjamin Betton.

  26. The power button? You don’t have a multimeter? Wait… sorry, I’m a tradesman. I probably have more tools in my truck than you have individual personal items period.

  27. Russian bias on display. This thing is dirty, even by red standards… 😀

  28. mfw i watch this and i see lord phlysus just matrix a missle pro moves??????

  29. Holy shit this looks boring wow

  30. how the fuck does the A13 kill a T55 AM1??
    did the T55 let him have a perfect side shot at point blank range?…don’t see other way
    and then he kills a premium leopard…..

  31. Can tier 1s go against Modern tanks

  32. “You do those things that you surprised that it works”…then u dead as well coz u let ur guard down at that moment right lol

  33. 11:02 let’s just check the kill feed that a British reserve tank killed a T-55 and a premium leopard a1a1

  34. ADATS and tunguska moved to 10.3
    9.0-10.0 games are now back to tank bombing simulator

  35. 00:52 legit thought there was a chance he was gonna say bunjamin betton again ?

  36. Play 5.3 Germany please Q_Q

  37. 10:43 was my friends after I told them about the first time I had sex!

  38. A contemporary of the Bradley and the warrior , br deference 1.0br

  39. The bmp3 has thermals in reality way it doesn’t have it in game

  40. Can’t you play with a eyetracker? Phly

    Would be fun to see what you see as it sometimes seems like you see stuff through buildings and bushes…. not accusing you, just saying there is sometimes some suspicious stuff happening… would be nice to see

  41. I remember my first night battle. It was in American Desert, we were in BR 5.7. It was nice. For the enemy team that is.

    Edit: Or is it in 6.3 ? I can’t really remember.

  42. LuxemShitle Production

    I thought the coaxial says sexual


  44. *tries to get phly emblem using the link phlopy daily provided , goes for the cheapest thing there is 0.96 bucks turns out i have 0.95 in my account balance*
    I cri evritajm

  45. christian dedelis plays

    Phly i have a challenge for you use the rusian RBT5 as arlty support

  46. PhlyDaily what about copyright strikes?? Its over??

  47. Who would win?

    A 9M117M1 “Arkan” ATGM with 750mm of LOS penetration against RHA steel, 3kg of TNT equivalent explosive filler, guided by a laser beam, super fast, cannot miss?


  48. Oh..my screenshot : 3

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